To Chief Chimp Najib and his UMNO Chimpanzees –Stop your limitless chumpery

April 2, 2017

To Chief Chimp Najib and his UMNO Chimpanzees –Stop your limitless chumpery

by Dean

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Way back in the days when I still blindly and thoughtlessly aped the opinions (apinions?) of my fellow self-perceived ‘humans’, I blithely perceived April 1 or ‘April Fool’s Day’ as simply an opportunity for us all to play amusing pranks or practical jokes on each other.

But growing political awareness eventually alerted me to the fact that, as I’ve mentioned many times before in Malaysiakini and elsewhere, most of us on Planet Earth are treated like April fools every day of every year by countless governments that, like China’s fake Communist Party, North Korea’s Kim dictatorship and Malaysia’s UMNO-BN ‘kleptocracy’ and countless others, are nothing but jokes at their citizens’ expense.

Even more dire, however, as I have gradually come to realise, all of us humans, whether we’re playing the fool every April 1 or being played for fools every day of every year by bleeders posing as leaders, have been busily fooling both each other and ourselves for the past couple of million years.

Ever since, in fact, our emergence as a new species of chimpanzee evidently equipped with such superior manual, intellectual and linguistic abilities as to enable us to see, define and declare ourselves as superior to not only other chimps, but also the rest of creation.

‘Creation’ being the crucial word in this discussion, as, paradoxically, the superior intellectual powers that enabled us perform and perceive ourselves as champs failed to replace all our instincts to think, feel and act like chimps.

And the complex of confusions and conflicts that this intellectual/instinctive, human/animal duality produced has rendered us uniquely and incurably capable of thinking and behaving like not only champs or chimps, but chumps. It would take several books to do even the slightest justice to a discussion of humankind’s seemingly limitless capacity for chumpery.

Image result for Jared Diamond's ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee’

And in case you’re interested, several of the many books I’d recommend on the subject included Jared Diamond’s ‘Guns’, ‘Germs and Steel’ and ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee’; Philippe Gigantès’ ‘Power & Greed: A Short History of the World’; and Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’. Not, I presume, that readers in Malaysia will be able to find the latter volume in bookstores, as its author hails from Israel.

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But that’s another story, in light of the issue I’d like to focus on in this mercifully brief column, Immanuel Kant’s concept of mankind’s promotion of satiable animal needs with insatiable human greed.

Humanimals are insatiable

Kant argues that, while sharing with all other animals basic needs like that can be at least temporarily satisfied, like nutrition, excretion and reproduction, we humans, or, if you prefer, we humanimals, as a result of our conception of the future and capacity for identifying or inventing additional ‘wants’, are insatiable.

Insatiable for the better, perhaps, in our apparently boundless capacity for inventing new, more efficient or otherwise apparently beneficial products, processes and social institutions.

But equally for the worse, or at least strongly arguably so, as evidenced, for example, by the sordid spectacle of the rich lusting for more riches despite the increasingly desperate impoverishment of both poor and disadvantaged people and the rapid depletion of Planet Earth’s resources.

As reprehensible and indefensible as such greed for tangible wealth and its attendant status and power may be, however, to me by far the most damaging human insatiability is that for such imagined entities as immortality.

The invention of some invisible and every other way unknowable omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent entity or group of entities that can be sufficiently entreated, begged, adored or worshiped into to support us in this life and grant our allegedly ‘immortal souls’ eternal life in some ‘other world’ has long been, and continues to be, a curse on the human race.

How many billions of lives have been blighted and wasted, not to mention cruelly ‘sacrificed’ since the dawn of human history in the service of ‘gods’ and ‘religions’ allegedly guaranteeing to assuage people’s fear of death by feeding their greed for life in some hereafter, while really only serving to empower and enrich their inventors and promoters, is anybody’s guess.

Image result for Jamal Yunus and The Red shirits

The Faithful UMNO Mongkees–All For Few Pennies

As is why the self-proclaimed ‘faithful’ can so deny their human intelligence by not only believing the loads of irrational, incredible trash presented to them as ‘theology’, but also allowing themselves to be preyed-on by all the professional peddlers of such slop, and oppressed by potentates who cling to power by piously pretending to ‘protect’ their abject subjects from the adherents of rival sects.

Such travesties of human avarice are, as ever, still unfolding virtually everywhere on earth. Most obviously, of course, in those locations where the neediest in this life are preyed-on by Islamic State, Boko Haram, the Taliban and other groups so driven by their greed for power both here and in the ‘next’ life that they’ll happily kill and die for it.

Less overtly vicious, though far more common and thus arguably just as evil, are a great many allegedly ‘religious’ governments, or, like Malaysia’s Umno/BN regime, governments comprising people who claim to be ‘believers’, that are said to be riven with corruption and other forms of criminality behind their veils of piety.

And lest I appear to show a bias against Islam in this regard, I must make the point that, having myself suffered and thankfully recovered from early indoctrination into one of the countless so-called Christian sects, I’m especially cross that so many ‘conservative’ politicians in Australia, the US and elsewhere in the West who claim to be Christians are nothing of the sort.

In fact, as opponents in the social sphere of the Christian virtues of tolerance and compassion, and the supporters of the crassest forms of free-market capitalism in economics, they’re double-Crosstians, or, if you like, Crasstians.

But, thank goodness, it seems to me that, at least in Australia, all the signs are that so many people are so fast losing faith in these fakes that by this time next year when the next election is near, it’ll be them and the hard core of humanoids who ape them and their attitudes who will be feeling like April fools.

DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he coaches and mentors writers and authors and practises as a writing therapist. Published books of his columns for Malaysiakini include ‘Mad about Malaysia’, ‘Even Madder about Malaysia’, ‘Missing Malaysia’, ‘1Malaysia.con’ and ‘Malaysia Mania’.

22 thoughts on “To Chief Chimp Najib and his UMNO Chimpanzees –Stop your limitless chumpery

  1. No one believes Najib is not guilty nor UMNO corruption problem is very bad. The issue is simply entitlement which is what the NEP really is and the painful truth it’s discrimination, apartheid.

    But everywhere entitlement is hard to rid off. Populist democracy does not put responsibility of entitlement on the people.

    That is why, it should be easier if Hadi’s PAS supporter, whose entitlement is more religion, if they turn away, then the financially over entitled can be defeated.

  2. LaMoy, Conrad, CLF, Orang Malaya, Bigjoe, TL Man,

    We are shattered nation today because we entrusted our future to a bunch of UMNO Chimpanzees led by a Grand Poobah Chimp in Chief, Najib Razak.

    Chimps can only destroy what we have taken 60 years to build. It takes a lot of thought, time and effort and years to build, but everything can be destroyed practically overnight. Chimps are hedonistic creatures. That is why I call UMNO Malays chimps because they cannot think about the future. Pleasure for self, not service for Malaysians is what drives UMNO.

    As I look back, I lament at what has happened to my Malaysia which is rich with abundant natural resources and talent. Recently, I had a chat with Air Asia’s CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and asked him about his success secret. He said to me that it is his airline’s commitment to meritocracy, good governance and the pursuit of excellence with a strong emphasis on delivering superior customer value.

    On the Air Asia cap which he gave me, he wrote “Dare to Dream”, to which I will now add “Make it Happen”. He had a dream that everyone can fly and worked to make it possible. There are no Chimpanzees in Air Asia. It is staffed by highly motivated people with a visionary cum realist at its helm. In the end, leadership matters.–Din Merican

  3. UMNO Baru chumps now trying to paint Pakatan Harapan as being
    controlled by DAP and that the puppet master is Lim Kit Siang (!)

  4. “We are shattered nation today because we entrusted our future to a bunch of UMNO Chimpanzees led by a Grand Poobah Chimp in Chief, Najib Razak.”

    We did not entrust our future to Chief Grand Poobah Chimp, instead the Chief Poobah was installed by the Octo Chimp who couldnt keep his alpha male position against the younger chimps.

    Well as the Malay saying says “that what you get when you give Kera bunga” These chimps are the ones that stuff their cheek with food till it almost burst and they also like to steal from passer by as well as from each other and remain cheeky.

  5. “As I look back, I lament at what has happened to my Malaysia …. ” — Dato Din

    All the orang tua here lament at what has happened to our Malaysia. Actually, we all know what has happened, and we all are responsible for letting it happen. The economy is faltering and the government is floundering, struggling to explain away unprecedented financial scandals. Critics from the ivory tower ascribe these problems to a lack of transparency and good governance, but these are merely symptoms. The root cause of Malaysia’s current troubles is Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Hegemony).

    In all fairness the deterioration of Malaysia did not start with Najib but his father Tun Razak and Mahathir. Najib just happened to be the greediest and most corrupt of all UMNO leaders, past and present. Just go to the coastal city of Gold Coast in the Australian state of Queensland, and count the number of expensive homes owned by UMNO corrupted fat cats. Not to mention the other four Five-Eyes.

    Mahathir’s book Malay Dilemma is based on his assumption that the Malays are inferior to the Chinese, therefore, he argued Ketuanan Melayu is needed to protect the Malays and to enforce special treatments for the Malays. The limited special privileges for the Malays in the constitution were enlarged and changed to special rights, for a privilege can be revoked but a right cannot be revoked. Ketuanan Melayu gives the Malays the undefined irrevocable rights. But if his assumption is right that the Malays were, in fact, inferior to the Chinese, what’s so ketuanan about the Melayu? Perhaps this assumption in itself is the true dilemma of the Malays.

    Ketuanan Melayu has led to bad governance and created a non-transparent preferential economy, unable to utilize the human capital of the country to the fullest. Market discipline, transparency and good governance are falling by the wayside in the name of Malay supremacy. And for what? After more than four decades of preferential treatment, many bumiputera businesses remain uncompetitive and rely on the government for their survival. Non-Malays are leaving the country in droves, even the brightest of the Malays are leaving in recent years, undermining the economy’s long-term prospects. Although the educational levels of Malays have improved tremendously, the median household income of the Malays overall still lags behind those of all other ethnic groups. The pro-Malay affirmative action policies must be abandoned. The Malay Agenda is destroying Malaysia.

    Ketuanan Melayu has made the Malays beholden to UMNO and the Malay votes has kept UMNO in government for six decades. In the process it has made many many UMNO leaders, their families, and their cohorts insanely wealthy at the expense of the Malays, other Malaysians and the nation coffers. Ketuanan Melayu gave UMNO leaders carte blanche, complete freedom to rob, plunder, steal, scam, swindle, legally and illegally the nation’s then considerable coffers ostensibly for the Malays, but in truth, it was to line up their own deep pockets. Ketuanan Melayu and Arabized Islam have made the Malays a once graceful, polite, respectful people into one that now spews hatred for Chinese, Indians, Christians and anything that remotely threatens UMNO’s hold on political power.

    Yes, we all lament at what has happened to Malaysia. At the same time I wonder where have the traditional Malay names gone? Where have the Awang, Abu, Hamdan, Janjan … I grew up with gone? What’s wrong with greeting each other with “apa khabar” instead of mumbling in some Arabic? Why are the Malays no longer celebrate Hari Raya Puasa but Aidilfitri or Eid al-Fitr? Are the Malays so inferior that they have to Arabize to transform themselves into Arabs?

    Worst still, the UMNO government twisted and rewrite false history (excuse me for using the word ‘false’ for it’s trendy nowadays, thanks to Trump) to suit the ideological needs of the Malay community and to advance UMNO political agenda. It is really sad that our children are taught as though Malaysian history suddenly began in 1400 with an Islamic Melaka. We are led to believe that the Indians and Chinese first arrived on the shores of Malaysia only in around 1850 as desperate indentured laborers, farmers and miners. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Ketuanan Melayu does not hold water because the lineage of Melaka sultans are Indians, not Malays. It is no secret that Parameswara was an Indian and a Hindu prince, not a Malay and a Muslim. It is clear from records that Parameswara never converted to Islam. He was an Indian Hindu who fled Palembang in Sumatra to eventually found Melaka circa 1400 AD and start the entire Malaysian royalty.(How many Malays know the word “Melayu” in the Javanese language means “a fugitive”?) Malaysia’s royalty is of Hindu/Indian origin. On the other hand it was Sri Maharaja who converted himself and the court of Melaka to Islam, and as a result took on the name of Sultan Muhammad Shah sometime after 1435. The UMNO government has systematically been wiping out any references to a famous Melaka prince as being Hindu and belonging to the powerful Sri Vijaya Hindu empire. Instead our children are being taught that Parameswara was a Malay prince and a Muslim.

    The cultural influences of India, in particular, and China in South East Asia span over 2,000 years, starting perhaps with the arrival from India of the Brahmanical prince/scholar, Aji Saka, in Java in AD 78, through to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Bali, Borneo, Brunei and beyond. Angkor Wat and Borobudur are the evidence of it. Malay culture is very much Indian culture with some Chinese influence. In fact the whole of South East Asian culture is very much Indian culture with some Chinese influence. The findings at Bujang Valley speak of an ancient Indian/Hindu presence in Kedah. There were Chinese settlements in Pahang and Kelantan around the 13th-14th century and Chinese settlements in Singapore in the 12th century. The early Brunei Sultanate had a Chinese Queen. 60%-80% of Bahasa Malaysia comprises Sanskrit/Tamil and Chinese words. But all of these are hidden away from the citizens, including the Malays themselves, so the Malays in particular grow up with limited knowledge of their own country and heritage.

    In fact, the Chinese have long historical records of connection with the Malay archipelago. During the Tang Dynasty, Pei Xing (裴铏, 825–880) wrote a book called Kunlun Nu ( 崑崙奴, “The Kunlun Slave” or “The Negrito Slave”) about the tale of a Negrito slave that used his extraordinary physical abilities to save his master’s lover from the harem of a court official. Since then the rich and powerful in China liked to own Negrito slaves or to hire Negrito servants because they were known for their loyalty and bravery. Until the late Ming Dynasty bibliographer and playwright Mei Dingzuo (梅鼎祚, 1549-1615) and many others had written high praise for the Negrito whom, I presume, including the Malays. Kunlun Nu or Negrito was the collective name used by the Chinese then to refer to the peoples of the Malay archipelago. China was the only place where the Jews, who went to China before the birth of Jesus, got assimilated into the mainstream culture. I am sure those “Negritoes” had long assimilated into the Chinese culture.

    And yet the UMNO government of Ketuanan Melayu twisted and falsified history to calling the Indians and Chinese “pendatang,” all to advance its own political agenda. Ketuanan Melayu and Arabized Islam will destroy Malaysia. Only meritocracy and fair competition can bring out the best of the people — to have a sense of belonging, to think, to create, and to work hard harmoniously together.

    • LaMoy,

      Thanks for this contribution.Looking back in time, I am now convinced that after having read The Malay Dilemma (published by Mahathir in 1970), Tun Razak admitted Mahathir back into UMNO and rehabilitated him politically as Senator and Minister of Education because Tun Razak knew that the yet to be 4th Prime Minister was a racist and a radical, whose economic ideas about Malay development were equally racist. NEP under Mahathir was an instrument to subjugate the Malays under an UMNO nanny state and perpetuate UMNO rule. It was Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman as Minister of Home Affairs who banned the book. And if Tun Dr. Ismail was alive (he died in 1973), Mahathir would not have become Prime Minister. Presumably, out of gratitude to Tun Razak, Mahathir took Najib Razak under his wing and mentored him for high public office. That was also why he saved Najib from our Islamic snoopers when Najib was caught fornicating with actress Ziana Zain in a hotel in Port Dickson. Now, Mahathir wants to get rid of his mentee from the premiership. That is really chimpy like. You protect your own kind.But Najib chose a different path,instead of being grateful.
      Any comments from Orang Malaya and Ipoh mari Tok Cik.–Din Merican

    • A Negrito and proto-Malay are 2 quite different ‘things’ LaMoy. While both are considered aboriginal, the former are descendants from the first wave of migration outta Africa while the latter are migrants from SE Yunnan.

      The Austronesians otoh, developed in situ from the proto-Malay in the region known as Sundaland which was drowned after the last ice-age. The genetics, culture and proto-language is similar to that of Taiwanese aboriginal tribes and even their pigs have a similar genome.

      The word “Malay” is a Sanskrit term meaning hills and mountains (e.g Himalayas) which was also found in the Mahabharata. It became a term of derision by the Javanese to mean fugitive or runaway during the Sri Vijaya. Both the Majapahit and Sri Vijaya were Hindu (with Buddhist influence) thalassocracies and derived from Indian cultures beginning with Salakanagara (130-160+ CE) in Java.

      The ancient Hindu-Buddhist Kingdoms in the peninsula, beginning with the Kedah and Gangga Negara kingdoms were always under the suzerainty of the the Thalassocracies based in Java, Sumatra and the Cholas of India.

      To deny the origins and historical roots of the “Malay” is the greatest disservice to them – equivalent to Hitler’s Aryan Ubermensch Delusion. Their identity crisis has thus morphed into ‘Ketuanan’ this and that – much like the Nazis causing Apartheid of the body-mind-spirit.

      The PASUMNOb Malays are as i said, “neti neti” (Hindu) – ‘neither this, nor that’ – all because of their delusional hubris. Austronesian, they reject, Arab they can’t be. Confused and require remedial education. This is the Real Malay dilemma.

    • Lamoy
      After reading your ramblings about the sins of the Malays,I find that your views are no different than those that espoused the Ketuanan Melayu except yours are what we may called Ketuanan China superego complex.The psychiatrists at John Hopkin just discovered this superego complex and apparently most of the victims of this illness tend yo be ex Malaysian Chinese especially those that have apparently done well in other foreign lands.I recommend that you seek treatment quickly before its too late to find that compassionate heart that might be lost forever in the darkness of the superego complex.

    • CLF:

      I did not use “Negrito” as the modern understanding of anthropology. In fact, I got the translation of Kunlun Nu from Wikipedia. It translated as either “Kunlun Slave” or “Negrito Slave.” I chose the latter as it is better understood in English. I’ve no English translation for Kunlun Nu.

      I look into my Ciyuan (辭源 “Sources of Words”), on page 761, Kunlun (崑崙) was the ancient name used to refer to South East Asia, especially the Malay Archipelago since the Tang Dynasty. And they called all the people there as Kunlun Nu (崑崙奴). I also looked into Cihai (辭海 “Sea of Words”) and Gudai Hanyu Cidian (古代汉语词典 “Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Words”), they say the same thing.

    • Oic, Lamoy. My apologies then.
      The Chinese records do go back much further than the Tang and include Langkasuka, Pan-Pan (Kelantan-Trengganu), Chi-Tu (Red-Earth; Mon-Khmer, Kelantan) etc in the second century CE.

      The ancient history of the Malay archipelago is extremely rich and diverse. But this has been dumbed down to accommodate a particular religion, from which the present “Malay” was constructed and constituted.

      But i do agree that the Ketuanan thingy from the perspective of ‘weakness’ as eructed by Octo’s Dilemma is indeed a paradox, best explained by the ‘Tuan’ Malays themselves.

  6. Jibby paid back the favor when he sided at the last minute with Octo against Ku Li and Moses Black. Had Jibby stayed the course, history would be very different. Every chimp has a price and everything can be bought, beres pak.

    UMNO is a who kills who party with so many behind the scene negotiations and deals that nobody can be sure what the truth is any more. Tun Razak killed off Harun Idris so that his father in law and Goh Tong can acquire the vast land in Selangor and Pahang to set up Gentings. Talk about Shariah Index, does this count towards it?

    Jibby was made an MP at a young age due to UMNO members love for Tun Razak. Jibby wasnt a shining example both as MB Pahang and as Minister in all the Ministries he headed, Youth and Sports, Education and Mindef. He did learn that the most powerful position is as Ministry of Finance. 1MDB was during his watch as MoF and the Scorpene scandal happened when he was Min. of Def.

  7. Pak Din,

    The PD episode is still fresh in my mind. I was attached to Mindef (Ministry of Defence) then. When news broke out about a high-profile guy being caught for khalwat at a PD hotel we thought it was another two-timing general out for a good time.

    When it was revealed that the culprit was Al Jubor, we shook our heads because we knew the kind of guy he was (then and now). It was just a matter of time before the inevitable happened. And then he was picked to lead Umno and the country. The rest is history.

    We have a gung-ho and thieving moron who cannot control his sexual urges for a PM. What much can you expect out of him other than problem and more problems.

    The 1MDB scandal has far-reaching consequences than what most expect. Its outcome will be around to haunt future generations of Malaysians. And all this is caused by one idiotic Umnoputra who thinks he’s God-sent to the Malay community.

    The problem is, his retinue of “ball carriers” think and feel he is one. How unfortunate. And like orang malaya has rightly said, “we reap what we sow.” Period.

  8. Yes Tok Chik ” ….his retinue of ‘ ball carriers ‘ , the I-S-A flur who saved him in that close proximity ‘ episode , by the ingenious ‘ pengakuan ‘ to the effect that it was his ‘saudara’ , which let off the culprit by the Syariah authority – which ultimately catapulted this un-educated guy to the height of UMNO leadership……

    It has become the culture to enlist & promote uneducated guys into high position of leadership , thus degenerating most good values in the performance of governance….. – can Malaysia salvage this phenomena in the downward trends in all fields of activities , I wonder…..? ( so-called corrupting the system ) ….. OR , we reap what we sow ? ?

    • Well, the two weren’t married yet when the PD escapade took place. They got hitched in 1987 well before the incident. Al Jubor escaped with his balls intact, literally. Had it happened after their “union” you and i know what would have become of his balls and tool (pun meant).

  9. Quote:- “The pro-Malay affirmative action policies must be abandoned. The Malay Agenda is destroying Malaysia”

    Yes, but not right now as far as the abandoning of the “pro-Malay affirmative action policies” are concerned.

    Doing it right now whether by UMNO / BN or the Opposition coalition will precipitate May 13, 2.0. Try taking away a favorite toy or sweets from a young child. Nobody wants this, not even Najib.

    So long as there is a sizable presence of non-Malays in the country’s citizenry, the policy will have to stay, whoever is in power. Even Lim Guan Eng recognizes this.

    There is no use brushing away an unpleasant truth, which is that the Malays could never economically compete effectively against the Malaysian Chinese or Indians whether on an one-on-one basis, or as groups taking median percentile measurements of commercially successful enterprises owned.

    The non-Malays will just have to live with it and make do if they do not want to see the kind of racial atrocities in Indonesia. Every minority race in every country faces the same discrimination, subtly or overtly. Just that it is institutionalized in Malaysia because the colonial Britishers felt a belated pang of conscience with regards to the Malays whose land they sequestered for their King and country and so euphemistically wrote it into the Constitution itself and getting praises for it from all people the Malays themselves.

    So we cannot blame the UMNO Malays for choosing to read it as a “Right” because in their minds they were regaining their rights to their Tanah Air.

    The Affirmative Action policies will or should die a natural death when the non-Malays population falls to below 10% because by then there would be no significant number of non-Malays to discriminate against and competition for it will be Malays versus Malays. Which is why there is no such policy in Indonesia or Brunei.

  10. If the NEP had been dispensed with after 20 years (as anticipated), what would Malaysia be right now?

    Would the Malays be better off than they are now?

  11. “…….what we have taken 60 years to build.”

    Mr. Merican almost everyone here is older than me hence my opinion on this issue may be somewhat lacking in perspective.

    When I was younger, of school going age , I was told by those uncles who claimed to achieve much that my goals in life should be defined by materialistic pursuits and that Malaysia was the land where you could get things done.

    Getting things done by ignoring intellectual and moral legerdemain was something that admired even encouraged albeit with lip service to religious or spiritual concepts.

    Those impractical “rights” and “virtues” that the hypocritical West was obsessed with had no place in the Asian values terrain of Malaysia that each day was craved out by paternalistic governments led by craven plutocrats drenched in Western finery paying tribute to Janus faced preachers.

    I was told that the Opposition was racists and that there was nobody who could the Establishment even though with each passing day the Establishment proved its incompetency and laughed with glee every time they were voted in despite the gerrymandering and systemic inequalities. It was as if people were benefitting from a system designed to fail.

    At the feet of my Jesuit scholars – now sadly gone – I was taught if anything Asians valued the long game. Austerity instead short term gratification, pragmatism coupled with disciplined empathy , looking inward but never taking our eyes of the future. All these sublimated after centuries of war, colonialism and religions that predate the Abrahamic troika.

    Except of course the only thing that mattered to Malaysians would seem the value of the ringgit. People who dissented against the regime, were mocked. When they were incarcerated they were mocked again and life just went on all the while the seeds for what would become Najib was nurtured with a recklessness that any where else would be deemed criminal.

    I do not know if Malaysia is truly Asia but I do know that we have to claim responsibility of what we create.

  12. Edit.

    “Getting things done by ignoring intellectual and moral legerdemain was something that admired even encouraged albeit with lip service to religious or spiritual concepts.”

    This should be –

    Getting things done by intellectual and moral legerdemain was something that was admired even encouraged albeit with lip service to religious or spiritual concepts.

  13. Sad to say, these rogue chimps are the toxic products of the compounded legacy of Razak and Mahathir, all at the expense and suffering of Rakyat who must choose wisely in the coming 14 Ge

    Btw, is Kahwat offense time-barred?

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