One thought on “Trump-Ryancare is America’s Despair

  1. In this same New York Times, there is a line worth noting in David Brooks’s column two days ago: “The Republican plan will fuel cynicism. It’s being pushed through in an elitist, anti-democratic, middle of the night rush. It seems purposely designed to fail.”

    There is a theory going around Washington that Republicans don’t want their health bill to pass. The law’s construction is shoddy. The outreach has been nonexistent. The hypocritical, hyper-accelerated process is baffling. Nothing about it makes sense. Republican leaders want to see a repeal-and-replace bill die in the Senate so they can say they tried and move on to tax reform. It explains why more time wasn’t spent getting the bill right. It explains why they’re going so fast. It explains why they don’t care what the Congressional Budget Office says. It explains why they aren’t doing the outreach that would normally buffer them from this backlash.

    Republicans have spent seven years promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, and they won election after election atop that vow. Now that they have the power to make good, why would they want their own bill to fail? Because they’ve run into three problems. First, Obamacare has become popular. Second, they don’t have an alternative plan that would make good on their promise to provide more people with more generous health care at lower cost. Third, implementing a repeal-and-replace plan, with all the complexity and disruption that entails, will drown the rest of the GOP’s agenda, and perhaps its congressional majority. So, the best outcome for Republicans is to try to replace Obamacare and fail.

    We shall see.

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