Dr KJ John: Are Malaysians really only closet modern extremists.

May 1, 2017

Dr KJ John: Are Malaysians really only closet modern extremists.

by Dr. KJ John@www.malaysiakini.com

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The Stone Age Melayu Extremists

The word ‘Malay’ is an English etymological word and not a ‘Melayu’ one. I do not think I am wrong; unless some linguist tells me so from the field of hermeneutics as to why.

Therefore, my conclusive argument is that Malaya, and Malaysia, are both at root, English words; exactly as it is with the original language of our Federal Constitution. The Colonials did not negotiate and agree, negotiate terms, phrases, and concerns, in the Melayu language.

Therefore, for one example, when a retired Chief Judge after 10 years of retirement suddenly finds wisdom from his faith concerns, and speaks non-sense from his interpretive view and logic of Islamic thought and life; he demonstrated complete ignorance about our constitutional history.

In fact, The Star did publish my protest about the same as a letter to the editor. Please find it here.

‘Truth Matters’ is the location of my grave concerns and issues. I have consequentially branded that a Public Group on Facebook.

Allow me now to push such truth issues and concerns against our ‘so-called power-elites as my Tomahawk missiles’ against perceived wrongdoing. That letter is my public interest protest that such interpretations are totally wrong.

Ours is a public-interest-serving public service and never a presidentially-appointed one; even as Turkey appears to be moving towards that American model of executive power and authority,our parliamentary heritage is English.

Abused ‘Allah’ word

In a similar vein of equally deranged logic, the ‘Allah’ word is now declared an illegal ‘Malay word’ for Malaysians to abuse. That policy, too, fails the test of Logic 101 of the Malaysian constitution truths or what I will now brand as MyConstitution. I started a Twitter account to address Hashtag My Problem to speak MyConstitution issues.

I am philosophically angry; or, actually I am simply tired of this mainstream culture of ‘cheating, stealing and lying’, happening very much within current modern Melayu interpretations of the Federal Constitution which is increasingly becoming mainstream, too, unless the Judiciary refuses to collude.

My honest question to every other true blue Malaysian citizen is: are we not truly Malaysians of the middle moderate variety, or are we really only closet modern extremists. I had sought to define that phrase of modern extremists in my previous Malaysiakini column. Please review it here.

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My greatest fear is that the current UMNO-PAS illegitimate alliance premised upon PAS history is currently pegged in both; fake or false facts within their ‘PAS Baru dreams’; but, fully without the values of Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. The Donald Trump White House, too, adheres to similar models of deception and we are merely following fake culture and values.

Such a complete disregard for rationality and common sense (or Logic 101) is also now part and parcel of Malaysian political culture, ethics, and morality. I find that troubling. It will surely become ‘Malaysian shame’ or ‘malu’; for posterity. Four-letter words can quite easily become a curse.

For anyone trained within the paradigm of Logic 101; it is natural and normal to challenge questionable assumptions about most general theories of life. Moreover, it is completely unacceptable that money be deployed as a means to buy such human loyalties. The ultimate truth is that we do each have to finally answer to an Almighty Being.

UMNO-PAS alliance over 1MDB?

There are many rumours floating and circulating about how the eyes, heart, and loyalties of PAS leadership-followership to Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang; for not questioning and challenging the public narrative about 1MDB and monies deposited into the PM’s private bank account.

A recent report factually laid bare all these ‘so-called intricacies for any normal human being to understand, if one is serious enough and truly concerned’. The picture below records the cover of the report and findings launched by C4 recently.


As an ex-public servant, it seems obvious that other eyes, and maybe mouths were equally strategically shut; that is. those of the former Attorney-General, the former Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner, and then the former Auditor-General. Other loyalties are allegedly also being bought as we speak.

Why did these public servants choose to keep quiet about matters of facts and truths; unless they were threatened or made fearful about some unstated or imagined unintended consequences.

My Policy Question about neutrality of Public Service

Image result for Hamsa Ali and Rosmah Mansor

Hamsa Ali–The First Mamak Head of the Malaysian “Blue Ocean”” Civil Service

Therefore, my public question to the current Chief Secretary is: how can you also close one eye to all such factual wrongdoing by public personnel who deny the principle of political and partisan neutrality?

You are Secretary to the Cabinet of Malaysia and therefore CEO to the entire cabinet. If the PM is considered the chairperson of the board, then the cabinet are his board members. Please review this photo and quote from Abdul Razak Hussein, our second PM and the man who oversaw overcoming strategies caused by the May 13 riots in 1969 said everything for the purposes of my question to you.

The quote above and its meaning are lucid and clear enough but my question is: why are most Melayu moderate middle class urbans unable to see through all such false and fake public narratives by the mainstream media?

KJ JOHN, PhD, was in public service for 32 years having served as a researcher, trainer, and policy adviser to the International Trade and Industry Ministry and the National IT Council (NITC) of the government of Malaysia. The views expressed here are his personal views and not those of any institution he is involved with. Write to him at kjjohn@ohmsi.net with any feedback or views.

One thought on “Dr KJ John: Are Malaysians really only closet modern extremists.

  1. Listen to the words coming out of PAS Muktamar – they have done 100 simulations in each constituencies, “loyalty to PAS leaders will make the party powerful” – they make no sense, illogical – sounds like Zakir Naik con.

    How is it even possible to do 100 statistically robust and umbias simulations in each constituencies without huge expense they do not have the money for? How is making top leaders more powerful make the party powerful when they keep alienating more and more with their words and actions?

    Which is worst, a deluded PAS that is a short fuse from violent terrorism or a hired gun of UMNO for wrecking the opposition who will eventually merge with UMNO?

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