Tom Friedman’s Message to Donald Trump

March 16, 2017

Tom Friedman’s Message to Donald Trump

OPINION–New York Times

by Thomas L. Friedman

Every president has an early foreign policy test, and Donald Trump is no exception. Trump’s test is actually already in progress, and it bears some resemblance to the one faced by a young President Kennedy. Indeed, Trump’s crisis has best been described as a “slow-motion Cuban missile crisis” — only the crisis-driver is not Fidel Castro, but North Korea’s bizarre despot, Kim Jong-un.

If this crisis is not keeping you up at night, you’re not paying attention.Let’s see, we have an untested, macho, Twitter-happy U.S. president facing off against the leader of a dynastic North Korean political cult who’s building a long-range nuclear missile that could hit Los Angeles and who — allegedly — just had his half brother, Kim Jong-nam, knocked off by two women who wiped his face with a lethal nerve agent while he was transiting a Malaysian airport….



7 thoughts on “Tom Friedman’s Message to Donald Trump

  1. On the campaign trail last year, Donald Trump said he would be willing to sit down for a burger with Kim Jong Un. The suggestion raised the prospect that the US under a self-professed deal-maker president could strike a landmark agreement with North Korea.

    John Delury, a professor at Yonsei University, wrote in a recent Foreign Affairs article: “If the US really hopes to achieve peace on the Korean peninsula, it should stop looking for ways to stifle North Korea’s economy and undermine Kim Jong Un’s regime and start finding ways to make Pyongyang feel more secure. This might sound counter-intuitive. But consider this: North Korea will start focusing on its prosperity instead of its self-preservation only once it no longer has to worry about its own destruction.” Such a deal might entail the cancellation of US-South Korea military drills or even the prospect of an official peace treaty on the Korean peninsula in exchange for a moratorium on Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons development.

    Last Monday Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, like Professor John Delury, called for such a “dual suspension” to break the security dilemma but got a cold shoulder from the Trump administration. Let’s see what the self-professed genius and deal-maker Donald Trump has up his sleeve.

  2. The Trump presidency is the most depressing one. Every morning we wake up to depressing news about Trump Executive Orders or his tweets and followed by frantic and comical interviews with White House officials trying to justify the tweets. So far Trump has not been successful in fulfilling his election rhetorics and out urst dealing with Immigration, Health are reforms and Foreigh Policies.

    However late night tv is booming ans becoming more entertaining since the villiage idiot became POTUS. Sad thing is the White House has become a circus and lost the decorum of the office of POTUS.

  3. I haven’t checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are really good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend.

  4. Quote:- “…..start finding ways to make Pyongyang feel more secure. This might sound counter-intuitive. But consider this: North Korea will start focusing on its prosperity instead of its self-preservation….”

    The last thing the Kim Dynasty wants is for its enslaved citizenry to be open to and have contacts with the real outside World.

    For the last 60 years, the N. Koreans were told daily that the whole World, especially the US, wants to destroy them, every man, woman and child.

    If, all of a sudden, they found out that this is not true at all and Americans come bearing gifts and preaching democracy, freedom of speech and all the other sinful stuff, the Kim Dynasty, like the Chinese Ching Dynasty, might fall.

    The only long term solution is Dynastic change.

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