Donald Trump: Making America sick

April 29, 2017

Trump doesn’t have much support, it is true, but the failure among his many critics to mobilize and maintain a higher level of indignation is letting him get away with his offenses against good taste, sound policy, ethical norms, and possibly even the law itself.–Max Boot

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Making America sick

  1. A classic case of a person with severe narcissistic personality disorder who leaves
    a trail of chaos in his/her wake.

    It is worrisome that there are still some US voters (especially Republicans) who support him.

    • 95% of the people who voted for Donald Trump approve of his performance, according to a poll conducted in early April. Among Clinton voters, it couldn’t be more different – 93% disapprove of his performance. But when you talk to the people behind these numbers, there’s a more complicated picture. Some Trump voters expressed doubts about the president they threw their support behind in the survey. Some Clinton voters felt they needed to give Trump more time before jumping to a conclusion.

      The sharp division in this poll results painted a portrait of extreme polarization. But after speaking with voters, complexities in their views began to emerge. Voters shared views across party lines and expressed flexible ideologies. Overall, there was a sense that Washington’s increased politicization was what was preventing a fix to the health care system. The voters themselves just wanted something to get done.

    • C’mon guys, Drumpf, the Genius wanted to “Drain the Swamp” – but he got mired in, so deep that that he can’t even shit. All he’s doing is trying to release his flatus. Gimme a break about how much time needed to drain the Swamp. It ain’t Louisiana and the Potomac ain’t the Mississippi.

      Ancient Rome did it over a couple of centuries and got rid of Mal-aria. Washington doesn’t have the audacity, luxury of time, the political will, nor the moral bravado to even start – simply because the baby boomer generation of idealists, like the SDS and their terrorist off-shoot ‘The Weathermen’ and the radical Black Panthers etc, no longer exists. All you guys have, are moronic Red-Necks trying to behave like Goldman-Sachs creeps, Exxon-Mobile amoebas with a sprinkling of Mad dog Generals.

      Bernie Sanders, i believe would be in a similar situation – but he probably had some bright sparks who may have been able to coerce the more reluctant American Exceptionalists to come to terms. Hillary would have continued the same course templated by her hubby and Obama – but it was never her ‘Manifest Destiny’.

      So the Americans are stuck with a Stick in the Mud, Da Drumpf – whose trying to twitter his way outta a Malaria. Bad. Awful. Sad.

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