Idris Jala strums the Permandu Blues– Delusional Transformasi

March 13, 2017

Idris Jala strums the Permandu Blues– Delusional Transformasi

by Idris

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Idris Jala: Strumming the Permandu Blues

WE started Pemandu in 2009 with two clear objectives: to drive Malaysia’s transformation into a high-income nation by 2020, and to work ourselves out of this job. I have always said that Pemandu will be successful when we become redundant, that is, when the civil service is prepared to take up the mantle to lead Malaysia’s transformation.

We were also clear that the handover of Pemandu’s work on the National Transformation Programme (NTP) can only be initiated when it is “sticky”, meaning there is strong potential for the civil service to independently implement the NTP’s initiatives.

Permandu-led NTP at what cost to Taxpayers?

In 2016, as the NTP reached almost seven years of implementation and continued to yield tangible results, it became apparent that the time had come for Pemandu to transition our work on the NTP to the civil service. On Jan 23 2017, the Prime Minister’s Office announced the commencement of this transition over a two-year period.

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The Transformasi Hang Over:Najib Razak–Racism and Hududism

We have scheduled this transition into three categories. The first involves work which will be handed over immediately to the civil service without any need for transition. This was completed on 1 March 2017.

Under the second category, some of the NTP work will be transferred to the civil service on a gradual basis. This requires a two-year transition period during which Pemandu will continue to support the civil service in the NTP activities, until the civil service has built sufficient capacity to enable full handover in the third year.

Over this period, Pemandu will commit 45 of its employees to work with the civil service in 2017. This will reduce to 30 in 2018, until no further support is required from Pemandu in 2019.

The third category involves work which still requires NTP coordination even after work has been transferred to the civil service. Pemandu will hand over these coordination activities to the Economic Planning Unit’s Civil Service Delivery Unit.

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Malaysia–Paradise Found or Lost?

The key to succeeding in this exercise is to ensure an orderly transition. As set forth by change management expert William Bridges, there are three stages of transition, namely Ending/Letting Go; the Neutral Zone; and the New Beginning.

In the past seven years, we have worked closely with the civil service to ensure adoption of the new processes introduced to ensure consistent delivery of the NTP initiatives. This has seen the civil service gradually applying these new processes across their operations.

We are confident of their continued ability and commitment to do so. In short, all our work thus far has been leading up to this point.However, in tandem with this gradual shift, there remains a segment of the civil service which has yet to adopt any of the new ways of working.Therefore, within the civil service now exists two methods of delivery – the old way of working and the new.

According to Bridges’ transition model, the civil service is in the Neutral Zone, which, if allowed to continue, results in the organisation becoming choked. Therefore, it is critical to our transition timeline that by February 2019, the civil service must make way for new beginnings to ensure we achieve our high-income aspirations by 2020.

Let me come to why we felt it was time to begin this transition. Since the start of the NTP, we have been committed to our True North: the high-income GNI per capita threshold as set by the World Bank, jobs and investment.

According to latest available data from the World Bank, Malaysia’s GNI per capita as at 2015 was US$10,570, just 15% short of the current high-income threshold of US$12,475.

This is compared to our GNI per capita of just US$8,280 in 2010, with a gap of 33% from the-then high-income threshold of US$12,276. Additionally, we have catalysed a 2.2 times growth in the CAGR of private investment, which previously recorded a CAGR of 5.5% in 2006-2010. Between 2011-2015, private investment recorded a CAGR of 12.1%.

This data shows that we are more than halfway to high-income status and on track to achieve our goals by 2020.

We have also assessed the ministries’ competencies in taking over the reins of the NTP, with the programme’s total KPIs recording an average score of more than 100% every year.More importantly, through the NTP, we have helped to raise the incomes of everyday Malaysians in an inclusive way, such as through the completion of 5,286 km of rural roads benefiting 3.5 million people.

We have also connected 144,025 rural houses to reliable electricity, lighting up the lives of 720,125 people, provided 1.68 million living in 334,593 rural houses with access to clean water and built and restored 79,137 houses benefiting 412,360 people.

With just three years left to our deadline, considering the pace of progress we have seen over the past seven years, I am confident of the civil service’s capability to deliver the national transformation.

In this transition, this will mark my final Transformation Unplugged entry. Pemandu as an organisation will also embark on a new journey as a global consultancy firm focusing on government transformation and business turnaround.

On behalf of the team, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone whom we have worked closely with in the past seven years. I would also like to thank the folks who have been following my column. I must commend the Prime Minister and civil servants for their commitment and cooperation in delivering the NTP to date. I look forward to work together with them to embrace this New Beginning in the coming two years.

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In the meantime, I hope to see you at the Global Transformation Forum 2017 on March 22-23. The Government of Malaysia is playing host again, bringing the best minds in transformation from all over the world to inspire Malaysians. The transformation mindset you will experience will bring clarity and inspire real behavioural change in driving your own transformation.

14 thoughts on “Idris Jala strums the Permandu Blues– Delusional Transformasi

  1. Idris Jala: We started Pemandu in 2009 with two clear objectives: to drive Malaysia’s transformation into a high-income nation by 2020, and to work ourselves out of this job. [Din Merican Blog dated 13.3.17]

    Some Malaysians appear to have achieved high income status but at the expense of the majority of Malaysians who may have been made even lower income status.
    Those who may have achieved high income status may have been due to widespread corruption and this is evidenced by the several VVIP titled persons holding high positions being under investigations by the MACC and also the hundreds of cases reported annually by the Auditor General in his Findings reports.
    Sadly little is known about the final outcome of the investigations where undertaken or findings of suspected cases reported by by the Auditor General and with passage of time all is soon forgotten and this is evidenced by the Aud-Gen’s cases reported for the past over three decades.
    The message to others may be that it is alright to be corrupted as little if any action will be taken even if investigated. Further as many of those under investigations are holding very senior position/leadership positions and are titled [which title continues even when under investigations and the person referred to as YB] the others may be

    The latest reported case involves the Johor Land Office but it is commonly perceived that similar cases of abuse of power and possible corruption may be happening in other Land Offices and Agencies and Local Authorities.

    Other Accounts which are most susceptible to illegal withdrawals is the UNCLAIMED MONEYS ACCOUNT WHICH HAS TENS OF BILLIONS OF RINGGIT MALAYSIA AND ALSO THE MANY AGENCIES/LOCAL AUTHORITIES HAVING ‘UNCLAIMED DEPOSITS AND ADVANCES’ which cumulatively may also be in tens of billions or Ringgit Malaysia and this does not include similar TRUST FUNDS WITH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS [BANKS/INSURANCE] and others.

    Tens of thousands of compound notices are issued every year and have accumulated to millions over the past but little if any action is taken against the delinquents but rewarded with discounts and this results in loss of billions of RM and yet all involved continue to have their salaries/perks/allowances/being increased and revised regularly.


  2. Very simple litmus test – just ask people on the streets whether their life is easier or better after ETP from an income and spending perspective. This is verify the effects of numbers like GNI, etc.

    What do you think their answers will be? 😉

    • There may be several Accountants and Staticians who may be willing to provide the required numbers as mo one may be able to sight the data oon which the final figures may be based.
      Trust official news and as Trump says all other news is fake news.

  3. …For glossing over inadequacy and incompetency, bringing these big names to participate in the Global Transformation Forum are great.

    But there is nothing to inspire in the NTP when the civil service sectors are still Bloated with Unrealistic numbers of 1.3 million.
    Productivity hardly improved​, income remain stagnated and purchasing power reduced.

    Fund applications are wasteful or misdirected as a ruler had remarked “why do JAKIM needs RM 1 billion ?”

    Singapore’s (US$ 60 k ) 6 × Malaysia income per capita is far far more inspiring, considering both had started on the same footing 50 years ago.

    Even if achieving US12,276 income per capita by 2020, Malaysia performance is miserably Unimpressive.

    • The value of high income may be nullified by inflation due to higher costs of dsily needs which include food and transport and shelter.

  4. THIS was why people hate management consultants. What a bunch of croc. All the figures are outdated. When the MYR falls nearly 40% in 2015-2016, he still quotes 2015 figures. This is nothing but a consultant exit report to cover his ass.

  5. Jala is as delusional as his boss, the thief of Pekan. Perhaps more delusional than the man himself. But what to do when his job is to abide by his boss’s command and be one obedient lapdog.

    Jala, the country is falling apart and you still have the nerves to say otherwise. NTP or whatever “P” means absolutely nothing to the man in the street. Wake up, my friend.

  6. Reminds of the the fable about the KING WHO WAS NUDE BUT THOUGHT THAT HE WAS WEARING AN EXPENSIVE SUIT WHICH ONLY THE ‘WISE’ COULD SEE. When questioned all replied that that they could see the ‘dress’ as no one wanted to show that they were not wise until A CHILD SAID THAT THE KING WAS WITHOUT ANY CLOTHS AND ALL SAID THE CHILD WAS NOT WISE AS HE WAS TOO YOUNG TO UNDERSTAND.
    Majorities in most countries may be in the same position as the public watching the naked king and very few wanted to he equated with the child who was honest and did not need to support the general view of the majority.

  7. Many Malaysians think Idris is a muslim bumiputra when he is not. Meanwhile Idris acts as if he is driving the country when he does not. A case of the deluded leading the deluded.

    The fact is Idris is just a compiler of laggard data. Statistical techniques are basically mathematics of data averages, which can be matched to any unrealistic assumption/interpretation to prove a point which need not reflect reality.

    No wonder Idris can report quote” the programme’s total KPIs recording an average score of more than 100% every year” unquote. What? Score >100% ??? How is that ever possible if not for the fact that the KPIs are stage managed or massaged to show exactly what they want it to show !! It is an exercise in futility!

    Not surprisingly this statistical charade is also undertaken in the GLCs in order to “show its objectivity” when the real agenda is hidden and predetermined.

  8. Massaged stats? Absolutely. Pemandu smoking candu! Every this Jala croons, i puke. Is there a Law against Prostitution of Stats?

    Look my illiterate reading of the ETP, GTP or whatever acronyms and the Official Stats – as the Goons wanna call it, is summarized (in averages and to nearest decimal) are as follows:
    1. Reported income growth 2012-2014 = 11%;
    2. Net increase in household expenditure (urban), same period = 51%;
    3. Reported annual inflation rate = 3.4% (rural); 5.5% (urban);
    4. Approximately 80% of Chinapek are urban and therefore most impinged by economic hardship. They are as pissed as their neighbors;
    5. 60% of the working population earn less than RM 2000 pm;
    6. The minimum household income to ‘break even’ for a couple and a school going child in the urban environment is RM 5000 pm, with no savings leftover;
    7. Almost all respondents to the BR1M survey allege that its a drop in their bucket;
    8. There has been only minimal tax relief for those who earn above the 2k tax bracket and the corporate tax remains high at 24%. Only 20% of the employed pay any form of income tax. The GST rate must be brought down to 4% or lower to avoid stagflation.
    9. Runaway inflation is a function of poor enforcement, erroneous policies, late or absent GST tax repatriation, profiteering and being worst performing EX currency in Malusian history;
    10. Export figures are heavily massaged as is the realized FDI figures. Current account balance is a figment of imagination. The national economy has been in deficit or negative gearing ever since 1MDB erupted;
    11. The unemployment rate is at 3.1%, but 3.5% among graduates. However it is claimed that more than 238,000-380,000 graduates remain unemployable. How is that possible?
    12. Although Crime Rate is down, the nature of the Crimes have changed to a more violent, dangerous and personal kind. White collar crime has ‘blossomed’.

    So tell me about Crime and Corruption by the smallest to the mega-Enforcers. They have to ‘makan’ too.. Right?

    You guys can carry on, but i have a domestic PhD to back me up. I may have missed out lots, but it is Impossible to describe the anger and disenchantment of folk struggling to keep their head above the water.

    • Reported income growth 2012-2014 = 11%

      Pensioners’ annual increase only 2% of the pension based old schemes which were replaced with new schemes resulting in previous pensioners not eligible for revisions of pensions due to salary revisions as provided by law. Previous pensioners legally deprived of rights provided by law.
      [As an example a person who retired more than about 15 years ago get pension which is almost 50% lower than the same category officer who retired in the past 15 years. This is based on estimates and comparison].

      Almost all respondents to the BR1M survey allege that its a drop in their bucket;

      A Minister has confirmed that there are many BR1M claimants who collect though they are earning much more than the RM4K limit. So what action if any is taken against these ‘cheats’?

      There has been only minimal tax relief for those who earn above the 2k tax bracket and the corporate tax remains high at 24%.


      poor enforcement, erroneous policies


      Ampang Jaya has just offered RM10 discount [Star Metro 13.3.17] whereas DBKL’s Discount period ended on 28.2.17. May be other offenders are waiting for the next DISCOUNT SEASON which is expected to commence soon.

      ‘PPR rent arrears amount to RM1.9 bil, 377 notices issued to residents’ [NST 15.3.17]. This does not include cost of repairs borne by taxpayers even when the occupants may be responsible as can be concluded from the vandalism. [JUST LOOK AT SINGAPORE HDB FLATS FOR GUIDANCE IF INTERESTED TO IMPROVE]

      The Government has been and may continue to lose Hundreds of Millions of Ringgit Malaysia by awarding these DISCOUNT REWARDS TO LAW BREAKERS AND LOAN/RENT DELINQUINTS.
      [Singapore does not have any such rewards or losses of revenue] and yet the ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND THEIR CONTINUE TO BE REWARDED BY REVISIONS/INCREMENTS OF SALARIES/PERKS.

      it is claimed that more than 238,000-380,000 graduates remain unemployable.

      Is this in accordance with the policy of PHDs [who may be suspected with fake degrees as was reported in the media some time back] and EXPERTS without the relevant expertise?
      [Many unemployables may also be given allowances for further training resulting in another continues drain on taxpayers and may be a disincentive to find employment.

    • Is this another case of continued indirect bailouts for inefficient management?
      Profits shared by insiders and losses borne by taxpayers.

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