MACC is serious about combating Corruption in BolehLand?

May 9, 2017

COMMENT: I always enjoy reading TK Chua’s plain speaking articles and have often featured them on my globally read blog. I thank for hosting them and my friend Nelson Fernandez for allowing me to use them. Mr. Chua never fails to call a spade nothing but spade. But this is something else

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The last of the Anti-Corruption Mohicans was the late Justice Tan Sri Dato’ Harun Hashim. He was competent, fearless and very professional. He had no regard for politicians because he was a public servant par excellence and an outstanding member of our Judiciary who served King and country with dignity and distinction.

Today, most of our civil servants starting from the top are apple polishers who are out to suck up to politicians in power. The manner in which the 1MDB scandal was handled is my case in point.  The Auditor- General, the Attorney-General and others  let us down. They did not have the conviction and courage to do what is right.

Yes, Mr. Chua, I note you used the word “resolve” in quotes. The present MACC Chief Commissioner is the new broom. I am not optimistic about what the Chief Commissioner can do to refashion the organisation, even with the benefit of the advice and wisdom of  former  UN Kofi Annan’s ethics crusader Tunku Abdul Aziz.

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Remember his predecessor, Tan Sri Abu Kassim.  Abu Kassim promised a lot but failed to do his duty faithfully.  Why? Because  there is no political will to fight corruption. After all, our Prime Minister himself is corrupt and worse still, he is incompetent.–Din Merican

MACC is serious about combating Corruption in BolehLand?

by TK

I want to support the Chief of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in his “resolve” to make the anti-graft agency more respectable in combating corruption in the country.

However, I would like to comment on some of his statements. First, one swallow does not a summer make. The arrest of a Tan Sri here and a Datuk Seri there does not signify that the MACC has become bold to “venture” into the turf of the rich and powerful.

I have seen enough of many agencies having the tendency to indulge in the “flash in the pan” syndrome. They do things to impress, not with the enduring objective to solve a problem at hand.

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The New Broom at The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC)

Efforts against corruption must be relentless, imminent and without fear or favour. When too many perceive that the rich and powerful are being protected, usually it is because such a view has some semblance of truth to it.

To prove otherwise requires efforts more than arresting a Tan Sri or a Datuk Seri. A Tan Sri trying to broker a royal title is very different from other Tan Sris in charge of millions in government funds.

Persistence and being resolute are key to curbing corruption. The rich and the powerful have become bold and blatant in their deviant ways because they perceive the likelihood of being hauled up, too slim.

Most of us are creatures of greed. Given an opportunity, many would abuse the law and enrich themselves. But if the consequence of our corrupt practices is clear and imminent, I think many would think twice before committing it.

Another point the MACC chief mentioned was the lack of personnel and funding in combating corruption. According to him, the MACC has only 1,900 enforcement officers whereas there are 1.6 million civil servants to be monitored. Please forgive me for being harsh, I just find this excuse so typical of most government agencies.

No organisation, including the MACC, has unlimited resources to play with. Ultimately it is always the 80-20 rule and the need to prioritise.

Certainly not all the 1.6 million civil servants have the same opportunity to be involved in bribery. The MACC ought to know the departments and the agencies that are more prone to corruption.

This is where priority and concentration come in – MACC’s should focus on the 20% to give them the 80% result.

If the MACC chief knows that RM5 million is paid each month by syndicates to foil enforcement actions, it shows that corruption has become institutionalised and endemic. More than that, it shows that corruption is now a retainer.

If he knows the amount paid each month, he ought to know the personnel and the agencies involved.

By the way, it is quite illogical to assert that MACC’s action against corrupt politicians just prior to the next general election is considered as indulging in politicking. On the contrary, it is the lack of action that has given rise to the impression that the MACC is not above the politicians.

Action should be rightly based on offences committed and evidence adduced, nothing else matters.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

13 thoughts on “MACC is serious about combating Corruption in BolehLand?

  1. Bottom.line, LKY put it best “once the core is corrupt” it’s hopeless. In China, Xi Jin Ping went on a massive campaign – lots of people arrested and sentenced to death but the word is out that within his circles of power, corruption is coming back. That is how difficult it is to fight corruption. If you have been lax for a few years, it takes many times more years to fight it, the higher the tougher you have to be. We have had decades culturalized. UMNO/BN can never do it. It’s quite clear the likes of KJ put on a good show of possibility but in the end, it’s a show too and monster will rear again especially now it’s underwritten by religo-tool owner Hadi’s PAS.

  2. A must read book by Justice Tan Sri Harun Hashim and his famous PO Box 6000. During his time at ACA, the mere mention of ACA will scare the shit of corrupted civil servants.

    His successors at ACA and MACC all promise a lot but delivered nothing. All they caught were the ikan bilis while the sharks are happily laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. “….MACC’s should focus on the 20% to give them the 80% result” – TK Chua.

    How true. The solution is there and it’s simple. Get the top “idiots” and the rest will follow through. It’s simply nipping the bud like we do to our plants. But it’s easier said than done.

    Like Chua has rightly said, napping the few tan sris, datuk seris and datuks make little or no sense as they are nothing but fall guys who are of little use to the Establishment, so they are being conveniently put to pasture.

    Ridding the unwanted and the have-been is but a part of the “wayang kulit” the Putrajaya monkeys have perfected over time.

    Mark my word, with GE14 looming ominously in the horizon, the shadow play will increase in intensity.


  4. MACC is serious about combating Corruption.

    It is said that the taste of pudding is in the eating.
    MACC has been in the news for over a year when each time it announced arrest of Tan Sris-Datos-KSU-Heads of Departments/GLCs-others who were remanded and and then are said to be subject of ongoing investigations. Some have been charged but then almost all appear to be free on bail and enjoying lifestyles to which they had become accustomed.
    Seriousness about combating Corruption will only be proven and confirmed if and when those found guilty are convicted and subjected to maximum penalties as provided by the respective laws. Unfortunately little info is available of any progress after the suspects are released on bail the amount of which may not be equitable to the quantum of amounts subject to corruption charges.

    Let the good work done by MACC not be forgotten after LAPSE of some time as is the case of the suspected cases and of MISMANAGEMENT-FRAUD-CORRUPTION-COLLUSION-CRONYISM-EMBEZZLEMENT-BRIBERY-KICKBACKS-NEPOTISM RELATED TO PUBLIC FUNDS which have been reported faithfully every year by the Auditor General since mid-1980s but little is known of action taken against those suspected or proven guilty.

    The civil servants [and others involved] have been rewarded several times in the past three decades by new/revised higher emoluments schemes and allowances but cases of ‘MFCCCEBKN’ cases may have not only increased in number but may also have involved the cream of civil service and the amounts in hundreds of millions. There may also be some cases where the amounts may be in BILLIONS.

    It is hoped that MACC [and the Auditor General] and the media can or will provide PERIODICAL STATUS REPORTS ON PROGRESS OF those INVESTIGATED-CHARGED but OUT ON BAIL. This would reflect TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY and also show SERIOUSNESS IN COMBATING CORRUPTION. Is this wishful thinking?

  5. Ya, it looks iike the new broom in MACC has started to do a good job. I hope he will continue to sweep well without fear or favour. This country certainly needs shaking up. Hopefully, he will be the right man for the job. However, MACC should not only sweep the governnment departments and agencies, it should also sweep the public clubs which generate income or revenue.

  6. Dear Din.
    Talking about corruption in this beloved country, frankly I lost confidence with all the agencies that supposed to enforced the good ethics in delivering their responsibilities.
    Just one question which I think that still bogging our mind. We will like to know what is the status and outcome of the Sabah case, where hundreds of millions found in the office including kilos of gold.
    Have they swept under the carpet or thrown everything into the Sulu Sea.
    Have we heard anyone brought to the bench yet or maybe we will wait for another skeleton to drop out.”

    So what can we expect from the new broom, maybe it’s just good to be an apple licker.It’s just that we lived in the right country at the wrong time.

  7. Over there, they have the narcissist who stumbled into the Presidency and is lurching from one episode after another of the insatiable urge to secure the drug of “narcissistic supply” (and engaging in unending flareups of “narcissistic rage”).

    Over here, we have some one who spends all the time thinking of ways to
    cling on to power and to keep the lid on the bubbling cauldron of mega financial
    scandals. Which necessitates the constant hunt for $$$ to buy (domestic) political support and pay off the (foreign) creditors (who demand hard currency and not
    RM, thank you very much).

  8. So long as the MACC reports directly to the PM, any PM, nothing good or constructive will come out of it for the simple reason that any politician, especially a powerful Malaysian PM, will be tempted to use such a powerful weapon for political purposes.

    Remember Anwar Ibrahim was not only accused of sodomy but corruption as well?

    And don’t forget officers in the MACC themselves could be accused of corruption, (may be even falsely and later exonerated after a lengthy court trial, and by then their lives were already ruined), if they try to do their job too jealously or stepped on some powerful politicians’ toes.

    After all that’s said and then, the best and perhaps the only way to combat endemic corruption or indeed anything that needed to be combated starts at the top. In the modern era we have to hold up the late LKY as a prime example no matter how one may argue about his methods.

    Using the 80-20 yardstick again, we can argue that the 20% of his methods we don’t agree with get the 80% results we want?

  9. Someone has to do the dirty job or cleaning up. Otherwise just flush those rank into any toilet bowl.

  10. Cabinet Ministers are off limits Macc?
    Until then u can shout and rant
    But u ain’t gonna get my respect Macc much as u try

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