Malaysian Parliament is DEAD, says Tawfik Ismail

April 6, 2017

Malaysian Parliament is DEAD, says Tawfik Ismail

Tawfik Ismail

The Parliament is dead, and the nation is being driven down a dangerous path, Tawfik Ismail, son of former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman lamented today following the tabling of the amendment to Act 355.

Mohamed Tawfik Ismail said today was a sad day for Malaysia as Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia had pressed on with the tabling of the motion, despite him having served an originating summons to Pandikar yesterday to deter the amendments being tabled in Parliament today.

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Pandikar Amin Tak Mulia: What Rules are you talking about when you do not respect our Courts?

Tawfik, who had filed the summons at the Kuala Lumpur High Court last Friday, told reporters yesterday after serving it on Pandikar, that he does not expect to see the amendments to Act 355 being in the Parliament order paper today.

“Parliament is dead when the speaker who took an oath to protect preserve and defend the Federal Constitution betrays the very oath he has taken as a member of Parliament.

“The speaker plays politics disregarding the constitution and commits treason in ignoring the Conference of Rulers’ right to be consulted before promulgation of any laws that will divide us as a nation,” he added further in the statement.

Tawfik said that for the speaker to jump to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s motion and place the amendment as number one in the order paper is arrogance of the highest order. He alleged Pandikar of wanting to show power.


“He wants to show he can abuse power and there is nothing anyone can do about it. That much is clear,” he said, adding that the dream of one united nation is being subverted by the very people voted by the rakyat and trusted to wisely make laws to unite us as a nation.

“Today the people must rise to condemn the Speaker if elected MPs cannot do that. Today we must stand together to protect the nation from the mischief of one man. Today the people must rise to protect Parliament,” he urged.

It was reported that in the court papers that Tawfik filed, he had sought a declaration that the proposed amendments were unconstitutional.

11 thoughts on “Malaysian Parliament is DEAD, says Tawfik Ismail

  1. Every institution in Malaysia is DEAD when it comes to holding UMNO and especially Najib accountable. It’s besides the point.

    The point is Najib & Co. planned this, jerking the people and country around for their selfish reason. It does not even matter that eventually he gets Sarawak to kill the bill. Given the breach of laws and institution, it’s just a matter of time Syariah and Hudud will be law of the land and Najib is key player responsible.

  2. I strongly oppose Act 355, but High Court has no constitutional right to stop Parliament Speaker from considering or not considering a proposal. The speaker has the right to prioritize or de-prioritize motions, regardless if he exercises the priority rightly or wrongly.

    If you want to criticize Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, you could only criticize his judgment on the priority, not his constitutional right to make the decision.

  3. #Shiou,

    Quote:- “I strongly oppose Act 355, but High Court has no constitutional right to stop Parliament Speaker from considering or not considering a proposal”

    Perhaps you would like to enlighten us as to where in the Constitution does it says the High Court does not have such a constitutional right?

    Perhaps Tawfik should have applied for an injunction as well rather than simply relying on a past ruling by the Speaker about Parliament not discussing matters sub judice? The Speaker may have an inherent prerogative not to follow his own ruling.

    In any case he takes instructions from Najib so blaming the Speaker is no use.

  4. Frankly I have realized this long time ago, 1 think for sure I realized this since Najibs term as presidency. The quality of debate is next to the toilet, the executive branch had policitize so badly! If u get independent to watch a debate or heated exchange between speaker, government n opposition , it feels or general consensus would say the speaker reports to MO1! sadly what makes it even from a petting Zoo is de fact that goverment can always have tat option answer or refute any claims or question from opposition site if they feel like it or whenever they like! Issues like 1mdb is sensitive cannot be debated appearently n mps’ do not immunity within that wall .

  5. The tabling of amendments RUU £%%, is the epitome of UMNOb cynicism, manipulation and hypocrisy. Why put the blame solely on the Speaker’s head? He’s just a political flunky who finds more comfort in lavish commodes, than all the invective and useless attempted shackling by courts – high or low. Didn’t i say that he will be made the willing scapegoat in my last post, or weren’t you listening?

    It would seem to me clueless Tawfik, is himself confused about the different roles of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. He assumed that Malusia has A Rule of Law, having taken the Trump judicial over-ride of immigration as an example. Hello friend, Malusia is Rule by Law la for all intents and purpose.., or haven’t you guys noticed? Waste of time when it comes to practicalities and pragmatism.

    Of course, no one is happy about anything – with a Sword of Damocles or else Pahala (depending on point of view), hanging. But then everyone are Losers – especially the ones who make the most noise.

    PAS of course, looks like unfulfilled anorgasmic submitters who were raped by Orang Kuat dan Kilat (premature ejaculators). But the greatest disappointment comes to the Opposition who weren’t given a chance to show their oratorical and rhetorical skills.

    Don’t embarrass yourselves.

  6. Mugabe? That’s a walking example of the immortality of Well Differentiated Prostate Cancer. What has that gotta do with our MPs who are expiring like flies because of too much Rendang and turtle eggs or else wonky helicopters? Or a Speaker who has urinary incontinence?

  7. Hi Wayne,

    Here is Article 44 of the Constitution:

    44. The legislative authority of the Federation shall be vested
    in a Parliament, which shall consist of the Yang di-Pertuan
    Agong and two Majlis (Houses of Parliament) to be known as
    the Dewan Negara (Senate) and the Dewan Rakyat (House of

    The right of speaker in deciding the motion to discuss is directly related to legislative role of Parliament; the separation of power between the 4 branches of government is possible only if each of them is equal but independent. Decision to discuss a motion is squarely within the process of creating laws (legislating), and must not be under the control of neither judiciary nor executive.

    Of course the need of separation of powers is ultimately for serving the individual liberty, a notion heavily borrowed from the founding experience of the United States, but is a notion for many Malaysians such as Conrad is “freedom is to do whatever I feel I want”.

  8. Self serving career politicians and powerful vested interest groups disregard the ‘ Constitution ‘ to advance their hidden agenda.

    Because of their bad/evil intention, they are always insecure. All they want is more power to abuse to protect their interests.

    Decades of corrupt political leadership and culture and gross mismanagement had done enormous damage to the country.

  9. Who has become a bloody fool when not abusing it to play his own game when parliament speaker who spoke louder than the Conference of Rulers and the court. There was no consultation when presenting the RUU355 amendment bill to parliament . The threats to democracies will wither from politicians who are the ones holding absolute power.

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