Malaysian Opposition: If you are serious, tell us who is your Prime Minister after GE-14?

June 6, 2017

Malaysian Opposition: If you  are serious, tell us who is your Prime Minister after GE-14?

By Azmi Sharom

Image result for mahathir as alternative prime minister

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Wannabes for Political Opposition

Sometimes I wonder: does the opposition want to lose the next general election (GE14)?

Apart from the usual racist fear-mongering that UMNO loves to indulge in, the latest example being the distasteful and utterly low class competition asking for essays on why Lim Kit Siang is racist; their favourite weapon to use against the opposition is to say that they are divided and not able to rule.

Obviously this is not accurate. Penang, Selangor and Kelantan are all in opposition hands and they have not collapsed. In fact, Penang and Selangor are doing quite well, despite the recent shenanigans of PAS.In other words, the opposition has shown that they can rule. At least at the state level.

But recently, the claims of division appear to be accurate. Until today the opposition has not come up with a clear choice for Prime Minister. This is an important issue because when it comes to general elections, Malaysians like to be able to picture who their PM will be.

One thing is for sure, DAP and Amanah will not be putting forward a potential PM. DAP knows that most Malay voters are still paralyzed with insecurity, so much so that even if DAP was to put forward a Malay potential PM, most Malays will run screaming in terror.

The Malays will believe that anyone from DAP is really Chinese and they can’t accept a Chinese prime minister. Sad, but true. Amanah won’t do it because they are small and humble.

Image result for Anwar alternative prime minister and Zaid Ibrahim

Zaid Ibrahim (DAP) and Anwar Ibrahim (PKR)?

So, that leaves PKR and PPBM. There are sounds that some want Dr Mahathir Mohamad to stand for elections and be the possible next PM. PKR seems adamant that they can make Anwar Ibrahim PM if they win, even though he is in jail and there are a host of legal obstacles in their way.

And there have been very public spats about this. Namely between PKR Vice-President Rafizi Ramli and DAP’s Zaid Ibrahim.

I want to tell these politicians one thing. Don’t think you are so big and important and popular. Don’t think for one second that your public quarrels are simply each of you standing up for your principles.

Let me tell you: this kind of thing sickens the voters. Even those who would vote opposition and those who are young. While you publicly spat about who should be PM you are alienating an electorate who are hungry for change. You are in actuality hijacking the chance of victory despite having the advantage of opposing a deeply unpopular PM and government.

Image result for Najib Razak the next PM of Malaysia

The likely Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak–Inheriting  Massive Problems of his own making

Why? Because you want to play your own egotistical political games.I mean, seriously, the only choices that the opposition can come up with is an old man who laid the foundations for all the trouble we are in and another old man who is (fairly or unfairly) in jail?

There is no one else that you can all agree on? That really is pathetic and makes Barisan Nasional’s criticisms of you seem utterly valid. There is not much time left before GE14, who knows if they can get their act together.

Azmi Sharom is a law lecturer at Universiti Malaya.

This commentary was first published in Sin Chew Daily.


4 thoughts on “Malaysian Opposition: If you are serious, tell us who is your Prime Minister after GE-14?

  1. All these opposition leaders are pure opportunist who put self interest above the interest of the country. The only obvious logic of their action is to make BN win the next GE.

    These so called champions of the people and country are just a bunch of idiots who failed to feel the pulse and the feeling of hopelessness of the rakyat. They still think that the voters who voted for them in the last election will continue to do so. Let me tell them they are wrong. There are 17 votes from my family and believe me, if thing continue as they are, none of the votes will go to the opposition like in previous election.

    These egomaniac, sad to mention, but it includes anwar, wan azizah, rafizi, guan eng,kit siang failed to see the importance of Tun m. who I believe is the only one who can help PH has any chance of defeating BN, by drawing the malay BN supporters to support PH, without which,PH will definitely lose the election.

    Zaid Ibrahim has been giving the right suggestion on how to defeat BN, but sad to note that his realistic proposal are all not taken seriously by the so called opposition leaders who want to save this country.

    The more I look at the way PKR,DAP,Amanah leaders are behaving, the more disgusted i become with their stupidity.

  2. The “Opposition” at the moment, namely Pakatan Harapan, is not a true opposition. It is merely opposing, and even in this they are failing. They are looking more like opposing each other.

    The stumbling block seems to be PKR. I think Amanah and DAP wouldn’t mind Mahathir as the PM-designate as the former two had no chance to put forward one anyway.

    On the other hand, perhaps it is easy for outsiders to criticize PKR for being selfish and uncompromising in pushing for Anwar as PM-designate, in or out of jail. Because if Mahathir becomes the PM-designate, (and no guarantee he wouldn’t hang onto power long enough to push for Mukhriz once he had the power), then PKR would have lose its raisons d’être.

    The emotional turmoil felt by Azizzah and Nurul Izzah at the moment shouldn’t be simply brushed aside as selfishness or stupidity. It’s never easy to forgive and then actually support someone who have, from some point of view unjustly and cruelly, destroyed your husband’s and father’s life and career.

    But how about asking them to do it for the general good of the country, an almost supreme act of sacrifice?

    Yes, it may work, but, for goodness sake, not by asking them not to be selfish or stupid. Be sensitive, please.

  3. //Why? Because you want to play your own egotistical political games.I mean, seriously, the only choices that the opposition can come up with is an old man who laid the foundations for all the trouble we are in and another old man who is (fairly or unfairly) in jail?

    On the above, I disagree with @BraveNewWorld.
    Reason is because I know the following quote holds true.
    //Democracy will prevail when men believe the vote of Judas as good as that of Jesus Christ.
    //Attributed to Thomas Carlyle “The Scholar in a Republic”, centennial anniversary address to Phi Beta Kappa of Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts (June 30, 1881). Reported in Carlos Martyn and Wendell Phillips, The Agitator (1890), p. 581. Reported as unverified in Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations (1989)

    1PM continues to win because ‘Cash is King’. Our Welayu state is a given. Unless we really want to have all of our heads put on guillotine, we will have to work within our Welayu framework. To beat 1PM’s game is the realization that 1PM’s cash will run out, if there is another possible pool of alternative cash. TunM seems to have sufficient access to a pool of cash. I like TunM’s age, because we know unless science improves dramatically (which is not impossible), he is coming to the end of his time in this world.
    I like the idea that Mukhriz is not so electable. All of this would buy time and hope for any newcomer to grow in stature. Personally, I am hoping @BraveNewWorld would go beyond a mere lecturer.

    I am personally glad TunM’s hunger urges him to continue to fight. None of us deserves the Cash. But, why should anyone deserve to a safe passage of the ‘Cash’ if none is willing to put our neck for it.
    TunM did. DSAI did. LKS, LGE did. The rest of the Welayu didn’t. As such, those who want to a safe passage via 1PM, think again.

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