North Korea’s spy network in Kuala Lumpur–What’s Up Mr. Najib?

March 1, 2017

North Korea’s spy network in Kuala Lumpur–What’s Up Mr. Najib?

by James Pearson and Rozanna Latiff
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It is in Kuala Lumpur’s “Little India” neighborhood, behind an unmarked door on the second floor of a rundown building, where a military equipment company called Glocom says it has its office.

Glocom is a front company run by North Korean intelligence agents that sells battlefield radio equipment in violation of United Nations sanctions, according to a United Nations report submitted to the Security Council seen by Reuters.

Reuters found that Glocom advertises over 30 radio systems for “military and paramilitary” organizations on its Malaysian website,

Glocom’s Malaysian website, which was taken down late last year, listed the Little India address in its contacts section. No one answers the door there and the mailbox outside is stuffed with unopened letters.

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IGP Khalid Abu Bakar–Would you entrust this nincompoop with the safety of your cat? Think again

In fact, no company by that name exists in Malaysia. But two Malaysian companies controlled by North Korean shareholders and directors registered Glocom’s website in 2009, according to website and company registration documents.

And it does have a business, the unreleased U.N. report says. Last July, an air shipment of North Korean military communications equipment, sent from China and bound for Eritrea, was intercepted in an unnamed country. The seized equipment included 45 boxes of battlefield radios and accessories labeled “Glocom”, short for Global Communications Co.

Glocom is controlled by the Reconnaissance General Bureau, the North Korean intelligence agency tasked with overseas operations and weapons procurement, the report says, citing undisclosed information it obtained.

A spokesman for North Korea’s mission at the U.N. told Reuters he had no information about Glocom.

U.N. resolution 1874, adopted in 2009, expanded the arms embargo against North Korea to include military equipment and all “related materiel”.

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Only Emeritus POTUS Barrack Obama trusts him

But implementation of the sanctions “remains insufficient and highly inconsistent” among member countries, the U.N. report says, and North Korea is using “evasion techniques that are increasing in scale, scope and sophistication.”

Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world which had strong ties with North Korea. Their citizens can travel to each other’s countries without visas. But those ties have begun to sour after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother was murdered at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport on Feb 13.


According to the “WHOIS” database, which discloses website ownership, was registered in 2009 by an entity called International Global System using the “Little India” address. A similarly named company, International Golden Services is listed as the contact point on Glocom’s website.

Glocom registered a new website,, in mid-December, this one showing no Malaysian contacts. Its most recent post is dated January, 2017 and advertises new products, including a remote control system for a precision-guided missile.

Glocom is operated by the Pyongyang branch of a Singapore-based company called Pan Systems, the U.N. report says, citing an invoice and other information it obtained.

Louis Low, managing director of Pan Systems in Singapore said his company used to have an office in Pyongyang from 1996 but officially ended relations with North Korea in 2010 and was no longer in control of any business there.

“They use (the) Pan Systems (name) and say it’s a foreign company, but they operate everything by themselves,” Low told Reuters referring to the North Koreans at the Pyongyang office.

Pan Systems Pyongyang utilized bank accounts, front companies and agents mostly based in China and Malaysia to buy components and sell completed radio systems, the U.N. report says. Pan Systems Pyongyang could not be reached for comment.

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Malaysia’s Home Affairs Minister–He has some explaining to do to Parliament. Does he really care?

One of the directors of Pan Systems Pyongyang is Ryang Su Nyo. According to a source with direct knowledge of her background, Ryang reports to “Liaison Office 519”, a department in the Reconnaissance General Bureau. Ryang is also listed as a shareholder of International Global System, the company that registered Glocom’s website.

Reuters has not been able to contact Ryang.


Ryang frequently traveled to Singapore and Malaysia to meet with Pan Systems representatives, the U.N. report says.

On one such trip in February 2014, she and two other North Koreans were detained in Malaysia for attempting to smuggle $450,000 through customs at Kuala Lumpur’s budget airport terminal, two sources with direct knowledge of the situation told Reuters.

The North Korean trio told Malaysian authorities they all worked for Pan Systems and the cash belonged to the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur, according to the two sources.

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Attorney-General Apandi Ali and Head of Malaysia’s Judiciary–Two of a Kind

The Malaysian Attorney-General decided not to press charges because of insufficient evidence. A week later, the trio was allowed to travel, and the North Korean embassy claimed the cash, the sources said. All three had passports assigned to government officials, the sources said.

Malaysia’s Customs Department and the Attorney General’s office did not respond to requests for comment over the weekend.

The Pan Systems representative in Kuala Lumpur is a North Korean by the name of Kim Chang Hyok, the U.N. report says.

Kim, who also goes by James Kim, was a founding director of International Golden Services, the company listed in the contacts section of the Glocom website. Kim is director and shareholder of four other companies in Malaysia operating in the fields of IT and trade, according to the Malaysian company registry.He did not respond to requests for comment by mail or email.

The United Nations panel, which prepared the draft report, asked the Malaysian government if it would expel Kim and freeze the assets of International Golden Services and International Global System to comply with U.N. sanctions. The U.N. did not say when it made the request.

“The panel has yet to receive an answer,” the report said. Reuters has not received a response from the Malaysian government to repeated requests for comment about Glocom.


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One of Glocom’s early partners in Malaysia was Mustapha Ya’akub, a prominent member of Malaysia’s ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). Since 2014, he has been listed as a director of International Golden Services.

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UMNO Youth’s Dato’ Mustapha Ya’akub

As secretary of the UMNO youth wing’s international affairs bureau, Mustapha fostered political connections in the 1990s with countries, such as Iran, Libya and North Korea. Glocom’s Little India address once housed a company owned by UMNO Youth.

Mustapha, 67, said he had been a Glocom business partner “many years back” and said it has been continuously controlled by several North Koreans, including Kim Chang Hyok, whom he said he knew. He did not divulge his role in the company, and denied any knowledge of Glocom’s current business.

“We thought at the time it might be a good idea to go into business together,” Mustapha told Reuters about his first meeting with his North Korean business contacts. He did not say who those contacts were or what they discussed. He denied any knowledge of Glocom’s current business.

Glocom advertises and exhibits its wares without disclosing its North Korean connections. “Anywhere, Anytime in Battlefield,” reads the slogan on one of several 2017 Glocom catalogs obtained by Reuters.

An advertisement in the September 2012 edition of the Asian Military Review said Glocom develops radios and equipment for “military and paramilitary organizations”.  A spokesman for the magazine confirmed the ad had been bought by Glocom, but said the magazine was unaware of its alleged links to North Korea.

Glocom has exhibited at least three times since 2006 at Malaysia’s biennial arms show, Defence Services Asia (DSA), according to Glocom’s website. At DSA 2016, Glocom paid 2,000 ringgit ($450) to share a table in the booth of Malaysia’s Integrated Securities Corporation, its director Hassan Masri told Reuters by email.

Hassan said he had nothing to do with Glocom’s equipment and was unaware of its alleged links to North Korea. Aside from the North Koreans behind Glocom, clues on its website also point to its North Korean origins.

For instance, one undated photo shows a factory worker testing a Glocom radio system. A plaque nearby shows the machine he is using has won a uniquely North Korean award: The Model Machine No. 26 Prize,” named in honor of late leader Kim Jong Il, who is said to have efficiently operated “Lathe No. 26” at the Pyongyang Textile Factory when he was a student.

(Reporting by James Pearson and Rozanna Latiff. Additional reporting by Nicole Nee in SINGAPORE, Michelle Price in HONG KONG and Ned Parker in New York.; Editing by Bill Tarrant.)


9 thoughts on “North Korea’s spy network in Kuala Lumpur–What’s Up Mr. Najib?

  1. Orang Malaya,

    What is happening in Najib’s LalaLand? Are you still a fan of this UMNO Grand Poobah? I wonder what our buddies CLF, LaMoy and Conrad think of this North Korean connection. I am sick with what is happening in Malaysia. The whole place is in shambles. Murder and spying and what’s next? Or am I overreacting? — Din Merican

    • Me no fan of Jibby’s grand poobah. Like UMNO up to early years of Team Che Det and Moses Black with their 2M and Amanah, Bersih and Cekap slogan. After that it was all downhill.
      Orang Malaya, I was merely pulling your leg to get a reaction. UMNO Grand Poobah is a disaster. Both of us agree on what we think of him. He is now kissing the feet of the Saudi King, having courted China to save his skin. Tok Cik is spot on.–Din Merican

  2. I remember my Malaysian passport had a page that said ‘This passport not valid for travel to Cuba, Israel and North Korea’ guess now its only Israel. Malaysia porous borders and no bisa or visa upon arrival has led to the country to be the favorite transit point for smugglers, drug mules, human trafickers and now espionage, spies and black ops.
    Over the years the country has been used as transit point for arms smugglers (Scomi) for shipment of centerfige and certain parts that can be used in nuclear arms and the ISA of a foreign national to prevent him from squealing and implicating Scomi.
    Drugs from the Golden triangle have been smuggled through Malaysia to Australia big time.
    MAS lost a brand new Airbus A 330 due to a spill of corrosive liquid presumably radio active material shipped from China with final destination Iran. FBI was investigating the case and aircraft declared non airworthy. Case was hushed up.
    Now we have spies and black ops operative operating in Malaysia culminating in an assasination. The Police amd other Intel agencies acknowledge the presence of such activities and groups but failed to curb it. Its always after the fact.
    The government is so against burying Chin Peng in Malaysia because he was a comunnist but on the other hand have no qualms about selling national assets to Comunnist China and being friendly to rogue Communist North Korea.
    You reap what you sow.

  3. As if selling he country to PRC and Saudi Arabia is not enough, Al Jubor is courting recluse North Korea to rescue him. I believe this is all part of his grandiose plan to salvage the 1MDB fiasco. He does not realise what shit he’s into.

  4. North Korea is depicted across Western media as a backward nation run by a despotic, delusional leader encircled by advisers suffering from irrational, militant paranoia. The nation is also depicted as a prominent security threat in Asia-Pacific. I agree North Korea is a paranoia regime. But what drove them to become so paranoia?

    What I’m going to say may be very controversial. I believe the North Korean’s behavior is due to their very existence being threatened by the US-South Korea-Japan axis. The US has never hidden its desire of regime change in North Korea, exercising war games after war games with South Korea and Japan. China keeps the North Korean economy afloat for its own self interest of not wanting hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing into its borders.

    A despotic, delusional leadership, however, most likely would not possess nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and a large conventional army and yet restrain its use regardless of decades of provocations engineered along its borders by the US and its allies within the South Korean and Japanese governments. Likewise, a nation governed by the entirely irrational would be incapable of maintaining, even expanding ties with neighboring states like China and Russia, even Malaysia. Much of the US accusations are predicated on the continued development of North Korea’s defense programs including advances in nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles. Strategically omitted from US rhetoric are the provocations the US itself is guilty of, spurring along North Korea’s expanding militarization.

    What if, then, North Korea’s allegedly irrational paranoia was well-founded? In this context, North Korea’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile is not as “irrational” or “provocative” as Western media attempts to portray. It is an attempt to deter conflict, not provoke it. The launching of missiles and the testing of nuclear weapons are not the the actions of a deranged leadership seeking regional conflict, but a rational strategy of deterrence designed to time-out the clock as the sun sets on US Asian-Pacific hegemony. By all accounts, including the US itself, North Korea does not possess the means to overrun South Korean forces or menace its neighbors in Asia-Pacific significantly. Doing so would be greatly destabilizing to its friends in Beijing and Moscow, and detrimental to its own self-preservation.

    All these nuclear weapon and ballistic missile need money. Without any true friends and being economically sanctioned by the West, the only way to get this money is through the illegal means as described in the above article.

    If the US truly wants to solve the North Korean problem, America should sit down with North Korea to discuss and negotiate, mano a mano, and not evading to pass the hot potato to China, knowing that China hasn’t much leverage over North Korea in the first place. America has no intention to solve the North Korea problem, for it is using North Korea as a pretext to ring China with missiles. And China knows that. Very recently when Trump telling China to solve the problem in North Korea, China threw it back at his face telling him bluntly North Korea is America’s problem, not China’s, knowing that, with or without North Korea, America is going to ring China with missiles anyway.

  5. Ummm… pardon my naiveity, but isn’t every embassy a de facto spy agency as well?

    I reckon spies are everywhere, just waiting to be caught.

  6. It is said: “The mind is a mirror. It reflects what is shown to it.”
    But among Malusians, it’s not about ‘mirror neurons’ in neuroscience.

    In UMNOb parlance, it means when they see money dangling (even in their mind’s eye), they’ll take the money regardless of whether it’s legal, ethical or moral. Corruption is not only in legalities, but is inextricably hardwired into these Untouchable Elitists.

    No way the sec-gen of the Premier party is unaware that the UN sanctions were in place. Feigning innocence is like:
    (1) A whore claiming to be a perpetual virgin;
    (2) MO1 claiming not to know where vast sums monies banked into ‘their’ personal account came from; or
    (3) Donations coming from a Camel prince so impressed with MO1’s defense of his ‘religion’.

    It is not so much the desperation of a bastardized Hermit Kingdom, but the sheer audacity and stupidity of our Kleptocrats, especially KO1 (Kleptocrat Officer no. 1) – who have not only mortified their own ‘race and religion’ (demi bagsa dan ugama), but also the whole nation. Discernment at it’s nadir.

    Yup OM, besides the golden triangle thingy, Malusia is now also the transhipmant point for illegal migrants (slave trade) and crystal meth. You name it, Malusian authorities dabble in it. In fact, a MITI Agency chief in the past (dunno about now..), was often been notified about illegal and nefarious trade practices/exports by the Comm Sec US (inc FBI/CIA), Oz and EU, cuz informing the Real Goons, most often results in the subject being relegated to NFA rubbish bin.

  7. Quote:- ” I believe the North Korean’s behavior is due to their very existence being threatened by the US-South Korea-Japan axis”

    If that’s true, Vietnam would also have gone the same way after the Vietnamese war.

    I believe it was China who needed a buffer state to keep the US at bay and nurturing an isolated, paranoiac N. Korea under it’s putative control would serve the purpose. If there is only one Korea, American military / missiles would be stationed as there presently are in S. Korea.

    Even the Americans were afraid of the defunct USSR stationing missiles in neighboring Cuba.

    The present problem is due to the N. Korean second and third generation leadership having out-grown China’s tutelage, and China being pre-occupied in recent years with it’s own surprisingly rapid development and which engenders a broader World view that they negligently neglected to impose discipline as before, probably thinking a nuclear-armed N. Korea could distract the Americans.

  8. Is Najib a mad man of Malaysia?

    Perhaps he wants to purchase the know-how and help from North Korea to build nuclear bombs to possibly realise the grandiose plan of resurrecting Nusantara (the Malay world) with annexation of some southern parts of Philipines and Thailand as well as Brunei and of course Singapore with a tie-up with Indonesia.

    All a prelude to setting up an Islamic Caliphate in this part of the region considering an UMNO-PAS axis?

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