Listen to Dr.Farish Noor–Public Intellectual and Academic @The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

April 12, 2017

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Listen to Dr.Farish Noor–Public Intellectual and Academic @The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore:

10 thoughts on “Listen to Dr.Farish Noor–Public Intellectual and Academic @The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  1. Congrats Malaysiakini for this interview with an outstanding public intellectual and academic who is now teaching at The Rajaratnam School of International and Strategic Studies, The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr. Farish Noor is a Malaysian who chose the ply his trade in Singapore and Indonesia. Malaysia is unable to tap his academic skills. That is unfortunate.–Din Merican

  2. “Malaysia is unable to tap his academic skills” rather Malaysia is not willing to tap his intellectual and thinking. Sad, bad, terrible.

  3. This brilliant young Author , writing on Malaysia’s Subaltern History , in his famous Book entitled ‘ THE OTHER MALAYSIA ‘ , Farish A. Noor , is a great thinker, writer & Philosopher of exceptional, nay outstanding Quality , in his mastery of the English language…..full of wits , satire and deep-thinking in apprising human nature ……in the backdrop of each person’s up-bringing and his surroundings – a rare ability of any Malaysian contemporary Writers in the past decade….

    Sad that Malaysian authorities have not accorded him due Recognition…..

  4. Well, when you have half-past-six intellectuals like Hadi Awang, Shahidan Kassim, Rahman Dahlan and Shabudin Yahaya who needs Dr Farish Noor. Orang Nogeri kata, “Sodeh bonar, den”.

  5. Actually unable and unwilling is more accurate. But Dr. Noor is an intellectual whose danger to current regime is long term, short term, it’s just waste of opportunity which prodigal led regime is careless.

    But it’s those like Rafizi Ramli, Nik Nazmi that the current regime is unwilling and unable to capitalise on that should worry us, and any thinking UMNO member. Why a party many decades old unable to tap real talent and sincerity and danger of leadership of mediocrity. The popular retort to such view is Khairy Jamaluddin who frankly, better than the old guards, is incorrect because while KJ is not talentless, he is actually over privilleged in comparison to his achievements and even then an outlier in the scheme of things. KJ is not a retort, he is an excuse, the very core of the issue why UMNO is incapable of tapping talent and abilities.

  6. Allow me to quote Dr Chandra Muzaffar , President of Just World Trust :

    ” Farish’s reflections on Malaysian politics and history tell us a lot about the man : his powerful intellect , his tremendous facility with words, , his deep commitment to social justice and human dignity ; and his steadfast devotion to ethical principles in public life ” –

    Also worth to quote Alijah Gordon of MSRI :

    ” Farish A. Noor is the enfant terrible of Malaysia who pokes his brilliant mind into everbody’s business…..

    ( The Forward by SUMIT MANDAL , is illuminating )

  7. Another important Comment by Prof Clive Kessler, University of New South Wales :
    ” Where would we be without Farish A. Noor ? His is a distinctive voice , unparalleled in writing about contemporary Malaysia . Thoughtful, discerning , insightful , and well informed , he probes the surface , and also the deep currents , of Malaysian culture and society , always courageously , judiciously and with engaging readability ….” –

    Remark : he deals with cutting edge on both sides of the divide , and is independant & Neutral , and any misconception that he is for or against any side of the Malaysian cosmopolitan society , by especially the Politicians, they are skin-deep and have distorted brains , unfit to be called ‘ Malaysians ‘

  8. Hah, I know Farish.

    Malaysia’s academia can’t handle someone like Farish, who is the equivalent of a tomahawk missile operating in the Malaysia’s still in intellectual ballista age 😀

  9. Thanks,Din, (and Malaysiakini) for the 3 part video posting of the thoughts of Farish Noor–brilliantly and profoundly expressed with clarity and simplicity on the historical and political complexity leading to what Malaysia is today -a fragmented and divided nation.

    His indication for a better and brighter Malaysia is , the top down approach, to feel and identify himself,
    ” I am a Malaysian First” ,

    He , like the award winning Malaysian super-bug researcher Lam at Melbourne University, and many outstanding countrymen , including Dr Bakri , who had migrated or taken up residence oversea is a constant, stark reminder of the enormous losses the country had suffered from the effects of the Brain Draining policy of the UMNOb leaders.

    Failed scandalous policy of one after another throughout the 60 years of UMNO rule! When will the Malaysian Malay elite Leaders ever Learn?

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