Sergo Garcia wins the 2017 US Masters in style

April 10, 2017

Sergo Garcia wins the 2017 US Masters in style

by Ewan Murray

Image result for sergio garcia wins 2017 mastersSpain’s Sergio Garcia dons the Green Jacket as the 2017 Masters Champion

The long, painful wait is over. On what would have been the 60th birthday of Seve Ballesteros, at the conclusion of his 71st consecutive major, Sergio García is a champion. Amid moving scenes at Augusta National, which emphasised so many frustrations, sudden-death victory over Justin Rose afforded García the status he courted since childhood but had been so cruelly, so routinely denied him in the past. Sergio García, major winner: it is a phrase many thought impossible.

3 thoughts on “Sergo Garcia wins the 2017 US Masters in style

  1. At last. I must say Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie are the two who disappointed me the most in men’s and women’s golf respectively. They both have such beautiful swings and I have such high hope in them when I first saw them. Unfortunately, they both are not very good putter. And Michelle is hampered by injuries throughout her professional life. But suddenly both Garcia and Wie have improved with their putting tremendously this year. I look forward to Michelle in the winning circle again.

  2. Pak Din,

    I think you know better. In golf it’s the short game that matters. You can have a great swing but when your chipping, wedging and putting suck, that’s it.

    I am a hard hitter and use a Wood 3 as a driver. Winning the longest drive, teeing from the choice T-box comes easy. But when on the greens I’d fumble ending with a double or triple bogey.

    I feel at our age it’s no longer skill but luck. You see people playing like clowns one day and a Nick Faldo the next.

    Golf is funny. It’s entertaining but crazy at times or most of the times.

    Work on your wedge shots and practice chipping and putting, Tok Cik. What you lose in distance you make up with accuracy.–Din Merican.

    • Din has given you very sound advice, and you yourself have realized that the short game is more important than the long game. Fred Funk was never known for his long game but he won tournaments. In fact, many players like to tease him that their 2 or 3 Iron can hit farther than his driver. And Tiger Woods was never accurate in hitting the fairways with his driver, less than 70% most of the time. But it was his creativeness with his short game, his ability to get himself out of the hazards and his marvelous ability to read greens in putting that amazed the world.

      Perhaps by applying Phil Mickelson’s “hinge and hold” method in the short game can give you better result in hitting the green. For most amateurs their wrists break too early. Nick Faldo putts with very firm left wrist. May be that will help you, too. Putting is mainly about speed and it’s basically a straight line. The ball breaks because of the contour of the green.

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