Donald Trump retaliates with Tomahawk Missiles

April 7, 2017

Donald Trump retaliates against Bashar al-Assad with Tomahawk Missiles

by Reuters/

The US military launched cruise missile strikes ordered by President Donald Trump against a Syrian airbase controlled by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in response to a deadly chemical attack in a rebel-held area, a US official said yesterday.

Facing his biggest foreign policy crisis since taking office in January, Trump took the toughest direct US action yet in Syria’s six-year-old civil war, raising the risk of confrontation with Russia and Iran, Assad’s two main military backers

Some 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched from US Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, the US official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. A target was identified as an airbase in Homs. Further details on the target and the results of the strikes were not immediately known.

Trump ordered the strikes just a day after he pointed the finger at Assad for this week’s chemical attack, which killed at least 70 people, many of them children, in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun. The Syrian government has denied it was behind the attack.

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16 thoughts on “Donald Trump retaliates with Tomahawk Missiles

  1. A new Syrian war game begins. How will Russia and Iran react when their puppet al-Assad is under attack from the United States? I must count on LaMoy for his assessment of Trump’s Mid-East Policy.–Din Merican

  2. Their tactics are the same. Accuse them & retaliate on the pretext of defending the people. At the same time massacring hundreds of thousands of Arabs as collateral damage!
    Such evil wearing human skin!

    • Muslim lives must be cheap or worthless to you. Already 5 million Syrians are refugees and seeking refuge in Europe and as far away as the US. How many more children and innocent Syrians have to die a painful and horrible death before you and your Muslim champions start to take action? And what action will you take to protect the innocent children, women and Syrians from the barbaric actions of both ISIS and Al Assad? Maybe send a ship with first aid supplies like the Rohingyas.
      For the US its a damn if you do and damn if you dont. The action taken by Trump is not the most popular but the sight of the dying children that had to be hosed down and quiverring before a painful death is more than enough to move Congress to agree with Trump.

      At todays Friday prayer CBS TV station were at the mosque interviewing Syrians who have relatives and friends in Syria and it was a moving sight to witness the many Syrians that express their outrage at the use of chemical warfare to kill their fellow Syrians.

    • Correction: the last line of first part should read “to move Congress to retroactively agree with Trump”

  3. 4 fingers will pointing back at Trump if he can’t prove Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction and Who has used it?
    US and the President credibility is at stake.

  4. US had lost all credibility when Bush accused lraq as having weapons of mass destruction.
    Trump has blindly bombed Syria killing children and the elderly.
    Why cant he invite Russia and Iran on the table to discuss how to stop all forms of war.
    Sending missiles is not the answer. A statesman wd have done otherwise.

  5. “US and the President credibility is at stake.”
    Haha.., when did Taikor ever bother about credibility? Might is right, and i personally think that for once Drumpf made the right call. At least Trump didn’t sit on his hands like pussy-footing Obama. Wakes up Putin too.

    If you had seen the horrible vids of lil kids dying of Sarin poisoning, you’d feel the same.. Unless of course, you lack sympathy and empathy. Now, do you honestly think the myriads of anti-Alawite rebels had the capacity to manufacture a complex, unstable, chiral organophosphate like Sarin?

    Actually, Ahmad Shauki, the Arabs are doing very well killing each other with the help the Persians (or Iranians), i would say. The hegemonic powers (USA and Russia) only have to piddle and push a little – and all Hell breaks loose! So much for the Ummah and Religion of Peace, ya? Of course, it’s much easier and convenient to blame others..

    The present destabilization of the region can be blamed on inherent war mongering Tribalism and radicalization by a literalistic bunch of camel munching rag-heads led by Wahabis, bred on ‘sacred soil’ on one side and the rabid apocalyptic Ayatollahs on the other. War between ‘Brothers’ (Sunni-Shia) is intrinsic since the dawn of Islam, is it not?

    Pan-Arab nationalism is dead as a doorknob – and yeah that crazy idea was hatched by a couple of Infidel Christian Arabs. End of the Baath Party ya?

    It is in the interest of Israel and the West to let them exterminate each other, without pause.

  6. Unlike security situation within a functioning nation where creation of laws and enforcement of law are working in orderly manner, international security has no smoothly enforceable laws and no democratically created laws with credibility as sacrosanct as that of domestic laws. The strike is just the Big Brother’s way of saying we have a norms of not using chemical weapon and you must follow the norms, or else you will be punished in some ways.

    After the WW2, all nations with the exception of those from Middle East have been following the norms of not using chemical weapons in wars even though the prohibition of using chemical weapon is just a convention, not a law as we traditionally understood.

    Had the United States led by Hillary Clinton with left-leaning governing philosophy, the missile strike would have been the futile effort of righting the wrong of human right violation and beginning of unseating Assad. President Trump is likely to treat the missile strike as a way to safeguard the weapon usage convention with a keen eye on international stability, not primarily on immediate suffering of the victims of chemical weapon attack.

    The US’s focus, based on what Trump has repeatedly said, is still on eradicating Islamic State, whose state-actors have not only violated the norms of wars, but are proud to demonstrate the violation to the world when they show the beheading video of captured non-combatant James Foley (an American journalist) to the world.

  7. Quote:- “Accuse them & retaliate on the pretext of defending the people”

    According to the US State Department the Russians, (Assad’s staunchest backer), and the Chinese were informed before the missiles were launched.

    If there is really no evidence against the Assad’s regime, the Russians, (who would know for a fact whether Assad has those weapons), would have done something to stop the missile attack.

    In fact Assad used it in 2013 during Obama’s presidency and only received a stern verbal warning from the pussy cat president. Well, Assad this time thought Trump is less of an “evil wearing human skin” and so tried his luck, what with the Russians backing him?

    Chemical weapons and its use are so well monitored by the top 5 superpowers that anyone using it could be traced. If Assad is truly innocent, the Russians can easily prove it to Trump.

  8. I doubt American has the appetite to put their boots on the ground. Is this retaliation to divert American attention away from the Russian probe?

  9. As I expected, the Trump-Xi meeting has turned out to be a Hongmen Yan. The very minute Xi stepped off the plane in Florida, he has been tested three times.

    “High on the list of our priorities is an economic relationship that is fair on both sides,” Tillerson told reporters at the West Palm Beach Airport as the Chinese President arrived. Referring to the statement by Trump, Tillerson said the chief goal of US trade policies is the prosperity of the American worker. “To that end, we will pursue economic engagement with China that prioritizes the economic well-being of the American people,” he said. On areas of foreign policy that serves US interest, he said: “We are hopeful that China will find ways to exercise influence over North Korea’s actions to dismantle their nuclear weapons and their missile technology programs,”

    The second test came directly from Trump when he joked before dinner: “We’ve had a long discussion already, and so far I have gotten nothing, absolutely nothing. But we have developed a friendship – I can see that – and I think long term we are going to have a very, very great relationship and I look very much forward to it.” Trump was actually saying: Damn it, give me something.

    The third test came when the fanfare over the summit on Thursday was overshadowed by another pressing foreign policy issue: the US attack in Syria. As Trump and Xi were wrapping up dinner, US forces fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase, an escalation of the US military role in Syria that swiftly drew sharp criticism from Russia and Iran. The missile strike in Syria is the last nail in the coffin of US-Russia relationship reset. China does not need to worry about Trump’s Russia card any more.

    The attack on Syria could also be construed as warning to China over North Korea. But Xi took the news in front of Trump without any changes to his facial expression, still maintaining the smile that never ceased since he stepped off the plane. The summit brings together two leaders who could not seem more different: the often stormy Trump, prone to angry tweets and boastfulness, and Xi, outwardly calm, measured and controlled, with no known social media presence.

    If anyone had retained hopes for better relations between Moscow and Washington under Donald Trump, those were crushed by the cruise missile attack the US launched on a Syrian air base. Vladimir Putin condemned the strike as “aggression against a sovereign state … under a far-fetched pretext” and a “violation of international law”. He added that the strike would “inflict major damage on US-Russia ties”. Russia immediately decided to suspend its memorandum of understanding on air safety over Syria with the United States, The Russian Defense Ministry also announced its plans to bolster and increase the effectiveness of the air defense system in Syria.

    Despite sharp tone, Moscow’s response remained tempered. Overall, the atmosphere in the relationship is getting harsher, and I believe it may even be more difficult in many ways for the Kremlin to reach many agreements with Washington. But I don’t expect a serious escalation right now, because a political settlement there is part of Russia’s exit strategy from Syria, and Russia knows that can’t be achieved without the US.

    Washington did notify Moscow before the air strike. It is noticeable that the Russian’s much-vaunted air-defense systems of S300 and S400 secured in Syrian bases were not even activated. Obviously, Moscow might not like Washington’s action, but nor it willing to stand in the way of it. That’s a heartening sign of realism. So when Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow next Tuesday for his first visit as US secretary of state, I expect talks to be much more serious and substantive than previously thought.

    If Trump intended to use the bombing of Syria to demonstrate his ‘toughness’, he may score some points with his ‘poorly educated’ supporters, as this is all done because of his declining approval rate domestically to mere 36%. In fact, he has exposed his weakness to Xi and Putin that he bombed out of an emotional response, that he is unconnected to a thought-out policy. Trump is not a strategist, not a chess player – and Putin plays long-term, slow, three-dimensional chess, and Xi plays a even more complicated and sophisticated Wei-chi than chess. So they see Trump as someone they can play, not as someone they can play with, because Trump’s just not on their level of strategic games.

  10. Just take a step back. What happened in Yugoslavia in early 90s? The then government was never held accoutable and they did what they liked. Then suddenly Preisdent Clintion came. The rest is history.
    And yes, how would the Asia Pacific region look like today if US had not entered the Pacific in the last days of World War II?

  11. We hope Trump has some method to his madness. Sometimes a trigger-happy policeman, acting sparingly, may be the only way to put the fear of god into criminals or would be criminals.

    As for the Russians and Chinese, however angry they may be with Trump, they probably feel that a friendly Trump is easier to control and manipulate. We therefore see a very measured, restrained, response from Putin and more so from Xi.

  12. Mahathir was wrong when he said “Melayu mudah lupa”.The truth everybody has this tendency .Looking at some of the comments here about Assad and the sarin gas it brought back memories of Collin Powel and the mobile chemical weapon labs of Sadam that were shown at the UN.We now know the stories of the weapon of mass destruction was a dud.Nevertheless some not so bright commentators here are quick to believe Donald the salesman Trumph story though it makes no sense for Assad to stoke the ire of the world by using chemical weapons when he is actually doing well on the ground.Could it be another case of Islamophobia?

    • Islam is not at fault and this war has got nothing to do with religion.Its geopolitical game played by America and its allies against Russia and Iran and their allies.Religion is only use for incitement and recruiting purposes.Would you say that the 2nd World War was due to Christianity?The answer would still be no though a large no. of the combatants were Christians.

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