Universiti Malaya: Nip Racism in the bud and clear your name

February 26, 2017

Universiti Malaya: Nip Racism in the bud and clear your name

by Mariam Mokhtar@www.freemalaysiatoday.com

In deciding to investigate an allegation of racism against one of its associate professors, Universiti Malaya gives itself an opportunity to prove to the Malaysian public that it upholds a high standard of decency.

We await the findings of the five-member investigation panel and the university’s follow-up action. However, one wonders whether Universiti Malaya would have bothered to look into the matter if it hadn’t received a directive from the Education Ministry. Indeed, it did not have to wait for the directive. It should have maintained an alertness to issues that might affect its reputation and it should act speedily.

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The allegation came in a Facebook posting by a student. The article, titled “Voice of an Indian student”, has gone viral.

The student said the lecturer, in reprimanding her and another student, dispensed with the courtesy of calling them by their names and instead called them “India”.

Here, in brief, is the story according to the Facebook posting:

The lecturer said, “India, I don’t like Indians sitting together.” After making a disparaging remark about a private university, she added: “When Indians sit together, they will plagiarise and copy one another’s assignments. I recognise Indian traits.”

The abuse continued. She pointed to the student and her friend and told them to sit separately, saying, “I will ensure that the two of you will not be in the same group for your assignment. I know what Indians are like.”

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This Ikan Bakar Man–Jamal Yunus– is a racist. Najib and UMNO support him and so Najib is a racist and UMNO is a racist political party. Q.E.D.

Then she insulted the other Indian students in the class. She made no excuses for her behaviour and said she did not mind if no one promoted Universiti Malaya because she preferred to teach smaller classes.

So, is this what you learn in a top Malaysian university – racism, intolerance, rudeness, insensitivity? When asked for his reaction, one postgraduate student said, “Academicians in Malaysian public universities should uphold a high standard of ethics. Making stereotypical racist comments against students is very unbecoming and reflects badly on the university and the degrees it confers.”

The student who wrote the complaint has demanded an apology from the lecturer.

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The Fun Loving but Insecure Malays

An apology to the direct victims of the insult is not enough, if the lecturer is indeed guilty. She should apologise to the public and the apology should be published in all the mainstream papers. And Universiti Malaya must sack her.

17 thoughts on “Universiti Malaya: Nip Racism in the bud and clear your name

  1. As an alum of The University of Malaya (now known as Universiti Malaya), I am sad that this institution is breeding racists. I attribute this development to UMNO’s political interference in the appointment of academic staff and the preponderance of Malay students with strong leanings towards UMNO racist ideology (Ketuanan Melayu). Academic freedom has been compromised in this 100 year old institution since the days of the Mahathir Administration.–Din Merican

  2. People who are racist seem to be on the edge of anger all the time.
    Racism is not good for one’s mental health.

    Would you want this individual to be a role model for the younger generation of Malaysian youth? I wonder what subject this lecturer teaches.

  3. Is this a case of inability to rise and thus adopt another option and that could be to fall and be popular as it could also be easier?

  4. Sigh.., so sad lah. What is this country coming to..?

    You see, when i was in UM, we rascals would call each other epithets that will curl your hair (assuming you have straight hair). Since it was among peers, the racial profiling was taken in good humor. But certainly never by lecturers and other authoritative goons.

    Heck, the most the Prof will call us is: ‘You Bllaaa..rddy.. Foo..ol!’ We deserved it, i guess. We took it as something Normal. Nowadays, everyone has a chip on their shoulder the size of Siberia.

    Now you know why i found ‘Academia’ beyond my ken?

    • That’s right: name and SHAME. After all if she has no respect for her students why should she be accorded the same. But then it may be like water off a duck’s back as these nincompoops know no shame.

  5. Quote:- “…Nip Racism in the bud….”

    I am afraid the “bud” is already a flower. Who has the guts or even inclination to administer a strong dose of weed killer or a botanical version of VX?

  6. MU,once the pride of the nation and a university of high standards,envy by our neighbors have gone to the dogs.Thanks to our leaders,politicians and ketuanan Melayu.

  7. Facebook posting is ussually FAKE. Dissemination of lies & slander to incite hate through Facebook happens almost everyday. I’m sceptical because the lecturer sounds way too racist to be true. Yes, the standard & intellect of UM has deteriorated indeed. Mislead by academics like Prof Azmi Shahrom & alumni like the criminal Anwar, no wonder UM’s Malay students averaged only CGPA 2.5 & loose out in the meritocracy race.

    • ‘no wonder UM’s Malay students averaged only CGPA 2.5 & loose out in the meritocracy race.’
      Is there any reason or feeling of failure when meritocracy is not achieved when policies may not be encouraging achievement of meritocracy via rewards in the form of titles/promotions/positions and higher remunerations which may not be based on merit?

  8. “in the bud”?? Please, racism is a burning full blown fever in our education system and some public universities are epidemic.

  9. I’m not condoning the lecturer’s actions or words, if indeed the accusations are true. For they are disgusting and vile.
    But I am surprised why these students did not walk out, or better still engage the lecturer and point out that her behavior was unwarranted, racist and unbecoming of an educated person. Shame her in front of the hall – that would be more effective than some inquiry that would most likely fade away after the heat has died down.
    After all these students are adults, and if they did not stand up for their rights I think education is wasted on them.
    Its a pity most folks prefer to whine anonymously when the problem can be nipped in the bud, and the perpetrator made to look like a complete idiot.

    • ‘But I am surprised why these students did not walk out’.
      The reason could be that the students may be in agreement with what is stated and it may be ‘populist’ as may be becoming an expanding culture in many countries.

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