Zakir Naik should be extradited to India to face trial

April 17, 2017

Zakir Naik should be extradited to India to face trial

UMNO Malays are a confused lot

COMMENT by Stephen

The 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal has already turned Malaysia into a nation of kleptocrats and somewhat of a rogue nation in the eyes of the world.

In the United States, this is by and large the biggest case of money-laundering that the country has ever seen, considering that the US has existed since 1786. The latest that we have learnt is that they are now filing criminal charges against Jho Low.

Image result for jho low 1mdb

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Arab Philanthropist, not the King of Saudi Arabia. US Department of Justice will bring Jho Low to trial for moneylaundering

According to The Wall Street Journal, Low, a Malaysian who is a close associate of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, is now a major suspect in a money-laundering case involving 1MDB. He is also a person of interest in Singapore.

The money-laundering scandal is being investigated in a number of countries, including Singapore and Switzerland, and although the major scandal happened with a Malaysian investment arm under the Finance Ministry, to date, no one has been prosecuted.

This has put us in a very tight situation. While we are talking about North Korea as a rogue nation because they have yet to return the four suspects in the murder of Kim Jong-nam, we are no better.

Interpol red alert

Although an Interpol red alert has been sought against Zakir Naik under a non-bailable warrant issued by Mumbai’s Prevention of Money Laundering Act court, no action has been taken to repatriate him back to India.

This has placed Zakir as a prime suspect in some major money-laundering. And, instead of going back to India to contend his case in court, the defiant preacher accused the Indian authorities of having “double motives”.

Malaysians should not be duped by Zakir’s argument that he had offered India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) an interview through video-conferencing or phone. No authorities would agree to that.

By remaining here in Malaysia (or elsewhere), Zakir is putting more strain on the country’s reputation. Certainly, he does not care as long as he has a place to escape, but it does not go well on his own reputation.

If he has done nothing wrong, he should surrender himself to the Indian authorities and request for the interview to be recorded or observed through glass windows by his lawyers. His defiance puts Zakir in a bad light.

Unless he has something to hide, he should not be afraid to face the NIA. The NIA would not have applied for the Interpol red alert unless they have obtained solid evidence against Zakir.

Image result for Chief Mufti of Perlis and Zakir Naik

Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi hopes Zakir Naik can save him from Najib Razak’s political axe.  Hindraf’s P Waythamoorthy takes a strong stand for the neglected Indian Community. Shame on the MIC Leadership. No ‘Nambikei’.

Look at the US Department of Justice. It took time for them to finally arrive at a decision to file criminal charges against Low. The time will come when the long arm of the law will catch up with Zakir. Zakir will have to eventually face the law, whether now or later.

Fugitives have no credibility

Zakir can continue living as a fugitive, but whatever he preaches will no longer hold water. We are talking common sense, and there is no attempt to belittle any religion. This is a case involving someone who is being pursued by the Indian authorities.

On the back of everyone’s mind is: “Why is this man running away from the authorities? Is he involved in money-laundering? Why is he allowed to settle down in Malaysia? Was he also involved either directly or indirectly with the attack on the Artisan Bakery in Gulshan Thana in Dhaka, where 29 people were killed?”

There are only two options for Zakir. Either he continues to live in Malaysia and remain a fugitive, or he to returns to India to face the law enforcers if he believes that he is not guilty of the charges against him – which I think is more honourable for him. There is a Malay saying, “Berani kerana benar” (Be brave because you are right).

I am sure that the Indian authorities would be professional about it and they would record the interview on video; in fact, they would be equally concerned that Zakir turned around and complained of ill-treatment during the interrogation.

As long as Zakir remains in Malaysia, he will drag Malaysia further down. At the back of the minds of the Indian community in this country, it appears that a fugitive is given better protection than the local Indians.

Image result for Corrupt and Lying Najib RazakReally, Prime Minister Najib Razak? You sold Malaysia and hoodwinked Malaysians. And you are about to do it again in GE-14

I wish to quote from Hindraf’s chair, P Waythamoorthy, who had once trusted Najib during the lead up to the last general election.

Waythamoorthy wrote: “This new plan to launch a new Malaysian Indian Blueprint on April 23 is nothing but to hoodwink the Indians. Najib, enough is enough! Your public apology to the Indians for their four decades of neglect under BN on April 18, 2013, is still fresh in the minds of Indians.

“You and your UMNO and MIC Ministers have cheated the Indians with your ‘Nambikei’ slogan. Hindraf worked hard to deliver the Indian votes in the earnest belief of finding a permanent and comprehensive solution to the problems faced by the downtrodden.”

Waythamoorthy’s statement is very clear. And by Hindraf’s court case against Zakir, it means that BN will lose more Indian votes this time by protecting Zakir, a foreigner and a wanted person in his own country.

STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008.

13 thoughts on “Zakir Naik should be extradited to India to face trial

  1. That is what happens to a failed state. Anarchy reigns.There is no rule of law in Malaysia and that is why we have become a safe haven for religious deviants like Zakir Naik (who is endorsed by the so-called modernist Chief Mufti of Perlis), terrorists, money launders, murderers, and crooks. Nobody seems to care about our country’s reputation. –Din Merican

  2. Please, this guy is a con-man. Please, India is full of them…Those who do not know the most famous con-man from India is Natwarlal who sold the Taj Mahal many times over. In fact, great conman in India are called Natwarlal – this guy definitely one of them. You would think after what the Malays had gone through with Mahathirism, they would have learned this. In Terengganu and Kelantan, they talked about it derogatory during Mahathir time, now both Najib and Hadi Awang is aping him..

  3. The fact that Malaysia or rather Malay-Muslim politicians fete Zakir merely shows the dearth of talent or leadership amongst them, i.e. the Malay-Muslims of Malaysia. I mean this guy could quote at the drop of a hat any passage from the Quran and the Bible, (which not many Muslim or Christian preachers anywhere in the World could do), and could give a blistering account of himself, in the eyes of his admirers at least, against attacks, personal or religious.

    It’s a kind of greatness by association, reflected glory, so much needed by our mis-educated Ulamaks, in and out of UMNO or PAS, in these times when they are losing the respect of their own congregations.

    The fact that India, a Hindu country, is out to arrest him for anything will not sway his admirers or people who sees in him a kind of Islamic point-man in the 1600 year old fight against Christian Crusaders who are still crusading. If anything it turns him into a symbol of religious persecution by Hindus who are disbelieving idol-worshippers, the most despised of Allah’s enemies.

    The irony is that his is actually an Indian, not an Arab whom Muslims in Malaysia seem to hold up as the epitome of Allah’s favor and blessings, i.e. Allah’s “Chosen People”

  4. The Malay/Muslim are brainwashed from young from home to school to place of worship. This shape their thinking and views of the society and the non Malay/Muslim in the country.

    With decades of narrow, divisive and misguided politics of Islam, this create a dangerous situation to a multi racial and religious country.

    For Malay/Muslim political ‘ leaders ‘ and significant number of their members to look up to this foreign person or any person selling religion for fame and wealth, these people are lost and confused……..the decades of resources provided by the taxpayers to cater for the local Muslims to create good, moderate and tolerance Malay/Muslim in a multi religious country are a failure.

    Decades of bad and corrupt political leadership and culture had done enormous permanent damage to the country.

  5. Would anyone define this Zakir clap as an Islamic Apologist? Only UMNOb brainiacs including the Zahid ‘Done-Nutin’-Wrong’ dullard.

    With his naik-in-stone ‘comparative religions’ views, he would seem to the more of a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ – which is the appropriate antonym for mnemonic geniuses like him. But folks suffering from General Paralysis of the Insane (tertiary syphilis) don’t know the difference.

    So should he be kicked outta Malusia? C’mon guys.., didn’t your beloved Jibros also crowed that Kim Jong-Un ‘respected’ Malusia? So much Dignity, it curls everybody’s toes! Just let this Naik be until the Interpol Warrants are out. They might as well take out all the launderers, embezzlers and pimps while they are at it..

    After all, we Malusians deserve a break from hypocrisy and downright Jibrosian robbery-piracy-maleficence.

    P.s: If a ‘religion’ needs ‘protecting and empowerment’, then it ain’t worth having.

  6. If India or Interpol comes looking for him, I suppose our government could say he has “disappeared”, probably kidnapped by some fanatical Christians out to take revenge for Pastor Raymond Koh?

  7. Zakir is a razor-tongued orator. He seems to know the Quran, the Bible and the Bagavath Geetha inside out. He can rattle out verses from all the three, interspersed and effortlessly giving the impression that he is the fountain of
    knowledge of major faiths. For everything in the Bible and Bagavath Geetha, he
    would quote something equivalent in the Quran saying that it is already in the Quran. The average and the untutored can be mesmerised by the mastery of his words and his demagoguery. If I remember correctly, he once remarked that everything said in Hindu and Christian scriptures are already in the Quran and that they are copycats quite forgetting that Hinduism and Chritianity predates Islam.

    He is a wanted man in India and I believe his personal and his foundation bank accounts and assets have been frozen. He has little sympathisers in India but legions of them outside India. It is a sorry spectacle to watch Malaysia rolling out a red carpet to welcome this sleazy Naik and Malay Muslim political VIPs feting him left and right.

  8. Just wait for his passport to expire and wont be renewed by the Indian government. Then he will have to leave Malaysia as he has become an undocumented alien that is unless Malaysia decides to grant him citizenship. Otherwise he will have nowhere to go.

  9. Quote:- “…unless Malaysia decides to grant him citizenship. Otherwise he will have nowhere to go”

    No need.

    Arrest him, put him under a sandiwara “house arrest”, meaning close one eye if he should chose to wander around outside of his house while “processing” his deportation which can take years to complete.

    Or he applies for “political asylum” which is at the absolute discretion of the Malaysian government, even if India protests.

  10. When you believe in people who sell religion or race, then there is a serious problem.

    This guy,’ Zakar Naik ‘, is screwing the local misguided, confused and politically obssessed Malay/Muslim for his self interest………his name says it all.

    However, many Malay/Muslim, including their political ‘ leaders ‘ do not mind because they could expliot his narrow, divisive and dangerous politics of Islam to their advantage at all cost.

  11. Why are you against Dr Zakir Naik? Did he ever ask you to read your Holy scripture? That is his ‘crime’ many idiotic’ people say, yes by asking people to read their Holy books.

    Other than that, what did he do? A political tool for politicians? That is your assumption.I can also assume that you are also a tool for some people who hates Dr Zakir Naik simply because he asked them to read their Holy books.
    Ben, he is doing more than asking Muslims to read the Koran. My mother told me to do that 70 years ago, but she never asked me to be a bigot. In stead she told me to think for myself. I wonder why the Indian authorities are after Zakir Naik’s ass.

    Sorry, I am nobody’s tool. You should know that I am my own man. I am not in the same mold of Raja Petra or Tunku Aziz, nor am I an UMNO ass licker. Wonder who you are. An UMNO cyber trooper? –Din Merican.

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