April 21, 2017


Criticism of Beijing’s North Korea Policy ComesFrom Unlikely Place: China

by  Chris Buckley
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BEIJING — When China’s best-known historian of the Korean War, Shen Zhihua, recently laid out his views on North Korea, astonishment rippled through the audience. China, he said with a bluntness that is rare here, had fundamentally botched its policy on the divided Korean Peninsula.

China’s bond with North Korea’s Communist leaders formed even before Mao Zedong’s decision in 1950 to send People’s Liberation Army soldiers to fight alongside them in the Korean War. Mao famously said the two sides were “as close as lips and teeth.”

But China should abandon the stale myths of fraternity that have propped up its support for North Korea and turn to South Korea, Mr. Shen said at a university lecture last month in Dalian, a northeastern Chinese port city.

“Judging by the current situation, North Korea is China’s latent enemy and South Korea could be China’s friend,” Mr. Shen said, according to a transcript he published online. “We must see clearly that China and North Korea are no longer brothers in arms, and in the short term there’s no possibility of an improvement in Chinese-North Korean relations.” READ ON:



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  1. The United States has never won a war in Asia except for defeating the Japanese in World War 2 with the help of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Their adventure in Korea ended with the face saving armistics. The Vietnam defeat resulted in the Americans hasty retreated. Why is the hypocracy about nuclear weapons when Israel is threatening Iran with the nuclear holocaust when they built their nuclear capacity with American help. The UN being the lapdog of the American is so silent. In the case of North Korea, the UN is promising Fire and Brimstone when the little country is trying to built up capacity to protect itself. Irag paid a high price when they declared that they have no WMD. Do we expect the North Koreans to sign their own death certificates?

  2. The US had bombed many times over, select Middle-East countries with devastating results flattening dwellings and hide-out caves and killing people in hundreds and thousands. This is showing their muscle power and sending warning messages to untraceable enemies.

    Now pops up North Korea – no pussy cat adversary. US approach to try to get N.Korea to cap its nuclear assets to what it already has and not to go beyond, through direct negotiations with it or with the help of China, if possible, is perceptibly clear.

    Actually the US has no sure clues as to what N.Korea is capable of. Threatening the country with solo wipe-out attack or sending aircraft carrier to Korean Peninsula are just meaningless postures as far as that country is concerned. The country has just warned that it will reduce the US and its allies Japan and South Korea to ashes if the US tries to attack it.

    Go Trump, go. Do something about North Korea. My hunch is that he will do sweet nothing because he fears pay-back from that country. He may next look out for another Middle East (or African) country to bomb. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

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