Losing outstanding minds to Singapore and elsewhere because UMNO practices racial discrimination

May 28, 2017

Losing outstanding minds to Singapore and elsewhere because UMNO practices racial discrimination

by Mariam Mokhtar

Image result for tan zhongshan cambridge

In 2010, another Ipoh born caused a sensation in the newspapers. He did his parents proud, his teachers were equally elated, his birthplace was euphoric to claim he was one of them, and his country would have been ecstatic. His name is Tan Zhongshan and he was born in Ipoh. He chose to read law at university because he said, “Being in the legal line gives you a chance to make changes that have a far-reaching effect.”

Won the “Slaughter and May” prize

In June 2010, Tan received a first–class honours in Bachelor of Arts (Law) at Queen’s College, Cambridge, one of the world’s topmost universities. Cambridge, England’s second oldest university, usually contends with Oxford for first place in the UK university league tables.

Tan excelled as the top student in his final-year law examinations, but he also won the “Slaughter and May” prize, awarded by the Law Faculty for the student with the best overall performance.

In addition, he managed to bag the Norton Rose Prize for Commercial Law, the Clifford Chance Prize for European Union Law and the Herbert Smith Prize for Conflict of Laws.

Tan distinguished himself and was a source of help to his fellow students, according to his tutor and the dean of Queen’s college, Dr. Martin Dixon.

Dr. Dixon said, ““He is probably the best Malaysian student I have seen in the last 10 years. He is the most able, dedicated and one of the most likeable students I have taught in more than 20 years at Cambridge. He works really hard, has great insight and intuition. He is a problem-solver, listens well and learns.”

However, the 23-year-old Tan shrugged off his accomplishments which he said was due to “consistent work and a detailed understanding of the subjects.”

Tan, who plays classical guitar, was modest about his success, “It was a pleasant surprise as it is hard to predict the end results.” Sadly, this brilliant, young Malaysian will not be working in Malaysia.

Tan, who went to Singapore in August 2010, completed his Bar examinations at the end of 2011 and then joined the Singapore Legal Service.

 Malaysia’s loss is Singapore’s gain


After completing his A-levels at the Temasek Junior College, the Singapore Ministry of Education awarded Tan an Asean scholarship. Tan will not be the first nor last Malaysian who we let slip through our fingers.

It makes many ordinary Malaysians quietly fill with rage that the policies of our government reward the mediocre or the ‘can-do’ or so so” types and ignore the best and the brightest. When will this madness end?

Image result for Malaysia's Judiciary

Our judiciary was one of the best in the region, but today…Sadly, we have clowns and fools to dictate how our courts are run. The best comedy act was played out in the Teoh Beng Hock trial when renowned Thai pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand was cross-examined by presumably the best of the Attorney General’s bunch of merry-men.

If that is how Malaysian lawmakers prefer to project their image to the world, then they really need their heads examined.

Image result for Malaysia loses talent

Follow Malaysia by setting up a Talent Corp

We are haemorrhaging our best talent to countries that receive them with open arms. Record numbers of Malaysians are leaving – doctors, surgeons, nurses, lawyers, accountants, lecturers and academics, engineers, quantity surveyors. We are experiencing the biggest exodus in our 59-year history.

It is estimated that there are over 1 million Malaysians living and working abroad, many of whom are highly qualified personnel. If the government thinks that it is only the non-Malays who are leaving then they are wrong. Malays are also leaving in large numbers.

Feeling appreciated

What other countries do is to offer Malaysians opportunities – something which is not available, to the majority of Malaysians, of whichever racial origin. Our government fails to realise that people need to feel appreciated and thrive in conditions which stimulate personal development.

Government interference in the things that affect the personal lives of its citizens is what has kept many overseas Malaysians away. At the end of the day, most people value the things that have to do with their quality of life (not just for themselves but especially for their families), the laws, bureaucracy and tax.

Malaysia will soon pay the price for its crippling policies which our government feels unable, incapable or fearful of changing.

32 thoughts on “Losing outstanding minds to Singapore and elsewhere because UMNO practices racial discrimination

  1. IF we can change the government at GE14, many
    Malaysians and ex-Malaysians will return. If and only if.
    (But their foreign-born kids probably won’t).
    A BIG If, Dr. Phua.–Din Merican

    • You must be kidding!

      Whoever governs is not the matter now. Same policies prevail!

      No one can change them until the roof comes down.

  2. Amanah and even top UMNO and other Malay leaders says those who protest LGE attending “buka puasa” or those who joined IS in Syria or UUM lecturer Kamarul etc, and those who still want Najib to be PM and UMNO in power despite knowing their corruption and swallow the illogical nonsense the next GE is anything else but Malay Vs Malay, do not represent Malay-Muslim.. But the fact is they do set the agenda of the Malays, they do damage in the name of Malays, and the Malays do not do anything to them, do not act

    Like it or not, the Malays are not defined by their finer qualities anymore, as a race, they are defined by those who project the worst.

  3. Quote:- “…our government feels unable, incapable or fearful of changing”

    Our gomen? It has nothing to do with the government. Even Mariam couldn’t bring herself to say UMNO.

    No, it will never change, not even with a change of political party running the gomen for the simple reason that to attain and retain political power in a democracy you need the votes of the majority race, namely the Malays.

    If the Malays have no worries about the talent-drain, what then is the problem? These people, like Tan, are pendatangs to start with, and being such have no real loyalty to or love for Malaysia anyway and so it is only to be expected that he and his kind will leave sooner or later. Actually it was wrong or stupid of the indigenous Malays to have agreed to give his forefathers citizenship during Merdeka.

    Mariam, you are out of touch with your fellow Malays.

    In any case don’t worry. Fresh Chinese talent will soon be arriving from the very source. For every one “Tan Zhongshan”, (who is probably “Hokkien” judging from his surname), Perak could produce and lost, Fujian Province could churn out hundreds to replace. And these fresh Chinese talent will only be at most PRs, not citizens, and can therefore be sent back to China at Malaysia’s convenience, with no adverse implications on the political landscape.

    Isn’t that better Mariam?

  4. Fellow Malays, Wayne?
    I’ll have you know that any liberal and able Malay worth his salt (like Mariam) won’t want to live under the oppression-repression that Malusia have devolved into.

    My kids are in Oz and they have Malay friends who don’t wanna return irregardless of what Talent Corp has to offer. Anyone who have tasted Freedom and Liberty (no need for definitions) wouldn’t either.

    Some of them prefer to run small businesses, others are professionals and yet others with technical skills – see the degeneration wrought by the Deformity Policies of Perpetual Bigotry. They are the few who understand and value with the notion of Freedom, Conscience and Sincerity – instead of the prevailing State Sponsored Entitlement, Corruption and Hypocrisy. And i believe the Malay diaspora will grow in many other liberal countries, as long as UMNOb and the Mad Mullahs hold sway.

    Yet for our generation of old geezers – this remains our home in the heart, if not in the head. This is our Motherland who nourished us.

    • //i believe the Malay diaspora will grow in many other liberal countries, as long as UMNOb and the Mad Mullahs hold sway.

      I believe the next generation of Malay diaspora will be in the form of female Melayu domestic workers living in those families that cannot afford AI robots. Next generation Welayu men will get to lepak at home. For the kinds elite enough to have the fortune to seek rent, one can question if they are even Melayu. We learned that many already thought they are decendants of Alexander the Great, who happened to stumble upon a river called Melayu. All the signs of this land of Welayu would break apart is already well written on the board.
      With names like Zhongshan, we can rest assure Singapore could not be the last stop. Beijing welcomes him too. Hopefully, the spirit of Zhongshan within him is strong to resist a Xi-core Beijing.

      Welayu. Welayu. Is there, was there ever a Melayu for all Melayu? I guess questioning that notion has always been in my DNA who calls themselves as pendatangs in China. A few Melayu should learn the meaning of being a pendatang Melayu in the land of Melayu also.

    • Err.., where’s the beef, katasayang?
      The stint in PRC must have polluted your language centers.

      Actually, the Malay womenfolk are doing much better than their masculine deadbeats. Just look at the gender ratio in public varsities. Besides you forgot, the average PASUMNOb Male is sex crazed and in musth all the time. That results in more mouths than they can feed – except nowadays, the women are better educated and the fertility rates are declining.

      But yeah, the PRC ‘subterfuge by investment’ thingy is starting to boomerang politically. It’s really too late to mitigate it – so i’ll probably join in for a slice of the action. The only condition is, that they don’t force a Banana like me to become a blithering idiot.

  5. Please learn from the Indian public service employment examination selection criteria. Malays must be daring to change for the good of the nation.

  6. Quote:- “My kids are in Oz and they have Malay friends who don’t wanna return….”

    Perhaps you can tell your kids to encourage these Malay friends to form an “Association of Non-Returning Malays”, which makes a better point to the UMNO gomen than Mariam’s voice-in-the-wilderness lament about one non-returning and hardly missed pendatang?

    Quote:- “And i believe the Malay diaspora will grow in many other liberal countries, as long as UMNOb and the Mad Mullahs hold sway”

    And who could stop UMNO and the Mad Mullahs other than Malays who actually return to Malaysia with “notions of Freedom, Conscience and Sincerity”?

    • Encourage? If my kids don’t wanna return, who are they to ‘encourage’ their friends to do so, especially when they are self-sufficient? These chaps/gals are happy staying away. I talked with quite a few of them and what semper says holds true. They can’t stand their own crabby ‘kind’. Many of them come from ‘Entitled’ families – who got PSD and MARA scholarships, but didn’t want to or couldn’t associate with the locally enforced UMNO kampong – which all of them are subjected to. Coercion fails when there are alternatives, intellectual stimulation and diversity. So they only association the can form is one of “Unremitting Malays”.

      Stopping UMNOb and the Mad Mullahs? PRC through CCP owned enterprises. Forget about the Oppo, who are so busy masturbating that even Octo can’t spunk them together.

  7. Discrimination is not only against the talented Chinese, Indians but also more recently , the Malays.

    Short term, in holding on the power at all cost to the people and country, it has been the easist and cheapest way in the past 59( largely 40) years to make the Umnob leaders, perpetually in self-denial, while the rest of the people ( majority Malays) had being made stupid — but for how long ?

    How shameful !
    30,000,000 Malaysians are paralized by largely the rippling effects of Umnob’s MACCP culture for their inability to find a quality PM when left with little or no choice in the coming 14 GE.

    It is unreal but true !
    It needs not to be so.
    Change is what is needed– by (what I called) the Multiple Force which is the EMPOWERMENT of People and Leaders of the Great Divide–

    The people and the (younger) leaders, MPs ( crucially Sabah and Sarawak) of the great divide,who are of ACGT, irrespective of their political, racial and religious, institutional affiliations,in standing up and be counted for what they really are.

    The present dire state of leadership situations between the ruling and the opposition coalitions has been in girdlock for the past 10 years and would continue to be so even after the 14 GE, unless CHANGE or we may be also losing, not only the ” oustanding minds” and talents , but our country altogether.

  8. Malaysia is a resource rich nation. Always has been. For every 1 Tan, there’s 300 Rempits that bring upon the same level of needed change. Just depends what is your definition of change.

  9. The brain drain is not recent. It has been ongoing since early 80’s. There are a lot of Malays that have chosen not to return after their studies for multiple reasons. These include nuclear scientist, bioengineers, aerospace engineers, civil engineers, transport analysts, doctors (all specialities including oncology) lawyers (entertainment and cyber laws) etc. Main reason is job prospect as some of their degrees are not recognized by Malaysia. Then the quality of life which Talent Corp have failed to recognize and address, its not just the pay but the lifestyle. Creative people need an open society where they can pursue their projects instead of being restrictive and conformity. Case in point is the movie creative directors.

    Others have been disappointed by the government decision in not allowing them to pursue their chosen field of study. Example was when the JE virus outbreak in Malaysia and Malaysia askef the Center for Disease Control for help, CDC sent a Malaysian scientist to Malaysia. Malaysia didnt allow this scientist to pursue his studies and he had to find alternative funding.

    Malaysians living overseas are exposed to more news and fair balance of news of happenings in Malaysia as oposed to those that are in Malaysia as the media is controlled by the government. With all that is happening in Malaysia and news of mega scandals, shenanigans by politicians and corruption of the highest order, any Malaysian will have a lot of reservations about returning.

    Others have married citizens of their host countries and chose to stay back since their spouses will not be able to work or obtain PR status in Malaysia. Still many others stay back because of the opportunities provided them.

  10. This is what falsafah Ketuanan Melayu has led to. Then again, I don’t see too many Malays are upset about this issue, those who do are leaving the country, too. Instead, most see this as more opportunity in the market for those unemployable air heads churned out by the universities under UMNO administration. In good time these air heads will drown the country. The root of all evil in Malaysia is UMNO. Evil spells backward is ‘live’ which UMNO is never about. They are all about the non-Malays coming into the Melayu-saja turf. Everything else is secondary, everything – including the demise of the nation. Again, I don’t see too many Malays are upset about this. Majority of the Malays have long been melumpuh and mabuk.

  11. The smart ones are not easy to control and lead, so it’s UMNO’s plan to get rid of them. The “not so smart” ones are easy to control, brainwash and lead. Until Malusia is bled dry, this will not stop.

  12. This has been going on since the late 80s with the launching of the ASEAN Schorlaship. I think they started with10 scholarships a year for Tertiary Education. They also have another programme to take the best students for admission into all grades of secondary school.

  13. A PAS that slaps people with their own slander, UMNO leader that funds racist lying books and equate his corrupt party with his religion, how different are they from the minds of IS/Daesh? Remember Najib praising IS when they first appeared? Najib’s UMNO and Hadi’s PAS not so different to each other and IS.

  14. The harsh reality is, overall, and it has already reached critical mass, we Malaysians are incapable of leading for ourselves. Change will have to be forced upon us, from outside powers. The same it has always been, throughout the history of this land.

    It’s everyone for themselves fom here on out.

  15. It is Not democracy , NEP, Talent Corp, Jakim and the host of programs that did not work. It is the Insincerity and Hypocrisy, Misconduct and Incompetency of the ruling elites that make it impossible to work or had work at much lower levels of success.

    Their objective is staying in power at all cost and misery to the people’ s needs .
    The consequences are the promotions of the discriminatory and other self-serving programs for use and abuse as tools to keep them in power.

    The bottom line is, CHANGE — either the Umnob / Bn government and or its Culture of MACCP .

    Under the current girdlocked scandalous situation, the lack of quality leaderships is a major problem. But it needs not be the case.

    A multi- leadership force with the people’s empowerment derived irrespective from the ruling, opposition and the (private and public) institutions, and of Accountability , Competency, Governance and Transparency, as replacement , could be the solution, going forward, 14 Ge.

  16. Besides,
    discrimination is unsustainable, so is the practise of such policy, because it inevitably diminishes the values of the national assets and resources that are intrinsic to and hard-earned by the people and the country– the majority of the people would suffer …

    AND sadly, the Majority are the Malays.

    So, going forward and beyond the 14 Ge, the Malays and those from the rural areas, Sabah and Sarawak, especially, need to stand up and be counted to make it happen.

    CHANGE and REPLACE with the leaderships of the multi-force from the divide and private and public institutions that are of ACGT, Integrity and Sincerity.

    Other issues are quite Irrelevant. They will straighten up and realeign, naturally and orderly– Federal Constitution Rules Supreme.

  17. As commented earlier, brain drain from Malaysia has been ongoing since 1980. I am one of those who left in 1982 due to various reasons. For those families who can afford to send their children overseas mostly to UK or Australia, that was a no brainer. The introduction of changing school instructions from English to Bahasa Malaysia really marked the end of getting a good education in Malaysia and looking back, that is exactly what happened. All non Malay citizens were treated as 2nd class citizens even though we are born in Malaysia and that was the main reason for the exodus which are still on going.

    As for the ruling party, it is easier to rule and manipulate the remaining citizenry and that is acceptable for the brain drain. Most of us who have immigrated have become successful and some are even coming back as “Born again Malaysian” through the MM2H program.

    • I chose to give up my United States permanent resident status and return in the late 1990s. So here I am in 1Malaysia !

      P.S. Overseas Malaysians and ex-Malaysians can contribute a lot to Malaysia e.g. investing in Malaysia, helping to financially support Malaysian progressive political parties and NGOs, helping us with your technical expertise, writing critically on Malaysia like Dr Bakri Musa etc. Endless Possibilities !

    • Wrong. At the onset and early days of independance (however, I use the term “independance” loosely here), Malaysia was indeed for all its lawful citizens, regardless of ethnicity.

      Unfortunately, the ruling elites decided that they could somehow subvert this fact and began to hijack our national development and foster racial disunity for their personal gain.

      But as everyone can see for themselves, this action resulted in a paralysed nation, that is ripe for the taking by outside powers. So, in the end, not only is the nation not for the so-called “non-Malays”, it is also not for the “Malays” either, for Malaysia has lost its ability to chart a future for itself without being subjected to huge outside influence.

  18. I thought I was reading an article written 30 years ago!

    Still hopeful, you must be kidding!

    I am with C.L.Familiaris,”Yet for our generation of old geezers – this remains our home in the heart, if not in the head. This is our Motherland who nourished us.”

    As for the younger ones, let them go where they feel like.

  19. There is a clear distinction between ‘ MELAYU ‘ and ‘ MALAY ‘.

    Melayu is a race representing the Orang Asli tribes eg. Jakun, Seman and most tribes in Sabah and Sarawah.

    Malay is not a race. It is a political grouping of numerous races eg. Java, Bugis, Batak, Minang, Aceh and etc ( which are basically Indon ). Then you have others like Arabs, Indian, Chinese and etc. as long as they fit the description of ‘ Malay ‘ under the Constitution.

    Decades of narrow, divisive and damaging politics of identity, religion and segregation by self serving corrupt politicians to hold on to power at all cost had done enormous long term damage to a multi-racial and religion country.

  20. “Wrong. At the onset and early days of independance (however, I use the term “independance” loosely here), Malaysia was indeed for all its lawful citizens, regardless of ethnicity.”

    Many of us were not “lawful” citizens. Even the “Malays” do not have any idea of their “ethnicity”.

    • //Even the “Malays” do not have any idea of their “ethnicity”.
      Ditto. The progressive part of our Constitution has never defined Melayu by ‘ethnicity’. We could only say this generation of ‘Welayu’ screwed up and failed to appreciate that progressive part, and see how a better Malaysia could be created if that progressive spirit could be extended further.
      As for myself of ‘Hakka’ origin, it is hard to say where does that notion of lawful ethnicity starts or begins. I take all pride and blame in knowing how my ancestors helped/destroyed China, Malaysia and Hawaii. For the ‘Melayu’, understand how these penumpang ‘Hakka’ layu and prosper, you will be get the essence on how to stop Welayu-ing. Else, one day, you too would be mere penumpang in your own Tanah Welayu, just like how the Sulus live in today’s Southern Philippines.

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