The Man called Donald Trump as POTUS and Malaysian Prime Minister known as Najib Razak

March 9, 2017

The Man called  Donald Trump as POTUS and Malaysian Prime Minister  known as Najib Razak

My American friends,

Please tell me more about the man called Trump who you put in The White House on November 8, 2016. I am unable to decipher him. Unbelievable. He has the audacity to tell you that your 44th President had ordered a wiretap on Trump Towers during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. It is an unprecedented act in US history where a sitting President accuses his predecessor of breaking the law with no evidence to support his allegation.

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Mr. Trump is probably not aware that Mr. Obama is an outstanding graduate of the world-famous Harvard Law School and a popular President. While it is acceptable to be critical of his policies ( that is politics), it is at the height of irresponsibility to attempt to damage Mr. Obama’s integrity and reputation.

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Tom Friedman’s comment, which I now quote, is worth noting. “There  is nothing more dangerous than a US President who’s squandered his trust before he has to lead us  through a crisis. But that’s  happens when he’s surrounded by people ready to slather peanut butter on their chins. It greases the decline of companies and countries”.

I am not worried about you because you have judicial and legislative mechanisms in place to impeach a US President and a fiercely independent and free media  to keep your politicians including your President in check. I am only  trying to understand how your democratic system can take a Trump to The White House.

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I thought it can only happen in a country like Malaysia where our legislature and our judicial system have become dysfunctional leaving a powerful Executive Branch in total control, while our media is neither free nor independent. That is why we have a Prime Minister, Mr. Najib Razak, who betrayed our trust with impunity since he came to power in 2009. He is a pathological liar and a corrupt and dishonest politician who surrounds himself with “people ready to slather peanut butter on their chins”(or carmas as we call them in Malaysia).–Din Merican

6 thoughts on “The Man called Donald Trump as POTUS and Malaysian Prime Minister known as Najib Razak

  1. Quote:- “Lets cut the bull Najib (& Co) and his UMNO are low class trash”

    What then shall we call the 47% who voted for them?

  2. In an average hair salon in mid-America, I overheard a Polish-accent hair dresser renouncing government’s help for free college tuition as an inappropriate governmental action while she talked to her client. This is equivalent to a rubber tapper newly-mint Malaysian in Malaysia renouncing governmental tuition help to get her kids to college. Given this incidence, I think there is much optimism in the US and I have been thinking of doubling down in the stock market and other investments.

    It is almost impossible for people outside the US to comprehend how much Americans value individual liberty and self-government. It is therefore almost impossible for foreigners to comprehend that Americans who support Trump are also the same people knowing his many flaws. By the way, the aforementioned client is one of those rational Trump’s supporters who know Trump’s flaws but also know Trump can help to restore America’s characteristic as envisioned in the Constitution, and as intended by the founding Fathers.

  3. The suspicion cast on Obama is not as ridiculous as suspicion of collusion between Trump campaign-Russia given the following circumstantial evidence:

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