Malaysia: Racist Roots of UMNO-sponsored Redshirt Movement

April 11, 2017

Malaysia: Racist Roots of UMNO-sponsored Redshirt Movement

By: Paul Millar


7 thoughts on “Malaysia: Racist Roots of UMNO-sponsored Redshirt Movement

  1. There is nothing new in this article. The real question is, has UMNO politicking gone beyond simply cynical selfish politicking? What is beyond cynical selfish policking? The answer is CRUEL.. Is UMNO/BN selfish beyond self-interest to actually cruel, actually uncivilized and has to be put down?

    You have very simply SLANDERING AND LYING that has absolutley NO basis, not even possibly logical such as Mahathir is controlled by DAP/Lim Kit Siang. You have MCA leader LYING that DAP did not protest RUU 355 or their attendance at Parliament – shameful acts to their families. Its not simply hard politics, its BAD LYING that we have been told by since children never to do. These accusations are accusations of treasons, social pathology, social chaos.

    Our children is going to grow up not to believe is certain values if we have these people are not held accountable. Its social chaos we are talking about – worst undewritten by theocracy of Hadi’s PAS. It is not a viable society..

  2. sad day for Malaysians run a bunch of people with their own self-interest at heart the only way out is for decent Malays to raise but will they

  3. These Racist and Religionist Melayu disruptors trouble-makers do Not reflect or represent the Majority of the thoughts and outlook of the 60% Malay population, who Must themselves plug up the courage to stand up and speak up for their own long term interests-to get their message across the nation.

    The non-Malays had done all they could​ to help but forever got the blame.

  4. Quote:- “…do Not reflect or represent the Majority of the thoughts and outlook of the 60% Malay population”

    Now, how do we know that? Have these 60% said or done anything to tell us of their “thoughts and outlook”?

    We could legitimately say it does not reflect or represent the thoughts and outlook of the 30% Malay population?

  5. @ Wayne

    My contentions are,
    1 these small number of Disruptors were instigated or planted by Umnob.
    2 Majority Malays were against their misconduct, otherwise they would have joined them spontaneously.

  6. The threat about UMNO using force, including the use of firearms, handled by people trained by instructors and weapons experts attached with the Territorial Army (TA), is real. They did keep it a secret about sending UMNO cadres for training with the TA in Port Dickson and one of them who had received the training was Khairy Jamaluddin, the Sports minister, himself. Yes, they have the weapons, the ammunition and enough trained people to undertake the defence of their position if the situation requires them to do so. No one wants a bloodbath in this country so, as a warning and an advice to my friends in BERSIH, don’t anyone of you try to be a smart aleck or a hero and go against them during the GE14 campaign period, on election day and the couole if weeks after that. They will and can easily slaughter you and they have the means and the backing to do so. Play safe.

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