13 thoughts on “100 days of Donald Trump–Sheer Incompetence comes shining through

  1. What do anyone expect from a man who have been accused of rape,statutory rape and forceful kissing and groping.And to add salt to injury have been sued for all these unwanted acts.To add to the gravy train,he has been sued for cheating contractors and students of his phony Trump U.

    • Is this not a common trait among many politicians in many countries who continue to be ‘elected’ regularly by the voters?

  2. If Hollywood movies, an unique American product, with its out-of-this world acting and special effects sweep your feet away, then I think it is modest to say that most Malaysians have neither time nor patients to tell what is what about US politics with its subtleties naturally much more sophisticated than that of Hollywood movies.

    Developing nations such as Malaysia should not treating US main stream media such as The New York Time above as reflecting American core values. With media suffers from pathetic 7% trustworthy rating among Americans, what is written in The New York Time is more likely to be the opposite to what general public is thinking.

    Many Americans still cheer for what Trump has said in his speech:

    Judge it yourself if you gain nothing but a training of critical thinking.

    • Media in many countries are perceived to be ‘controlled’ directly or via proxys by those with power and/or wealth and the ‘collusion’ may be common. Traitors/criminals of colonial times are to-day’s heroes and perception changes with times. Read George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ which has been existing for over three decades and now may be heading for the situation as shown in ‘V FOR VENDETTA’.

  3. It is fortunate that Trump is a windbag and a politically incompetent
    neo-fascist. If USA is in more capable neo-fascist hands
    (such as a Marine Le Pen type), the damage that can be done to
    the fabric of American society would be immense.

    May Day greetings to all our politically progressive friends !
    The struggle for a more decent Malaysia continues.
    You are invited to check out my slides on
    Social Democracy at this site:


  4. Trump is an outsider and thus all are after him and place all sorts of obstacles to ensure that he fails. Trump may not be incompetent as his lack of progress may be due more to the ‘enemies’ within who control the media and almost everything else.
    Some elected officials have been holding positions of power for generations and may consider the position of power as personal property to be within the family or group who control the elected officials via their campaign funds.

  5. If only the evil of social engineering in communism and socialism is exposed as much as that of Nazism, then Mr. Phua Kat Lit would have been hold accountable for his effort to promote social democracy. Real world people such as business owners are punished when their business fails for not getting the enough acceptance of customers; employees are fired for misconduct or layoff for collective under-performance. Intellectuals such as Karl Marx and his lesser successors including socialists could spill nonsense, killing millions in the process or harming livelihood of millions, and not held accountable:

    Don’t you want the job of intellectual – with no one to hold you accountable? Will Mr Phua be hold accountable for promoting Ecuador’s socialism when Ecuador fails in the future? Of course not. He and those socialists will just move on for next social justice project with some name changes, just like what they have been doing after the collapse of USSR, communist Eastern Europe, 1960’s China, Cuba, lately Venezuela, and then many future states succumbing to feel-good socialism and not able to comprehend or embrace American’s Trinity.

    Malaysia is founded based on Malaysia’s Constitution, not social democracy. In promoting social democracy in his slides without a word mentioning the Malaysia’s Constitution, Mr Phua is akin to Islamists who claim Quran is their Constitution. Both social democracy and Quran are poor substitution to Malaysia’s Constitution as far as governing is concerned because our founding fathers collectively are likely to be more in alignment to truth when they set out to draft the Constitution upon nation creation than someones such as Mr Phua who come along dreaming about the goodness of social democracy.

    • Why do USA and other westerners always condemn Nazism and/or Communism but never condemn their own who colonized many countries and not only plundered the wealth of the colonized nations but also enslaved people of Africa and almost wiped out via genocide the natives of the Americas. The European ancestors of current USA citizens killed off the Native Indians and the current USA African citizens are almost all decedents of slaves.
      The Muslim Moguls killed millions of Hindus and forced millions of Hindus to convert to Islam who are now number hundreds of millions are in India-Pakistan-Bangladesh.
      Indonesia was Hindu as can be seen from Bali and their culture yet to-day it is the largest Muslim country but I do not know the history as to how it became so.

    • Still confusing social democracy (non-Marxist moderate socialism) with communism (Marxism-Leninism) ?

      Not a surprise since it looks like you cannot tell the difference between neo-fascism and libertarianism either, judging from your Fox News-influenced posts.

    • Sweden, Finland, Norway etc (countries where Social Democratic political parties have shaped these countries and their public policies) are all part of the Evil Empire ??

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