3 thoughts on “Steve Bannon’s Worldview: READ on–Just Click

  1. Sean Penn calls Steve Bannon a “hateful bloated punk who despises mankind”. Fortunately, this “hateful bloated punk who despises mankind” is losing his war with Jared Kushner, a globalist, over the influence of Donald Trump. His removal from the National Security Council this week and his cold reaction to the air strikes against Syria are clear signs that Bannon is on his way out. The alt-right nationalistic “Bannonoite” wing of the party is warning it will be “open warfare” if Steve Bannon is given his marching orders, and they will declare war on Trump and his son-in-law.

    Steve Bannon is very good in coming up with all kinds of derogatory and disgusted name to insulting political opponents. He is reported to have called Kushner, who is Jewish, a “cuck” and a “globalist” behind his back. “Cuck” or “Cuckservative,” a portmanteau of “cuckold” and “conservative,” has become a popular sexually insult on any one who does not agree with the alt-right nationalists. “Globalist” is a term frequently used by nationalist, pro-Trump right-wingers to attack political opponents, and the term has and anti-Semitic undertones. And the racially charged name for the non-white Republican like me is “RINO”, an acronym for “Republican In Name Only.” Bannon was quoted by The Daily Best website that Kushner is “worse than a Democrat”.

    Clearly Steve Bannon is under siege right now. We can see it from his seating during the dinner for the visit of Xi Jinping. He was seated in a far corner near the door, almost outside of the dining room. Steve Bannon is a white supremacist with a very twisted worldview and he has no right to be in the White House, no right to have his values influence the President of the United States, and the sooner he goes the better. Not that Trump is not a white supremacist with twisted worldview, but we certainly do not need two of the same kind in the White House to reinforce each other. Trump is the president and a lesser evil of the two and, apparently, he can be influenced by Kushner, Mattis and Cohn for the goodness of the country. I hope Kushner will also work to get rid of Peter Navarro.

  2. The recent cruise missiles attack on a Syrian an air base is yet another big bully action of the US that angers the Islamic world and gives added gist to ISIS elements to strike back at US at appropriate opportunity. The day may, perhaps, be coming and that is what may bring catastrophe to US and not internal civil strife and insurrection that is bandied about in the article. America must watch its steps and not be cocky. Just imagine an ISIS human bomber with rudimentary nuclear device wrapped around his waist exploding himself as a Presidential convoy passeses by bringing the maximum damage intended. That will be clipping America’s wings. Every action may bring about bigger action.

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