When a sophisticated Jordan trained Islamic Scholar becomes a Bigot and Racist: Taking on the Malaysian Indians/Hindus

April 24. 2017

When a sophisticated Jordan trained Islamic Scholar becomes a Bigot and Racist: Taking on the Malaysian Indians/Hindus

by Mariam Mokhtar@www.malaysiakini.com

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Dr Maza–Zakir Naik bootlicker

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but when a supposedly learned religious man makes an ‘incorrect’ analysis of another faith, the damage he causes is worse than if the remarks had come from an ignorant oaf.

Of all the muftis in Malaysia, the one from Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (Maza), was considered the most progressive and respected, whose insights resonated with many Malaysians.

His views on Act 355 were applauded when he said that this ruse was just another political ploy by PAS and UMNO Baru. He disagreed with the use of khalwat squads to test people’s morality. He said that non-Muslims had a right to use the word ‘Allah’.

Maza opposed forced conversions of children, when one parent decided to convert to Islam. He blasted the syariah courts for taking years to reach a decision on divorce cases. He courted controversy when he said that religion should not be forced on Muslims.

Whilst Maza’s reputation soared, that of other muftis plummeted. The respect Maza enjoyed ended when he published his poem on Facebook last week. He allegedly claimed the Hindus worshipped cows and practised ‘suttee’.

Maza exposed his poor understanding of Hinduism and its practices. Hindus do not worship cows and suttee has been outlawed for almost two centuries. We cannot say the same about some ‘Muslim’ practices, like female genital mutilation.

Maza’s back-pedalling did not help him. First he said that his poem was directed at Narendra Modi, the nationalist prime minister of India. That simply exacerbated the problem, so he said that Malaysian Hindus should ignore his remarks, because they did not apply to them.

He also alluded to “our preacher” being handed over to a tyrannical government. Was he referring to Zakir Naik, the controversial Muslim preacher who is purportedly seeking refuge in Malaysia to escape two arrest warrants issued by the Indian authorities? Why does Maza harbour a soft spot for Zakir, who seemingly likes to stoke religious fires amongst Malaysians?

Maza’s work and opinions are highly valued and sought after. He is also human and it is possible he made a mistake, and should apologise. The only positive aspect of Maza’s debacle is that he has put the spotlight on Malaysia’s marginalised Indian community.

When government-linked companies (GLCs) took over British rubber estates, they converted land into housing developments, golf courses and oil palm plantations. The displaced Indians drifted to urban areas to form Indian ghettos, which became breeding grounds for gangsters.

Bumiputra policies and quotas denied Indians access to education and work opportunities. Places in local universities were limited and Indian graduates claimed they face discrimination when applying for jobs.

Lack of self-confidence

With so much against them, is it any wonder that the Indian community suffers from a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, the highest rates of suicide and low performance in business, equity ownership and employment in professional sectors and the civil service?

A few have escaped the poverty trap, and at the other end of the social spectrum, there are many qualified and successful Indian professionals, who form a large proportion of the country’s top lawyers and doctors.

Image result for dr asri maza and zakir naik

Restrictions on places of worship mean that Hindu temples are forced to be built without planning permission. The Indians could only watch in silence when Hindu temples of historical and cultural importance were demolished.

In 2000, TimeAsia reported that Indians had the lowest share of the nation’s corporate wealth – 1.5 percent compared to 19.4 percent for the Malays and 38.5 percent for the Chinese.

In 2003, The Economist reported that Indian Malaysians comprised “14 percent of juvenile delinquents, 20 percent of wife and child abusers, 14 percent of its beggars, and that under 5 percent of successful university applicants were Indian.”

In 2011, the erstwhile MIC Deputy President, Dr S Subramaniam, claimed that Indians were ashamed of their community, were looked down upon by the other races, and that 45 percent of the country’s crimes involved Indians.

The Indians are viewed as an afterthought, because if Chinese or Malay communities were treated as badly, there would have been a severe backlash; but with Indians, the common response, is “Who cares? They are only Indians. Even their own politicians fail to promote their cause.”

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Zakir Naik granted PR status by Nalaysian authorities

Zakir Naik was granted permanent resident (PR) status, but many Indians remain stateless, and do not have birth certificates or identity cards. The Indians form the highest percentage of deaths, whilst in police custody. The poorest Indians survive on a ‘hand to mouth’ existence.

Ironically, Maza’s faux pas has highlighted the plight of Indian Malaysians/Hindus. Will he help make Malaysians understand that we cannot alienate the Indians? Issues which affect the Indian community are not solely an Indian problem; they are a Malaysian problem.

21 thoughts on “When a sophisticated Jordan trained Islamic Scholar becomes a Bigot and Racist: Taking on the Malaysian Indians/Hindus

  1. Zakir Naik is a conman, traditionally a very often occurrence in India, one sold the Taj Mahal several times over. He LIES, caught many times. And his excuses are trademark congame without evidence or verification always.

    Zakir Naik cares for himself first and foremost. He cheats everyone including his own family.
    What decent man would get his children involved in money laundering even if he has a real cause?

    But he is smart and understand the deep dysfunctional empathy the Islamic community can be greatly exploited. As someone pointed out, Christian evangelist and cult leaders have used the techniques for long time.

    Truth is anyone that supports Zakir Naik has hate, malice in his heart, some maybe unknowingly. Otherwise it makes no sense to even get near a proven liar and trademarked con all over person.

    • If Zakir Naik is an obvious conman,why dont you present your case step by step that will prove to everyone that he is one and we all can understand his conjob and reject him outright.zGeneralisation is not going to convince alot of people that he is a conman.

  2. A large proportion of Malaysian Indians are abjectly poor, yes. But were they looked down upon? I say no because, like Mariam says, we have renown lawyers and judges, doctors and specialists in all fields, and among the top 5 riches Malaysians, one of whom reportedly “rescued” 1MBD.

    So they, unlike some Malaysians, need not demand our respect; they have more than earned it because many of these successful Malaysian Indians were the sons and daughters of rubber tappers, jagas, taxi drivers, hawkers.

    One of their poster boy, Tony Fernandez, the man who made Air Asia a World wide brand, is the son of a lowly school teacher in my school.

  3. The good Dr. Azly Rahman is back writing:

    On “Why Malaysians Want TV Preacher Zakir Naik To Leave And Defend Islam In India Where He Is Wanted”


    On “The Danger Of The Word ‘Muslim Ummah’ In Malaysian Politics”


  4. You cannot blame ordinary Malay/Muslim for being overly excited looking and listening to the divisive and dangerous foreign preacher, ‘ Zakar Naik ‘.

    Many Malay/Muslim are simply naive and ignorance resulted from decades of bad and corrupt political leadership and culture.

    It’s easy to impress and influence the naive and ignorance ordinary Malay/Muslim. Just dress like Malay/Muslim, hold the holy book in your hand, quote a few sentences in Arabic and speak like you are drunk on power in ‘ defence ‘ of Islam and/or race.

    With decades of bad and corrupt political leadership and culture, divisive and damaging politics of race and religion, shameless demand for entitlement, dependency and rent seeking mentality, rampant corruption and gross mismanagement and etc……..the rot has yet to hit the bottom and it could be permanent.

  5. “….why dont you present your case step by step …”

    I and many others have but people like you do not wish to see if our points have merit instead asking people to “debate” him.

    Have you seen his so called debates ?

    He does not answer questions, creates straw men and then claims victory. And these are the times when he is coherent !

    He is a vile bigoted religious nutjob who has managed to con gullible Muslims with his flashy Western rhetoric which does not stand up to nuanced Western debates and most egregious of all he is an enabler of terrorists and wishes ill on any who do not subscribe to his vile preaching.

    He hides this behind his so called comparative religion claptrap and pleads victimhood when states attempt to question his alleged criminal dealings.

    If a Christian preacher spoke about Islam the way Zakir does about Christianity, people would rightly condemn that preacher as a bigot, even if he could make a case for his vile beliefs because the reality is that Islam as Sam Harris often says is the mother load of bad ideas and ironically folks like Zakir give credence to.

    • Christian preachers do speak in degrading and condescending manners about Islam and its prophet Just google it and you will be pleasantly surprise that they can be alot worse than Zakir Naik.They normally used the hadiths to defamed the Prophet of Islam.

  6. One reason, I surmise, why Zakir Naik manages to impress a large proportion of our Malaysian Malay Muslims, or indeed in other countries, is because he speaks good English. The result of an English education which India still allowed and which we have long abandoned.

    Now isn’t that ironic? Would he be able to command such a wide audience if he spoke only, say, Tamil, even with a liberal sprinkling of colloquial Arabic?

    I can see how some of our Malay Muslims may feel a vicarious sense of pride that a member of their Muslim Ummah could hold his own in the English language against the West and Western Christian evangelists and apologists.

  7. “If Zakir Naik is an obvious conman,why dont you present your case step by step that will prove to everyone that he is one and we all can understand his conjob and reject him” says someone here.

    Let me ask him: “How many Muslim preacher conmen (like others in other faiths) have you seen in your lifetime and how many of them have you rejected, if at all. Or is it your contention that no Muslim preacher can be a conman?”

    Zakir Naik is Indian Muslim and the Indian government has taken action against him for spreading inter-religious hatred and inciting violence. His personal and foundation accounts and assets have been frozen. If I am not mistaken the government has also placed him under Interpol wanted list. Given his “fan club” of legions of followers and the fact that some 20% of the population (more than a billion) in India is Muslim, it is not easy for the Indian government to take such drastic action against him but yet it did.

    He is a one-man enterprise. He is ego and extreme Islam centric and capitalises on his knowledge of Islam and comparative religion (exclusively on Hinduism and Christianity) and oratory skill to bamboozle ordinary people. He remains outside India and goes on lecture tour to many countries amassing funds for himself to his relish. Whilst some countries have banned his entry, there are one or two others who roll out the red-carpet to welcome him and are ready to grant him citizenship. What gets him this diabolical response – genuine Islamic scholarship or conman survival skills or combination of both?

    • Sorry to disappoint you but I find alot of Muslim preachers who are actually conmen.Though I would say overall Zakar Naik is intellectually more stimulating with his argument s and photographic memory but he is not always absolutely correct.Most human beings are not perfect.But that alone wont qualify a person as a conman.

  8. If your belief is steadfast and you believe that your religion meets your spiritual valua then there is no reason to put down any other religion. Allah has clearly stated that he created mankind into various tribes and belief so they may learn from each other. Had Allah willth he could have made everyone Muslims, why didnt he. So these preachers think they are smarter than Allah? Aauzubillah.

  9. A part of the world we have inherited is that we must recognize the fact that Zakir Naik is an Indian also. Yet, for all intent and purposes, many Indians in Malaysia have been considered Malay. India rejected Zakir Naik, but Melayu accepted Zakir Naik as Malay, so that some Melayu could use the name Zakir Naik to out-Melayu other Melayu. Topsy-turvy world .. Welayu.

  10. “Had Allah wished he could have made everyone Muslims, why didnt he?” This really steals the cake. Going by the logic of precedence, Bramha could have made all humanity Hindus and Jesus all Christians.

    God is supra democrat. He wanted to be fair to all wanabe Prophets and Godmen. He constrained their power so that each could sell their faith only to a limited chunk of humanity. This means no single faith can ever become the only sole faith for all – for now or ever. The trend, at least in the West, points to the faithless outnumbering the faithful in time to come. And it is where most of the scientific theories and inventions have come from.

  11. Islam is constantly used as a political weapon by Islamist politician, extremist and terrorist.

    Malay/Muslim loyalty is firstly, secondly and lasly to their fellow Malay/Muslim in the country and around the world, irrespective of the enormous contribution made by non Malay/Muslim to the country.

    That is why the divisive and dangerous foreign preacher, Zakar Naik and other Muslims are warmly welcome and strongly supported by the Malay/Muslim, including their political ‘ leaders ‘ in the country.

    Due to decades of bad and corrupt political leadership and culture, racial and religious bigotry, intolerance and extremism are allowed to spread.

  12. “……They normally used the hadiths to defamed the Prophet of Islam…..”
    Uh-huh so you admit that Zakir is like those extremists Christian preachers but not as bad.

    Like I said, Malays unfortunately have a tendency to follow Indian charlatans. Maybe it is less a religious thing than a genetic things.

    • Never said Zakir Naik is one too but showing it is already a fact that Christian preachers do defamend Islam.I have never come across Zakir Naik defaming Hinduism but he was just pointing out the old Hindu religious texts have similarities with the Quran on the concept of monotheism.I dont know if you yourself had seen him defaming Hinduism that seemed to upset even an atheistic Indian like you.

  13. All in defence of a felon and a bigot. That’s why Zakir Naik is a dangerous man and should not have been given a Malaysian PR in the still of the night. If a supposedly well-educated man like the Perlis mufti is so influenced by him, can one imagine those who are lesser-educated Malays who worship him?

  14. “Never said Zakir Naik is one too …..”

    Wait first you say want evidence of his malfeasance, now you admit he is like the Christian hate preachers but you still ask for evidence even though you have contradicted yourself with the those two statements and yet again ask for evidence that he has said offensive things about Hinduism.

    Hinduism predates Islam hence it is Koran which has similarities with “old Hindu” text . But this really does not bother me but as an “atheist Indian” am far more objective for pointing out the hypocrisy and alleged criminality of religious charlatan like Naik rather than a believer such as yourself.

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