UUM Lecturer flaunts his Academic Qualifications, so what?

May 21, 2017

UUM Lecturer flaunts his Academic Qualifications, so what?

by http://www.malaysiakini.com

What is your hangup? It’s Hannah Yeoh’s Autobiography. If you want your  freedom of expression, then respect Hannah’s right to tell her story. There is no need to make a Police Report against her. Of course, it has nothing to do with UUM. Your academic qualifications are not the issue. But it certainly has a lot to do with your mentality and your character. As my good friend Dr. M. Bakri Musa once said to me, “Din, we can take the Malay out of the kampong, but we cannot remove the kampong from the Malay mind.”–Din Merican

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff has touted his academic credentials in the face of derision after he accused Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh of proselytising by making Christian references in her book.

“The Bachelor of Arts with double major that I obtained from Indiana University at Bloomington (IUB) was with highest distinction, which is reserved only for graduates with a cumulative grade point average of between 3.90 to 4.00.

“Apart from that, I was also a recipients of the Senior Achievement Award, an award reserved for students who have outstanding academic records and who are designated by their departments or schools as having unusual potential in their field),” he said in a statement.

Listing out the list of unflattering comments against him, Kamarul said his record proved that they were wrong.

“Therefore, it is very wrong to describe me as stupid, without quality and credibility, unqualified, without calibre, half-baked, narrrow-minded or extremist,” he said. Kamarul said he had no problems mixing with non-Muslims while he was studying in the US.

“I also do not have any problems working and mixing with non-Muslims in Malaysia.I am very comfortable and well-received by my colleagues and students at UUM,” he said.

Kamarul stressed that his views are based on facts and law and are not stupid nor extreme.He added that his opinion and police report against Yeoh over her book, ‘Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey by Hannah Yeoh’, also had nothing to do with UUM.

Image result for Hannah Yeoh's Autobiography

“Both (my opinion and police report) are unrelated to the education institution at which I currently serve, which is UUM.It is inappropriate for everyone to associate the actions I did in my personal capacity with UUM or any other educational institutions,” he said.

Kamarul said he only served at UUM beginning January 26, 2016 and does not hold any senior position apart from being the Director of Institute for Malaysia Political Analysis (Mapan).

“The ones who are stupid and extreme are those who do not argue based on facts and law, which include those who belittle anything that has to do with Malays or Islam, merely to get votes,” he said.

‘Attempt to silence academic freedom’

Meanwhile, a group of NGOs also defended Kamarul, claiming that there was an attempt to silence his academic freedom.

Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (Centhra), Concerned Lawyers for Justice (CLJ), Muslim Lawyers Association Malaysia (PPMM), iPeguam and Young Professionals (YP), in a joint statement, pointed out that Yeoh was the one who had first lodged a police report against Kamarul over his comments about her on Facebook.

“Her report clearly amounts to the deprivation of the right of an academician to his academic freedom of speech and expression, a fundamental right that is guaranteed by Article 10(1)(a) of our Federal Constitution and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

“Further, the report aims at intimidating and suppressing academicians in Malaysia from expressing their valid and substantiated academic and professional opinion on any political party or politician.

“We also abhor and denounce the various comments made on social media directed at the Kamarul for his opinion and condemn the attempt at diverting the issue to one of his own faith in his own religion when clearly that has never been the crux of the issue at hand, which is Yeoh’s own refusal to countenance Kamarul’s opinion of her autobiography,” they said.

They also urged the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) as well as the Police to probe Yeoh.

23 thoughts on “UUM Lecturer flaunts his Academic Qualifications, so what?

  1. In a word, the over-entitlement called NEP created from the myth of Ketuanan and Malay “rights”. Why should he NOT BE AN IDIOT? The entire system and his entire life he has been made to believe more than he really is.. University of Indiana Bloomington, anyone ever been and seen their courses and tests? It ranks lower than most of OUR universities.

  2. Whats the fuss and buzz?
    Both hard-core Christian Evangelicals and Muslims of PASUMNOb persuasion must not watch this. Inimical to your ‘spiritual’ health.

    Me? A wee bit Antinomian, but adhere to “We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone.”

  3. Yes, the issue is that it is very unwise for an academician to make a police report
    just because he dislikes the contents of an autobigraphical, confessional book by a politician inspired by religious ideals.

    P.S. Indiana University at Bloomington is actually quite a good research university, with some academic departments that are strong. It is the flagship campus of the public universities (state university system) of Indiana state. Others are Purdue University and the Catholic Church-affiliated U of Notre Dame.

    • Yeah, it’s a good university but it’s only ranked 86th in the nation. Din’s university is much better, ranking 30 places ahead. And Stanford is ranked 5th. So many people graduated with summa cum laude from their undergraduate programs but don’t go around bragging. I, too, had almost a perfect 4.0 GPA with only one B in my life – straight A’s throughout my master and doctorate programs. Many of my friends have similar grades but they behave like idiots. They may have high IQ and are good in the fields they are trained, but with very low EQ. This Kamarul Zaman Yusoff guy might have good grades in school, but he is a perfect example of what “poorly educated” means. If you can’t relate your education to the reality in life, I don’t care how good the grades you got, you’re still very, very stupid.

      I read a news article yesterday from the South China Morning Post on “What’s causing Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese brain drain?” The reason is Islamic fanaticism:


  4. I read the book some time ago and find nothing objectionable in it.
    The author is very religious, and says that her faith inspires her career as a politician who wants to do good for society. (I am not a Christian).

  5. This lecturer in spite of having an American education has a very narrow or closed mind. To him only Malay/Muslims have the rights to write about their religion, belief and God. Others dont have a right to write about their experience, belief and religion. For this reason people are calling him stupid. He just wasted 4 years studying at University of Indiana Bloomington. I suspect while at Bloomington he must be one of those that reside at Kampong Melayu Bloomington of the ghetto as we call it and his friends and aquaintánces are all Malays or government sponsored students whose principal aim is to get a degree not an education.
    This guy is an embarrassment to Indiana U. –Din Merican

    • I think we often overlooked the fact that America has a recent President who believes the greatest philosopher is Jesus. I am not sure what Trump would say about Jesus. But, I did not like whatever praise that was placed on Trump the presidential candidate by the Liberty University. I am a Christian, an American, and a Chinese grew up in Malaysia. Yet, I think Kamarul Yusoff has the right to make his political Facebook comment. I am saddened by the fact that as a politician, Hannah had to resort to a police report. After all, a police report did not help a pastor who was kidnapped in this layu land. But, then again, did we Christians not learn that this world is not of our world?

      Kamarul Yusoff is the director of Malaysian Institute for Political Studies. His comment speaks volume about Malaysian politics in this land of Welayu. Sure hope Kamarul Yusoff could share how his faith could help him do his job better, and not so easily swayed by Christians. Politically speaking, Muslims are living in an unfriendly world. I pray that Mr Yusoff would wisdom in knowing what that meant from his tradition.

  6. I always like to quote this, spoken by a Hong Kong actor in Cantonese: There is no cure for stupidity.
    This lecturer (omg!), reveals more of his stupidity each time he tries to defend hus case. The sad part of this fiasco is that he doesn’t even see that his arguments are TOTALLY irrelevant. What has his academic qualification, never mind that it is from an average US university, got to do with a person, although a religious one, publishing her life story? No one is forced to read it.

  7. Notwithstanding whatever this idiotic lecturer claims, I’ll still call him stupid or perhaps, one notch higher, bloody moron.

    I have come across his type once too often and, as orang malaya has rightly said, “he must be one of those who resides at Kampong Melayu Bloomington, the ghetto”. The reasons why they like to be among themselves are, (one) safety in number and (two) fear of external influences.

    I find this rather odd as they are supposed to mingle with members of their host country rather than to be with their own kind. My son kept a respectable distance away from this kind of jerks when he was studying in Melbourne.

    That’s why, in spite of the government spending millions to give people like this idiot an education abroad, they still return with little or nothing to show for their stint in La La Land. Anyway, had he been tutored at an one of those Ivy League universities I would have spared him such inferences.

    Idiots like Kamarul Zaman are aplenty. Unfortunately, some walk along the corridors of power flaunting their stupidity while rubbing shoulders with you know who in the hope that one day they would take over from MO1 and his thieving band.

    On hindsight, Kamarul should have been sent to one of the sekolah pondok in Kelantan or the now infamous sekolah tahfiz in Johore. There is where he belongs not at UUM.

  8. When he touts his sterling academic credentials as “proof” that he is not “stupid”, it merely shows he did not even have the basic understanding of what was really meant when people called him “stupid”

    His “education” only went so far as to teach him that “stupid” has only one antonym, i.e. “intelligent”

    So he reasons, since I am obviously intelligent, because my impeccable academic credentials say so, I cannot be stupid.

  9. I think a more nuanced view is needed instead of vitriol and angst, although i agree with most of the commentators here. Yes Conrad, the good Commander’s view is on the dot.

    Firstly, i can’t imagine why a below 40 year old politician has to come up with an ‘autobiography’ when she has only lived less than half her Life’s potential? Has she really lived up to her Blessings – as a discerning (wise), obedient and humble servant of Christ? To me, this book sounded more like a “Witnessing” account rather than a true ‘Autobiography’, but that may be just semantics. I have a problem with folks of all stripes – ululating their achievements before their time is ripe. An unripe fruit, is just that – immature and astringent. And to make a legal disposition against a rabid detractor seems to be more politically driven, than Christ-centric. The Sermon on the Mount applies. We can’t choose to apply bits and portions of the Gospel, just because we are ‘flayed’. Patience, love, faith and forgiveness (if not forgetfulness) applies.

    As for that ‘Distinctioned’ Moron from Sintok (UUM), nothing needs to be mentioned which already has not been lanyak (bashed), except that he represents an agent provocateur of an intolerant and fascist habit. He just happen to call himself Muslim.

    Btw, Din, Orang Malaya and Tok Cik represent the best of the best of what Malaysians are to be and can be. Their ‘biographies’ would certainly put that bloke in his place – tooting a goat’s horn..

    • CLF, who would read my biography? Nothing exciting to write about, just an old geezer from the old school and whose friends and aquaintances have moved on to the happy hunting ground. No double major from U of Indiana, just life lessons learnt from the streets of Malaya.

    • Me either, CLF. We old geezers don’t require master’s degrees and doctorates to think and act wisely because we are, by definition, rational thinkers.

      I am just an old soldier who refused to fade away . A soldier who had served the nation proudly in the thoughts that my sacrifices would pave the way for a brighter Malaysia.

      But, unfortunately, that did not happen, as jerks like Madey and Al Jubor continually highjacked the agenda leaving us all high and dry.

      A once rich and bountiful country is now reduced to a gaping banana republic in the same mold as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Colombia and Chile or perhaps far worse.

      Time is fast catching on us. Soon the kerabu will come to take us on a one-way ride to you know where.

      Notwithstanding that, I am still optimistic that a miracle would happen. But with morons like this Kamarul fella and, to an extent, Lebai Hadi Awang, the process is being hastened.


    • Tok Cik,

      I can understand how you feel. I am an old geezer too. I have done my bit and at this stage of my life, I am not going to waste my time anymore. Both Mahathir and Najib can go to hell for all I care, They have caused irreparable harm to the spirit and soul of our wonderful and plural Malaysia. They should know that they are not going to live forever. Their ill gotten gains must be returned to our national coffers. As for Najib, he should bear the brunt of the law and then punished accordingly. I would send Najib to jail.–Din Merican

  10. Kamarul’s autobiography will go like this: Duh!!! Error… Memory overload. Cannot understand. Shutting down!

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