15 thoughts on “D’Trump meets Angela Merkel

  1. Angela Merkel looks more at home in the White House than Donald Trump. Merkel shows us what a world leader is like, while Donnie Boy looks like a pouting 2 year old. This strong, intelligent woman freaks him out.

  2. In life they say that you should never look down on a person who is younger than you. Why, he may work hard and become your boss. The same applies in politics. When a person is running for office it best to just wish him well.

  3. “This strong, intelligent woman freaks him out.” LaMoy

    Perhaps it’s because she’s a Rottweiller or Dobermann and he’s a miniature toy breed? A yappy Chihuahua or Chinese Crested, perhaps?

    Btw, Merkle doesn’t like dogs, and that’s why Putin brought his doggie to stare at her during one of their tete-a-tete.

    • Thanks, buddy. Like Putin, I, too, love dogs. I, too, have a Rottweiler. I also have a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. I love big dogs, not Chihuahua. Dogs are very intelligent animals. Every morning my dogs will come to me with their leash in their mouths to ask me to take them for a walk. And this is a routine of my retired life. They are so intelligent that they won’t come to me when it is raining outside. But, of course, they have been trained.

  4. Trump is still running a election campaign instead of a country. It is not so great, the word he had used no less than 6 times, after all. His speech and answers to questions asked lack specifics and substance.

  5. Allow me to share a funny moment with you guys over Angela.
    Over the years I have a habit of watching the TV with subtitles on. One time, they spelt her name as Angola Mackerel.

    • Glad to know you’re a dog lover, too. Are you still going to those town hall meetings?

      Tell me, buddy, how is knucklehead Trump going to deport 11 million undocumented Mexicans? — Juan by Juan.

      Why are Muslims worried about shithead Trump’s immigration plans? — Once you deport Juan you deport Jamal.

      Do you know the favorite nation of our fake president? — Discrimination. 😊

    • LaMoy, not just town hall meetings but other events where issues with Chief Orange Twit are opposed like the DACA and NOW.

      You must be watching all the late night shows to come out with all those one liners. I don’t have cable TV but have Roku and able to stream all the shows to watch on my time. Nice to have humor in these trying times while having to deal with Orange Ball of Gas running the country to a grind.
      Just hope he doesn’t “tapp” my out house.

  6. World War II saw to it that Germany came to the side of US. Russia has over the last twenty years is trying to get close to the European Power – Germany. But Immigration Policy of the European Union is now getting in the way. Do not be surprised if the US and Russia find themselves on the same side.

  7. Trump is a uncouth individual . Very badly brought up and in 70s we say beyond redemption . Good luck usa with this primodial piece . You gonna need it

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