Scapegoating Hannah when UMNO Malays can’t deal with Reality

May 23, 2017

Scapegoating Hannah when UMNO Malays can’t deal with Reality

by Dennis Ignatius

Becoming Hannah

How long must our nation suffer the narrow-mindedness and bigotry of insecure people who still find it hard to accept that Malaysia is a secular, multiracial nation? When will they start taking responsibility for their own choices including the books they choose to read?–Dennis Ignatius

My answer to Dennis Ignatius’Q1: For as long as UMNO remains in power with leaders like Najib Razak and his cohorts. These leaders are corrupt in body and spirit and they will retard the Malay mind and manipulate Islam for their own benefit by making the Malays insecure and bigoted.–Din Merican

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Once again, Christians are in the spotlight following allegations that they are trying to confuse Muslims, undermine their faith and subvert the nation. For good measure, tiresome old canards about a global plot by Christian and Zionist groups to destabilise Malaysia are being recycled.

Never mind that our own leaders are doing a pretty good job of destabilizing the country all on their own.

The confusion of the confused

The latest furore is over Hannah Yeoh’s book, ‘Becoming Hannah,’ in which the Selangor State Assembly Speaker chronicles how her faith inspired her to seek political office to help secure, by God’s grace and much prayer, a better future for all Malaysians.

It is an amazing narrative that speaks not just of Hannah’s courage and character but about a beautiful side to our nation where a young Malaysian Chinese-Christian could become speaker of Malaysia’s most populous state.

While many would celebrate such success stories, it was apparently too much for one university lecturer who, according to his own words, as reported by the press, found himself admiring the greatness of the God of Hannah and being impressed by her faith in the person of Jesus Christ. That in itself is an intriguing statement but in this environment, the less said the better, I suppose.

Image result for hannah yeoh's autobiography

The Not Stupid but idiotic Universiti Utara Malaysia Academic who made a police report in Changloon, Kedah. UMNO will reward idiots like him.He knows how to get ahead in Malaysia

Apparently shocked to discover that a Christian autobiography would “contain parables and excerpts from the Bible,” he lodged a police report alleging that it was an attempt to “coax, influence and instigate” non-Christians [including himself] to convert or deepen their interest in Christian teachings. He was also apparently disturbed to find references to Jesus as the Son of God in the book.

What was he expecting anyway when he picked up a book written by a Christian? It’s hard to make sense of such convoluted and confused reasoning. That it should come from a university lecturer speaks volumes about the calibre of those now occupying positions of influence in our universities today.

How long must our nation suffer the narrow-mindedness and bigotry of insecure people who still find it hard to accept that Malaysia is a secular, multiracial nation? When will they start taking responsibility for their own choices including the books they choose to read?

Standing with Hannah

Thankfully, there are still political and civic leaders around who are committed enough to the vision of a united, multiracial and multi-religious nation to ensure that Hannah did not have to stand alone against this latest outbreak of bigotry and wanton prejudice.

Muslim leaders and activists like former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim, lawyer Art Harun, PKR’s Nik Nazmi, Amanah’s Salahuddin Ayub, DAP’s Syerleena Abdul Rashid and Bebas’ Azrul Khalib defended her integrity and praised her for the respect she has always shown to other faith and ethnic groups. Many also expressed open admiration for the way her faith inspires her to serve with integrity and commitment and called her an outstanding politician and role model.

Their courageous and timely intervention helped to quickly put things in perspective and prevent the whole issue from getting out of hand. Though the voices of tolerance and moderation are all too few these days, they help push back the darkness of prejudice and bigotry that now hover over our nation.

The silence of the BN crowd, however, was noticeable. Some of them were quick to criticise Hannah when she respectfully covered her head at a mosque gathering but couldn’t find the courage to speak out when an important national principle was at stake.

Image result for MCA and MIC Leaders

The Pakhanggog  Leaders from Gerakan, MCA, and MIC

At times like this, all those who value freedom and cherish our constitutional rights and privileges must take a stand irrespective of party, ethnic or religious affiliation. When we stay silent we cede the public square, that space that rightly belongs to all Malaysians, to bigotry and prejudice.

As Edmund Burke famously noted, the surest way for evil to prevail is for the rest of us –good people–to do nothing.

Faith in the public square

Image result for MCA and MIC Leaders

The Pak Hunggok Leaders of Gerakan, MCA and MIC Leaders

The furore over Hannah’s book is also a timely reminder that faith that inspires integrity in public service, that leads men and women to serve their fellow citizens with honour, respect and dignity, is more needed than ever before.

God help that nation that has a deficit of such men and women of faith in public office.

By her actions, Hannah has come to exemplify the Christian perspective that faith in Jesus Christ compels them to work with their fellow citizens to build a nation defined by love, compassion, justice and righteousness. It lays upon them, as well, a burden to reach out to the poor, the hurting, the marginalized people all around us and, when asked, to give the reason for the hope they carry in their hearts.

Let somebody tell me that all that is wrong, that it is against the national interest, that it undermines national security, that it has no place in our society.

Becoming Hannah

I admire Hannah. I admire her integrity, her courage, her transparency, her service to the people who elected her, and her fealty to the constitution of our nation. And I am thankful that such a person has felt called to give herself to public service. In an age of corrupt, cynical and conniving politicians, Hannah is a breath of fresh air. She inspires me and gives me hope.How I wish more of our politicians would become like Hannah.

18 thoughts on “Scapegoating Hannah when UMNO Malays can’t deal with Reality

  1. This is the problem with decades of narrow and divisive identity segregation – Malay v Non Malay, Muslim v Non Muslim, Bumi v Non Bumi and so on.

    Instead of bring the people together, it builds resentment among excluded groups.

    The only way to run a fair society is to treat every individual on merit, irrespective of race, religion and background.

    The self serving and corrupt politicians and the political class are a HUGE problem. You cannot encourage identity segregation of people at one extreme and yet hope to maintain a national policy of unity, harmony and integrated cultures.

  2. Kamarul is not idiotic, he is dumber than he think of himself BUT that just means its more likely he is psychotic, mentally ill. Supposedly he is an academic and think something should not be read? An academic work can be unlimited in teaching, researching and publishing and with religious officers everywhere as well as many media controllers everywhere, he think he does not have enough duty and its his sacred duty to save the souls of his defenseless people? His reaction to being criticized online is to demand the deregistration of the DAP as if DAP long list of political enemies will not take every chance to do it if they could for decades?

    Kamarul is just one short fuse from joining IS. Its just that simple..One confused poor sod.

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  4. We have to thank this narrow minded UUM guy for helping to publicise the goodness that is in our society

  5. Why bother to put up the picture of the 3 stooges who are dwarfs compared to Hannah and only read the scripts given to them.

  6. Dennis your article is great. Schools such as mine (Anderson School, Ipoh) were multi-racial & taught respect, hard work, honesty & to be good citizens etc. Present day education policy is dividing multi-racial Malaysia. We need to change the political leadership. Dennis, I was part of PM’s delegation & met you in Santiago, Chile in 1991. You write some prudent articles. Keep it up.

  7. In the 50’s and 60’s thousands of Malays attend missionary schools run by the various Christian order such as St John, Catholic High, Assunta, La Salle , Methodist Schools and Bukit Bintang to name a few. Often times the first period is Scripture and students were taught about Christianity. This borders on prosethelyzatiom, yet the number of Muslims being converted is almost nil. So why now are the Malays and this lecturer so paranoid about a book by Hannah trying to convert the Malays just by reading the book.
    I was one of those thousand of Malays and till today I have maintain my religion and not converted to Christianity. Perhaps this lecturer have a very weak Aqidah that he can easily be converted to Christianity by just reading Hannah’s book.

    Studying in a US university I am sure he would have done philosophy as part of the GE requirement. Wonder how he manage to ace the course. I had my only B grade in Man and Civilisatiom as I had focussed on Islamic civilization and the Professor was an Anglican who thought that Islam copied from the Judeo Christianity civilization.
    My late mother sent to the St Nicholas Convent Pre-School in Alor Setar. I remained a Muslim, but not a devout as those UMNO and PAS Muslims.–Din Merican.

  8. It’s probably part of an orchestrated campaign against the DAP i.e.
    the “race card” is not working well, so they are trying the “religion card”.

    Attempting to paint the DAP as a group trying to Christianise Malaysia.

  9. Kamarul is a typical Melayu raised in a closed environment with little or no exposure to other races and beliefs except his own.

    People like him are easily swayed by religious rhetoric of the damaging kind propagated by the many half-past-six ustazs and ustazahs. To them, whatever these skull-capped and goatee-spotting mullahs said is the gospel truth.

    They have been repeatedly told that Jews and Christians are out to destroy their race and their faith. And thus, it’s their moral obligation to stop these “infidels” in their tracks.

    That’s how Kamarul sees Hannah, yet he has to audacity to claim that he is an ace student schooled in Donald Trump’s backyard. To me, he is nothing but a third-class jerk in the same mold as the many morons in Al Jubor’s cabinet.

    Too bad, we are being overwhelmed by retards like him, and there is little you and I can do. The sub-culture, unfortunately, is being supported and perpetuated by a political party that is fast losing its hold on power.

    The desperation is real and Al Jubor is prepared to do anything to overcome it.
    This fella is an Najib ass licker. His education in the US has come to nought. In fact, it reinforces his Malayness. –Din Merican

  10. The Judeo / Christian Civilization, is COMPATIBLE with Islam , not contradictory : the only difference is that Islam deals in depth the spiritual aspects of Man & his relationship to God. But the great benefit to Mankind brought by the Judeo/Christian civilization , is the aspect connected with the Sciences ( or Scientific knowledge ) , and Mankind is able to traverse the entire earth in 24 hours, but without Science , man will have to slog & slog on Bullock-carts…., no bicycles even…. and shoes made from bark or trees….

    How do the beautiful woman veil herself without the sciences , but veiling their critical parts …..with barks from trees ?

  11. My guess is though he may a very intelligent person but his social and emotional maturity is very low. He might have gotten his degrees from the US that’s as far as he goes i.e he is learned but NOT EDUCATED at all.

  12. this episode is definitely scripted with ge14 in mind…many more along with the same MO will be churned out in the lead up to ge

  13. I know Narcissism resides in all of us. It’s just the degree in which it manifests.

    I admit i’m a ‘dog who returns to his own vomit’. I’m just an out-of-fashion ‘daily bread’, ‘forgive our debtors’ and ‘let us not be tried’ and ‘deliver us from evil’ regular sinner. Of course many Christians – especially the ‘Church-ed’ ones like Dennis and Hannah are much more Blessed than me.

    It sort of dims the “Light of the World” and “City on the Hill”, which most modern Evangelicals (e.g City Harvest and all that bling..) are obsessed about. They tend to be too simplistic and show a vengeful side of being ‘children’ sowing ‘seeds’ indiscriminately and sometimes end up throwing ‘pearls to pigs’. Grow up and take the ‘narrow path’ and ‘pray in the closet’ as the Biblical Hannah was wont to do..

    I apologize for metaphors that transcend some of my non-Christian brethren here. I’m just a pain, okay? Like all the Old Geezers here, i don’t have an ‘Autobiography’ to yodel about. I’m more concerned about the state of the ‘Kingdom’ in myself.

    So to me, this whole bang-up of a Molehill becoming a Mountain or Storm in a Cawan – is just another example of Narcissism, Paranoia, Hysterics, Antisocial, Obsessive-Compulsive, Passive-Aggressive, Avoidant, Schizoid and Depressant behavioral dysfunction. This of course, ties in with what we categorize as the “Pharisee Syndrome” – of which the ‘Distinction-ed’ Malay Scribe mentioned above is a manifestation of.

    Remember: ‘The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit..’ The many words of Man are hurtful.

    So Enough la.. Stop the polemics! Here’s to all:

  14. What we are seeing now is the result of last 40 years ” Umno-nization” of race and religion ( Malay and Islam), during Mahathir 22 years + to varying degree Badawi + Najib reign. This needs to be stopped.

    Karmarul, like many , is the typical product of the rogue social politcal system created largely for Umno elites in sustaining political power and personal gains at all costs to the people, now backfired heavily on the “so call Malay race”.

    Hannah view in her book is personal if she had to draw inspiration from Christianity for herself, to serve the people with socio-political and economic well-being. It is not state or government or political party sponsored. She happens to be a speaker of the Selangor State Assembly, a member of DAP, of course, a woman made of her own rights and integrity.

    Using race and religion is easy but can never be sustainable and effective in solving the woes of political , social and economic issues facing the country.

    Going forward and to reverse the harm that had inflicted,
    my take is :

    it is in all humanity and SaBoR *, NEVER race or religion, that the leaders of the political divide, should invoke for acnhieving a better Malaysia – for All, because,

    many “…of the best people (regardless of race ) in history did not believe God(-Allah), while many of the worst deeds were done in His name”.

    We cannot choose to whom , how, where and what we were born.

    This is the challenge I want to put before the leaders of the political divide, Sabah and Sarawak, instituions and associations,
    Are you the best people, regardless of race and religion, for the job to lead the country in the best interest and welfare of the Rakyat in Sharing Benefits and Responsibilty ???

    * SaBoR = Share Benefits and of Responsibility.

  15. Oh Dennis, you are trying too hard. So is Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) vice-president Mujahid Yusof Rawa “review” of the book. This is really not about religion but how the Evangelicals are too dumb not to fall into traps because they really just need to shove their faith down folks throats like the way how state sponsored Islam does.

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