Hillary Clinton returns to Wellesley College

June 2, 2017

Hillary Clinton returns to Wellesley College

America listen  to Hillary  Clinton. You now realise what a colossal mistake you made when you put Donald J. Trump into The White House. Your 45th POTUS is not making friends.  To us who are not citizens, he is a disaster. But we are wondering what you and Congress what going to do about his conduct of public affairs? –Din Merican

10 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton returns to Wellesley College

  1. I am not a US citizen but from what i read , it was a fight between the devil and the deep blue sea. The US citizens had made their choice. Now, what is Donald Trump? The devil or the deep blue sea?

  2. Individuals with severe narcissistic personality disorder typically act in 3 ways to others:

    1. Contempt for the inferior masses
    2. High praise for those few (very few !) people they consider worthy of respect
    3. As for people they perceive as rivals – constant pathological attacks motivated by jealousy, spite etc. This looks like Trump’s reaction to Obama’s policies and achievements while the latter was in office as President :


  3. Din:
    Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe she or her campaign made any significant mistakes in the 2016 election. Speaking at the Code Conference on May 31, she had a long list of others she blames for her defeat but herself. She points the finger at Russia, fake news, the sorry state of the Democratic Party, sexism, and the media that covered the email scandal “like Pearl Harbor,” among others. Pathetic.

  4. Americans choose a “Groper in Chief” instead of a “Commander in Chief”.Now,they got what they wish for.They got their balls groped between a rock and a hard place.

  5. Quote:- “Mistake? Americans were given a choice of two evils…THAT was the mistake…”

    Yes, unlike Malaysia where we have the choice of two or three goods?

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