What’s Happening in the House of Prime Minister Najib Razak?

May 18, 2017

What’s Happening in the House of Prime Minister Najib Razak?

by http://www.malaysiakini.com

A Tug-a-war between Sirigar and Arul with Najib as Referee

Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), who has been on the warpath against the opposition, has now trained his guns on Treasury Secretary-General Irwan Serigar Abdullah in the wake of the latter’s appointment as chairperson of TRX City Sdn Bhd and Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

The blogger’s vitriolic article on Irwan prompted speculation if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s advisors are at odds with one another.

Despite reservations regarding the veracity of Raja Petra’s allegations, especially the more scandalous ones, PKR Vice-President Rafizi Ramli however believes the article indicated that there is competition among the premier’s key advisors on Bandar Malaysia.

“Clearly those who are Raja Petra’s benefactors are not happy with Irwan’s clout in dealing with the restructuring of 1MDB’s debts with regard to Bandar Malaysia,” he told Malaysiakini.

Rafizi said he considered Raja Petra to be the mouthpiece of a shadowy group of advisors around Najib. “So when Raja Petra attacked Irwan so viciously, my assessment is this is about one group of advisors against another group, both are influential around Najib,” he added.

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Rafizi said that he does not believe that the disagreement of these advisors revolves around matters of “getting best value for the public either.”

“My opinion is Najib’s key advisors each have their own favourite consortium which they want to appoint as master developer of Bandar Malaysia. Given the GDV (Gross Development Value) of the project, there are billions ringgit worth of economic interest that benefit a lot of influential people around Najib,” he claimed.

In the article titled “Irwan and the Wanda deal”, Raja Petra claimed that it was the Treasury Secretary-General who leaked information to a news portal about the removal of 1MDB President Arul Kanda as chairperson of Bandar Malaysia and a board member of TRX City.

“To most this came as a surprise because Arul had done a good job over the last two years in turning around 1MDB and bringing it back to profitability and viability,” he said.

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Bandar Malaysia Project

Raja Petra alleged that Irwan wanted to orchestrate another deal and Arul was an obstacle, who needed to be removed. He also questioned the reason cited for Arul’s removal from Bandar Malaysia and TRX City, which was “potential conflicts of interest”.

“What was Arul’s so-called ‘potential conflicts of interest’? ‘Potential conflicts of interest’ is actually a lame excuse and a farce,” he said.

The truth, alleged Raja Petra, was that Irwan wanted to derail the deal with The Iskandar Waterfront Holdings and China Rail Engineering Corp (IWH-CREC) consortium so that he could give it to the Dalian Wanda-Malton group instead.

Raja Petra also cautioned Najib about giving important tasks to certain people.“And if Najib is not careful this Bandar Malaysia-TRX matter might turn into a second disaster after 1MDB in 2014. Just as Arul finished cleaning up 1MDB and turned it back to profitability and viability, we are beginning to see another disaster looming over the horizon,” he added.

How will Irwan respond to the attack?

Meanwhile, Rafizi said it would be interesting to see how Irwan responds to this attack, adding that it was similar to Raja Petra’s accusation that the PKR Vice-President received money from businessman John Soh and was “enjoying with a harem of young boys.”

“The best way for Irwan to respond is to quickly come up with a statutory declaration denying everything and stating the truth as I immediately did 24 hours after Raja Petra accused me of receiving money from John Soh.

“More importantly, Irwan has to clear the confusion about what is really happening behind the scene wth regards to Bandar Malaysia because it is public money and we end up paying for it

“I am amused at all this because in spite of Najib’s confident attitude that he is in full control, clearly all is not well in the house,” he added. Malaysiakini has contacted Irwan for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

On May 3,TRX City, which is owned by the Ministry of Finance, announced that the share sale agreement (SSA) entered into on Dec 31, 2015 with IWH-CREC on Bandar Malaysia had lapsed.

“This is because, despite repeated extensions being granted, IWH-CREC failed to meet the payment obligations outlined in the conditions precedent under the SSA.”As a result, the share sale agreement between the parties stands null and void with immediate effect,” it had said.

10 thoughts on “What’s Happening in the House of Prime Minister Najib Razak?

  1. // Najib began “courting” China’s Dalian Wanda group – China’s biggest property developer – as a potential investor for Bandar Malaysia. However, following Najib’s recent visit to Beijing, it was reported that IWH-CREC might play a role in the Bandar Malaysia project.

    It is unreal that we look to China for mega-projects, when we see such news periodically. Supply side economy, eh?
    We sure have no lack of appetite for grandeur.

  2. Corrupt Najib has brought out the greed of every one around him, jockeying for position to get the juiciest piece of the lion share. Yes, greed is out everywhere.

    Greed Is Out
    by Hebert Logerie

    Greed is out,
    Yes, yes, let’s shout,
    Again and again:
    Greed is out.
    Let’s spout, let’s shout!
    Realized pain
    And unrealized gain
    Are not taxable.
    Political contributions
    Are not deductible.
    No stock options!
    The Stock Market
    Lost its jacket
    And its pants.
    Common sense
    Must prevail.
    No bail, no bail,
    For the crooked billionaire;
    It is just, it is fair
    To lock him up
    ‘Cause he is at the very top
    Of the super-kleptomaniac list.
    He is a mad genius;
    He killed telepathically,
    And he loved fame and money.
    What a disgrace!
    What a dishonest face!
    No bail, no bail,
    For such a whale!
    Stock him in jail,
    Squish him in hell,
    Greed is out,
    Let’s spout, let’s shout!

  3. Something IS VERY ROTTEN about this. The ECRL project which everyone suspected from the start is a means for Najib to steal more to bail his problems out is now revealed the plan was to build a single track for the DOUBLE the price of a double track rail – clearly proving it was just more stealing scheme. Its clear as daylight the project is too complicated to move fast enough to steal money from.

    If he is that desperate to steal money, why is he changing horse on IWH-CREC and risk further not getting much needed money?

    I have always said, when Najib over play his poker face, its his real tell – when he tries to be too calm, its likely things are really at its worst mess. Something is very wrong. Does he think Wanda Dalian, a private company, would make it much faster to steal money with? Its not that simple. Wanda Dalian has billions of investments in US and Europe – if its caught for illegal acts even in foreign jurisdictions, they will be punished even forced to divest their investments – why would Wanda Dalian risk it for Bandar Malaysia and Najib? Something tells me Najib is just an idiot in all of this..

  4. The richer a company, like Wanda Dalian, the more risk-adverse it becomes, unless Pres. Xi twist some arms, in which case Wanda would have to exact some pretty steep terms and guarantees from Najib who would definitely ask for some big upfront. Can he promise and deliver when GE14 is not in the bag?

    I am sure Wanda’s people would have had some detailed feedback from IWH-CREC’s people.

  5. Folks, GE 14 is around the corner and Jibby has to raise some serious cash for BN. IWH-CREC people have not come up the moolah for Jibby to use for election. Jibby thought that since Wanda Dalian is a private entity it might be easier to squeeze some up front money from Wanda Dalian.

    Jibby has gone to drink from the well too often and have now made the well toxic for others. Jibby has used the Bandar Malaysia carrot bait but Wanda is not biting. For CREC the payback is the ECRL but for Wanda I wonder what is the payback.

  6. There seems to be a lot of ‘tok kok’ when it comes to this TRX FUBAR.

    The ‘problem’, as alleged by my sources – was that the local partner of the IWH-CREC consortium couldn’t or wouldn’t come up with the differential – even after the PRC party had upheld/paid their part of the ‘bargain’. The MB of Johor, whose JCorp is a stakeholder in IWH, blathered that the state gomen did not contribute a single sen for the deal. Really..!

    It may be that there is friction among Jibros ‘advisers’ – but that’s SNAFU. It is more likely that the purple assed baboon from Manchester is cleverer by half for waving his ding-dong half truths willy-nilly.

    I was surprised when Jibros made eyes and sucked up to Wanda Boss. Perhaps he was ignorant of the fact that the CCP owns CREC. The Wanda boss, being a discerning and cautious private entity, obviously would never have dared disturb even a whisker of the Dragon. Thus the flip-flopping by the Chief Launderette Operator?

    So much, for all the ‘businessman’ theories flaunted about, these parts.

    It is time Jibros threw out his useless bunch of Raucous Baboons. Not that i wish him well..

  7. “For CREC the payback is the ECRL but for Wanda I wonder what is the payback.” Wayne.

    Nope buddy. ECRL is being built by CCCC (China Construction Communications Co.) not CREC. Different entity but another SOE. CREC is still in contention with another partner for TRX, but i think IWH is toast. Wanda will be getting another sweetheart (for Jibros, anyway) deal.

    Most of the local big boys in development are staying away from TRX for good reasons. But those monkeys who shout Ketuanan left, right and center are hankering for the job, without realizing what it entails. The Feds are pokkai to the core and there won’t be any seed dough/capital to cough up. So where are the Ketuans gonna take out Billions from? Blind, deaf and dumb rent seekers and over reaching entitlement morons.

    Now, some of the local logistics fellas are worried that Alibaba Ma will bring his 14 logistics flunkies to set up shop next to KLIA for the e-commerce thingy. This will be just before the GE-14 is announced. Gives Jibros something to crow about..

    The decapitation of the cabotage policy for East Malaysia was premature and will affect the local haulers bottom-line. It probably won’t lower the price of goods in Sabah and Sarawak by much since most of the manufactured goods from PRC, Taiwan, S. Korea are already shipped to their ports directly.

    • Yes katasayang, TRX and BM has to go ahead even if the Oppo take over (not likely). Otherwise the gaping hole which is 1MDB cannot be ‘rationalized’ nor monetized. The whole physical area is now vacant, leveled and is the ‘abomination in desolation’ for Malusia.

      Frankly, i don’t think the Oppo is any better than the Penyamun Baboons (UMNOb) we have now, except they will take time to touchy-feely and in the meantime play nice..

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