8 thoughts on “UK General Elections: May’s Costly Mistake

  1. The previous UK PM took a bet he thought he was sure to win…and lost…Now May has repeated the feat…the reason in both cases is the same… their party is hopelessly out of touch with ordinary Brits… but this is no reason for the Labour Party to celebrate…because if they too do not get their act together…the next time it will be their turn to be rejected…

    Listen to ordinary people, for God’s sake…

  2. Very thick-skinned, still wants to remain the PM.
    More logical – a new Conservative government (allied with the DUP)
    but with a new PM instead of Theresa May.

    The Labour government of Clement Attlee introduced the
    National Health Service (NHS) in 1947-48. (The NHS still has
    80% approval from the British public after 70 years).
    Looks like no Labour government of Jeremy Corbyn to
    introduce free university education in 2017.

  3. The day before the election, my doorbell rang.
    It was David Amess, our Conservative MP for the last 21 years.

    “Hello,” I said. “Good to see you for the first time after all these years.”

    He mumbled an apology and hastily retreated.

  4. Yes, AITZE that was my point about politicians being out of touch…a short video clip just before the election shows Theresa May canvassing by calling on homes… not a single homeowner opened the door to her…

  5. The UK general election result of 2017, which sensationally saw Theresa May’s Conservative Party lose their parliamentary majority, and Labor receive its highest share of the vote for 20 years – like the US, once again left smug, know-it-all Establishment pundits with egg on their faces.

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