13 thoughts on “Smart Diplomacy after Tomahawk Strike against Al-Asaad Regime

  1. Trumpahawk diplomacy without proving who has used the C-WMD (Chemical-Weapon of Mass Destruction, remember Iraq where millions of innocent people were displaced, hundreds of thousand killed, created for today the new enemies of Al Qaeda and ISIS ) can have multiple dire unintended consequences where 4 other of his fingers may or will be pointing back at Trump.

    ISIS is the target . Humanity is the main concern.
    The President should offer to take in the refugees.

    The Credibility of President Trump and the USA is at stake.

  2. According to the Russians, the Syrian air force accidentally bombed a factory that produced nerve agents by the anti-government forces last Tuesday that killed many people, including children. And that the Trump’s missile strike on Thursday was planned weeks before the nerve agents incidence happened. Trump’s action was to protect the Al Qaeda and ISIS-ISIL-Daesh terrorists because the Russian and Syrian government forces are winning the war. In fact, Mattis had been persuading Trump for weeks to send more troops and to take action in Syria, prior to the nerve agents incidence.

    Recent developments confirm what is known and documented: Washington is behind the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh) and at the same time it is behind the moderate Al Qaeda terrorists, which the Obama administration was supporting as part of America’s alleged campaign against the Islamic State. And they expect us to believe that they are committed to waging a campaign against terrorists. America’s “anti-terrorist campaign’ consists in supporting a so-called “moderate” Al Qaeda entity (Al Nusra) with a view to going after another Al Qaeda entity entitled The Islamic State, formerly designated as Al Qaeda in Iraq. “Al Qaeda is going after Al Qaeda”, and both wings of Al Qaeda are supported covertly by US intelligence.

    Al Nusra which has committed countless atrocities in Syria but is considered by the American administration as the “Moderate Opposition” which is against Syrian government forces. The terrorists are described as the victims of Syrian government aggression. From the very outset, the atrocities committed by the terrorists are casually blamed on Syrian government forces. Moreover, the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels responsible for countless atrocities are trained and financed by US-NATO and its allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. Realities are turned upside down. The terrorists are portrayed as heroes and “freedom fighters”.

    It’s all for a good cause: install a puppet Islamic State in Damascus (modeled on Afghanistan), spread “Democracy Made in America” throughout the Middle East, confiscate the regions extensive oil and gas reserves, transform countries into open territories…. Turkey provided a corridor for the terrorists into Northern Syria, they recruited and trained them in liaison with NATO. Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided money, training and weapons to Al Qaeda. The American air campaign directed against the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh). What the US-led coalition was doing was PROTECTING ISIS-ISIL-Daesh, while bombing the civilian infrastructure of Syria and Iraq as part of a so-called “counter-terrorism operation”. The mainstream media applauds, The Lie becomes the Truth.

    The lie keeps perpetuating. And Donald Trump is no difference from the black president he disdained. He is doing exactly the same thing Obama was doing. And Anthony J. Blinken and New York Times are applauding him. The lie lives on….

    • This is the main problem — intervention by foreign powers
      in local Third World conflicts make things much worse.

  3. What smart diplomacy?It is a coward’s(Trump’s) action,to divert from all his past seventy days of failures.If cowardly Trump actually meant what he said,to punish Assad and his band of bandits(Russians),why warned the Russians of the impending tomahawk strikes.All the 59 tomahawks struck was an empty airfield.One hour was enough time for the Syrians and Russians to move out all their airplanes.

    To sent a message to Assad that Donald Trump was not fooling around?All Donald Trump did was just fooling with himself,just shioking sendiri.

  4. You may wish to recall that during the Vietnam War the Saigon regime brought to the Internal Control Commission a case where an important bridge was destroyed by explosion. But At the ICC meeting the side representing the other side was of the view that the bridge collapsed due to poor construction when the evidence was clear that the bridge was destroyed by explosion. So on and so on.

  5. The 59 Tomahawks fired showed that Trump can be very dangerous. Sen McCain, Chairman of Senates Armed Services Committee supported it but he clearly said that the FatBoy (with that strange haircut) is irrational, far more dangerous. Whether its False Flag or otherwise, thats not really important. What we need to focus on is the possibility of such military action in our region. Fyi, Oil prices went up; Raytheon share value went up: manufacturer of tomahawks. War is a Racquet. After the ruins of war, economic development follows..🤔 And the “real” bankers Win!

  6. This is little to do with Trump. Apparently Jared Kushner is behind this. It’s his plan that matters and he is not as careless in not thinking through the possible whaifs.

    For Russians choosing between Trump and Assad is no brainier. They can afford Assad getting beaten up a bit. Truth is, given all the resources Russian has put at his disposal, Assad has no business using chemical weapons.

    What should concern us is, now what between Trump and Putin, Syria is unimportant. What is Kushner idea for a deal with Putin!

  7. Trump’s decision to attack Syria doesn’t make a lot of sense. Launching 59 missiles at one single airbase is not going to seriously change the outcome of a years-long civil war. What we are seeing, instead, is a foreign policy based on Trump’s gut reactions to the images flashing before him on cable news. And that’s dangerous. Trump needs a foreign policy, not just reactions to what he sees on cable news. And Trump’s foreign policy is dangerously impulsive.

    The 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles strike which launched from the destroyers USS Porter (DDG-78) and USS Ross (DDG-71) was ineffective and did little damage. Only 23 of the 59 missiles hit their targets. Indeed, US defense officials have said that they not only warned Russia before launching the attack but also carefully made sure not to accidentally hit any of Moscow’s forces. Russian forces, in turn, likely warned their Syrian counterparts, meaning Assad’s forces had time to evacuate before the missiles hit their targets. It is notable that the Russians/Syrians did not use air defenses; they let the strike happen rather than risk escalation. Basically, they let it be symbolic. The question is where it goes from here.

    Thus far, the Kremlin’s reaction has been angry rhetoric and suspension of an October 2015 channel that was established to prevent conflict between US and Russian military operations over Syria. Russia has also promised to bolster Syrian air defense capabilities as a result of the American strike. But Moscow is likely to take further retaliatory measures in Syria over the next few weeks. The Russians are almost certainly going to respond to the attack on Syria, but not directly against the US. Rather, the Kremlin will channel its wrath against American-backed Syrian rebel groups. The likely response is to cut contacts and cooperation on Syria with the US. Specifically, target and destroy pro-US groups; bring additional forces there; maybe start some large scale exercise in Europe. By further weakening what remains of the pro-Western Syrian rebels, Russia would ensure Assad’s regime remains in power and protecting Moscow’s interests in the region. That will likely eliminate US influence on Syria and will probably cause losses among the intelligence personnel.

    Unless, of course, Trump has the balls to send in boots. Then it will escalate into a full scale war with Russia. Indeed, Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley warned Syria that America might be willing to expand its military campaign against Damascus. “The United States took a very measured step last night,” Haley said at the United Nations Security Council. “We are prepared to do more. But we hope that will not be necessary. It is time for all civilized nations to stop the horrors that are taking place in Syria and demand a political solution.” And the Trump White House has been sending mixed messages about whether it will expand the US campaign against Assad, or if the cruise missiles attack was a one off event. White House press secretary Sean Spicer seemed to suggest the Trump administration is not going to pursue a wider war in Syria.

    I suspect the air strike in Syria was staged. To use Trump’s favorite word: It’s FAKE. Trump has been under tremendous criticism for being too friendly with Russia and is under investigation for his collaboration with the Russians during his presidential campaign. This “staged” air strike has, apparently, been successfully diverting and distracting attention of his connection with the Russian and other domestic problems. I almost do not hear any criticism of his connection with the Russians any more. Even his strong critic like Fareed Zakaria is praising him for acting presidential.

  8. Wah..! So much angst about a coupla Tomahawks launched on shay-Rat?
    The Medium is the Message. Fake or Not. Okay?

    Syria will be Balkanized after it has been Pulverized Vulcanized. But there must be Lines on the Sand (sic). Indiscriminate WMD like Chemical warfare is beyond barbarism. The borders will sorted out only after the Arab blood-lust and amucking is satisfied by dromedaries bearing gifts.

    And please refrain from stating the obvious?

  9. How come His Excellency The President of Syria is off the hook. Millions of people have been displaced by him.
    Putin can answer your Question.–Din Merican

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