Mr. Trump’s 10-Second Convictions–Oh Lord, this guy is pure blabber

April 16, 2017

Mr. Trump’s 10-Second Convictions–Oh Lord, this guy is pure blabber


5 thoughts on “Mr. Trump’s 10-Second Convictions–Oh Lord, this guy is pure blabber

  1. In the first couple of months of his presidency, Trump was governing like he campaigned — bombastic and trying to follow through on bold promises. Build the wall. Ban certain people. Bring back manufacturing jobs. He ordered that the wall be built ; he ordered a travel ban for people from six majority-Muslim countries; and, as for jobs, well, presidents always get too much credit and blame for that, but there’s always the Carrier deal.

    In just the past few days, however, Trump has reversed himself on a whole host of subjects — from NATO, China, Russia and Syria to health care, the Export-Import Bank, even Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen. As the 100-day marker of Trump’s presidency approaches, the shifting raises questions about what Trump really intends to do as president with the rest of his time in office. Does he even know? Or is he, and now the country, simply at the mercy of his instinctual whims and latest conversations? Some of what Trump is doing is being billed as a movement toward the mainstream by some media — Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Politico …. But do Trump’s reversals really signal that? Don’t bet on it. Just because something is true today with Trump doesn’t mean it will be so tomorrow.

    Trump has undone so many positions in such a short time frame, Americans might reasonably want to know exactly what their leader believes. What kind of political consequences will he suffer? Potentially very few, I believe, at least in the short term. It’s certainly noteworthy that Trump made flip-flop after flip-flop during the presidential campaign, and he still won. Policy flip-flops simply didn’t seem to stick to him. One reason may be that very specific policy proposals just aren’t what his supporters like about him. I think there probably is something to the idea that to a degree his appeal isn’t policy-based. One answer why he has more latitude than some politicians is that his appeal was more visceral.

    Because of that, it’s quite possible that Trump’s approval rating won’t inch down much as a result of a half-dozen 180-degrees. His approval rating is already at historic low for a new president. Those who approve of him have already stuck with him through a litany of flip-flops. Those who disapprove, well, they already disapprove.

    In fact, more Republicans in the Congress are now seeing Trump’s fast-changing positions in a positive light: to them, he’s not so much squishy as flexible. That’s what I have learned from conversations from some Republican lawmakers. The sense is that he actually listens. He doesn’t have a rigid set of ideas and a rigid ideology and rigid convictions. Unlike other presidents, maybe he better responds to events as they unfold.

    When it comes to the Trump presidency, one thing is crystal clear to me — anything can happen. Trump’s unpredictability is probably another dividing line between Trump’s opponents and supporters. The opponents say they deserve to know where he stands, what he intends to do, how he will lead and, if he changes, why. His supporters love him as he is. And Trump doesn’t give a hoot.

  2. How many POTUS candidates have access to facts of an enterprise like the USA? Half a fact is way off the mark or target. Both Obama and Trump administration cater for their own domain. Their predecessors created a hole at the other end of the boat. Mending both sides would be regarded with suspicion, but suave diplomacy by their think tank machinery would incorporate at least the facts on the table.

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