Brainwashed: Where the “Manchurian Candidate” came from

April 3, 2017


Where the “Manchurian Candidate” came from.

2 thoughts on “Brainwashed: Where the “Manchurian Candidate” came from

  1. Hmm.. this article brings me back to the time when Sukarno was brought into house arrest. I bet Dato.Din knows something more. But then, why do we Malaysians want to know that. It almost seems to suggest something that took place in our own May 13.

  2. That is all old-old-school. So much trouble and effort and may even fail as we see in the book / movie plot itself.

    No, cash is so much more effective and reliable and being “King” will trump the “Queen of Diamonds” any time.

    I saw the movie while still in school and could not quite understand all of it. Things like “brain-washing”, “psychological flashbacks” were not subjects we learned in schools.

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