Anwar Ibrahim is my Prime Minister and why

May 25, 2017

Anwar Ibrahim is my Prime Minister and why


Image result for anwar ibrahimNo Politician in Malaysia has been challenged, tested, and made to suffer like Anwar Ibrahim. Yet he has remained steadfast to his cause. It takes a lot of willpower and character. Nurul Izzah Anwar told me when I met her recently in Phnom Penh that her father refused asylum in the United Kingdom and a professorial position at the prestigious Georgetown University in the United States because he would not abandon his struggle for freedom, justice and democracy.–Din Merican
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Comment: It is life’s irony that a man who was regarded a “Malay Ultra” by the Late Lee Kuan Yew and a long serving 4th Prime Minister with blemished track record of failed institutions and Malay-centeric policies is the preferred choice to be the Prime Minister should Pakatan Harapan win the GE-14 elections.

It shows to me at least how desperate Malaysians have become to want a 92 year old ex-UMNO President to lead our country. This is good news to the incumbent Najib Razak because he can beat Dr. Mahathir  quite easily. He has enough information about his predecessor twice removed to sway voters against Pakatan Harapan.  It will then be from “Ada Harapan to Tiada Harapan” (Hope to No Hope).

I make no bones about my choice as our country’s next Prime Minister. He is no other than the village boy (he is not a member of the Malay aristocratic class) from Chrok Tok Kun in Penang called Anwar Ibrahim. He is not perfect (neither am I and you) but he is the most experienced Malaysian politician and a charismatic personality cum public intellectual with ideas about democracy, freedom, social justice and good governance. He has been through a lot as a result of being in jail on trumped up charges of sodomy. Yet Anwar is unwavering in his commitment to the people of Malaysia the way Nelson Mandela was to the people of South Africa. Mandela became President after spending 27 years in jail.  Anwar can be Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

I should know about Anwar Ibrahim as I was once working for him in 2007-2009. In 2008, I traveled with him in his car day and night to campaign throughout the length and breadth of our country. We spent countless hours chatting about his vision for Malaysia and empathy for the ordinary man. He united the Opposition including PAS and created a movement that eventually led to the political demise of Abdullah Badawi, our inept and sleepy head 5th Prime Minister. He replaced by Najib Razak, Mahathir’s choice as UMNO President and Prime Minister.

Unfortunately for Anwar and us Malaysians , Najib Razak was able to create Sodomy 2 (I am not sure if Tun Dr. Mahathir and his associates had hand it in this) that landed him in Sungei Buloh for the second time.  Today, he remains our prisoner of conscience, who is strong in will and very committed to the cause of justice, freedom and dignity for Malaysians. Here is to you, Anwar Ibrahim: Salam Reformasi. Lawan Tetap Lawan. –Din Merican

Desperate Malaysians prefer Tun Dr. Mahathir as Prime Minister again


An overwhelming majority of Malaysiakini’s readers have endorsed Dr Mahathir Mohamad as Pakatan Harapan’s Prime minister candidate.

According to the 12,777 who voted in the new portal’s poll, 8,926 (69.9 percent) said Mahathir should be made a candidate while 3,276 (25.6 percent) disagreed. A small group answered “Not sure” or “Don’t care” in the poll, which ran for six days since May 19.

As the poll was conducted in three languages, the results showed different voting patterns among the various demographics.

Respondents who took part in the English-language version were the most supportive of naming Mahathir as a candidate for the premiership, compared to Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese-language readers.

Of those who answered the English-language poll, 76.6 percent were in favour of naming Mahathir as prime ministerial candidate while 68.6 percent of those who answered through the Bahasa Malaysia poll voted the same.

However, only 51 percent of those who answered the Chinese-language poll backed Mahathir for the top post, with 43.9 percent disagreeing.

One of the reasons for the Chinese-language poll results could be related to Mahathir’s words and deeds during his tenure as Prime Minister, for example, the Suqiu election appeals issue. In 2000, even DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who has since buried the hatchet with Mahathir, lambasted the former Premier over the Suqiu matter.

After accepting Suqiu’s election appeal, which included a review of the National Economic Policy, Mahathir, following the 1999 polls, had likened the movement to the communists. Another reason for the lack of support among Chinese-language readers is perhaps because they prefer jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to helm the nation.

Harapan has been under pressure of late over their nominee for Prime Minister, with BN claiming that this proves that the opposition coalition was not united.

10 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim is my Prime Minister and why

  1. Are Malaysian desperate for change? Malaysian has always been desperate – for development, get-rich quick, materialism, pride false or real, social status, branded goods, looks, excuses for their faults and failures, and so many more..

  2. Those who want Anwar Ibrahim to be PM immediately after Harapan winning GE14 is of course daydreaming. Legally it’s not possible. You need a stop-gap PM who must get Anwar pardoned by the Agong, then win a parliamentary by-election.

    The immediate question should be who should be this stop-gap PM. This must be made clear to the voters who must know that the PM is only a temporary one.

    Given the above scenario, and if it’s a question of defeating Najib / BN, I think a lot of people would forgive Mahathir for all the wrongs, perceived or actual, he did to the nation. To be fair he did quite a lot of rights too.

    All things being equal, I don’t think the PKR chairwoman has the required charisma to lead Pakatan to victory, unless you are of the view that since she is only a temporary PM and the ultimate goal is for Anwar to be PM sooner or later, then the people might vote Pakatan on that basis alone.

    The big question is still whether Mahathir can trust Azizah or Anwar to support Mukhriz for something big when the time comes. Mahathir knows he has not much time and he doesn’t want to fight another grueling battle with Anwar the PM the way he is fighting Najib now.

    If the feelings on the ground is that Azizah just won’t cut it no matter the ultimate motive, and Mahathir is still a bit risky, then would Muyhiddin be willing to be only a stop-gap PM?

    Who else is left for the stop-gap PM? Azmin, Rafizi, or someone from Amanah?

    Perhaps having these second liners actually reinforces the election promise that the opposition is truly serious about making Anwar the eventual PM and not just another devious Mahathir ploy to by hook or by crook hang onto the “temporary” PM post and pave the way for Mukhriz for greater things?

    Whatever it is the cards must be laid out clearly to the voters. Looking at Pakatan now, they have not even found a deck of cards yet.

    • Forget the legal mambo jumbo, Wayne. The interim PM may hang to power or he will nominate his own successor. Mahathir will have someone else. It will not be Anwar.–Din Merican

  3. How shameful !
    Of the 30,000,000 — 3 citizens, Mahathir, Anwar and Najib,
    Malaysians are incapacitated in choosing a quality Prime Minister.

    It is all fake and deception.
    Blame who and why ?

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  5. Hi All . Don’t forget Tengku Razaliegh . He will be much better than Tun M as an interim PM . Perhaps less personal agenda than Tun M . But to be fair , Dr Wan Azizah is the right choice. Don’t underestimate her . She proved herself with a medical degree. I sokong her fully.
    Ku Li? He is now with Najib. He is an UMNO sentimentalist now. –Din Merican.

    • My take is in the event of a tie between BN and PH . The middle road is Ku Li as PM. Who knows this may be the eventual outcome. The situation is so fluid , nonetheless , the country need a steady pair of hands.

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