4 thoughts on “Dr. Fareed Zakaria Interviews Mr. Vladimir Putin

  1. Is this the best Fareed Zakaria can get back at Putin for how Putin schooled him in the last interview? Zakaria asked Putin why he complimented Donald Trump, calling him “brilliant, talented, and smart.” Putin’s response was, essentially, “I called him colorful – what part of ‘colorful’ don’t you understand?” He then proceeded on a rhetorical tour de force against the hypocrisy of US foreign policy and criticism of Russia that left poor Fareed clearly looking like he’d been humbled. Donald Trump has been grossly inflating Putin’s words, going as far as to claim, “He called me a genius.” Zakaria didn’t check the facts.

    Watch this video:

  2. Yes, I agree with you. But in recent times and faced with the pressure from the Internet Media many in the MSM have become bloggers trying to give credence to their individual private views.

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