The Game Malaysia and North Korea play over a dead Korean

February 23, 2017

The Game Malaysia and North Korea play over a dead Korean

by Lim Sue


The assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Jong Nam would be nothing short of a spectacular movie in the spy thriller genre, should anyone use the recent event as a plot.

Image result for The assassination of a Kim Jong Un

The storyline is roughly there: A fanatical leader of a certain hermit state has been suffering from some kind of persecutory delusion, fearing that someone is going to unseat him from the pinnacle of power. Consequently, he gets his intelligence agency to orchestrate an assassination plan to get rid of his half brother.

So, four intelligence operatives land in the country where the target is found, and pick two young foreign women to carry out the killing. The four men also arrange to catch the next plane out when the assassination goes as planned.

These agents are masters of their trade. One of them had entered the country on January 31 while the other three arrived several days later. They presumably arrived at different times to avert the attention of security authorities.

They later found the two women, one Vietnamese and the other Indonesian, possibly with the help of some other individuals, believing they were the right candidates to put down Kim Jong Nam.

Image result for Najib Razak mishandles the murder of Kim

The plan was drawn up in less than two weeks, including training the two foreign women, acquiring the poisonous fluid, tracking Jong Nam’s whereabouts, conducting site inspection and designing the escape route. The highly efficient plot worked, possibly with a little help from some insiders.

When the female suspects sprinkled the toxic fluid on Jong Nam’s face, the whole incident was closely monitored by the four masterminds from a nearby restaurant. Presumably, they were also ready to put a Plan B into execution if the female suspects had failed. They were supposedly still observing Jong Nam as he sought assistance, right until he slumped in the chair at the airport clinic.

The incident took place at about 10am in the morning, and the four suspects took the 12pm flight to Surabaya on the same day, arriving in Pyongyang on day four after making transits in three countries. The two women could have been abandoned by them, and could have been allowed to be arrested by the Police in order to give them ample time to flee.

From the leaked video of the klia2 CCTV footage, it could be seen that the two women were swift in their action. Their actions were nothing like the “prank” they claimed that they were carrying out for some men.

Elusive agents

The question is: how did the secret agents find out Jong Nam’s flight details and how many of them are still lurking in this country?

We know very little of these elusive agents. Malaysia and ASEAN have been doing a superb job in fighting terrorism, such that we could track down and know of certain militant group’s plans before they had a chance to act.

That being said, we still need to step up our cooperation with regional countries on the sharing of vital information on cross-border spies and secret agents to prevent autocratic regimes from carrying out their barbaric acts on our soil.

All police evidence point straight to Pyongyang, including the prime suspects being North Korean.

North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol has accused the Malaysian government of intentionally delaying the claim of Kim Jong Nam’s body in a bid to conceal the truth while colluding with external forces to tarnish the reputation of his country.

In view of this, it was absolutely necessary for the Malaysian government to take action, such as summoning Kang and recalling our envoy in Pyongyang.

Pyongyang must respect the laws of other countries. Malaysian law requires the next-of-kin to provide DNA for verification purposes before he or she can claim the body of the deceased.

Pyongyang cannot capriciously do what it wants. If the Malaysian Police fail to probe the case thoroughly, how are they going to answer to the international community? Our police have indeed carried out their job in a highly professional manner this time.

Subsequent moves by the Malaysian authorities show that we are ready to do anything even if it means our ties with Pyongyang being at stake. This will effectively prevent ourselves from getting embroiled in any unnecessary “diplomatic war” because mishandling of this matter could cause countries such as China, the United States, South Korea and even Japan to step in.

Image result for Najib Razak mishandles the murder of Kim

Malaysia has always been practicing an independent, neutral and non-allied diplomatic policy, but as a small nation, we must never risk our national interests by throwing ourselves into the whirlpool of international conflicts involving powerful nations.

The evidence we have provided should be sufficient to pinpoint the secret hand behind this dramatic assassination, and get the United Nations to intensify the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

Conventional logic does not apply to an impressionable and tyrannical leader of an autocratic state. It is now time to review our diplomatic policy to stop us from getting sucked into any international conspiracy.

Lim Sue Goan writes for Sin Chew Daily.



16 thoughts on “The Game Malaysia and North Korea play over a dead Korean

  1. Something is not quite right.

    Whether or not the two women were completely “innocent”, in the sense that they were not knowingly working as “secret agents” for anyone but were one-off innocent paid prank actors, or were actually co-conspirators carrying out the deed as part of their secret agent job, (which their own parents didn’t know about), then the people who recruited them would have made sure they were not caught.

    All things at the moment point to a N. Korean clandestine operation, and the fact that they are so angry about being implicated by the Malaysian government shows that they didn’t want to be implicated. Why allow the two women to be caught then? These two women would surely say they were recruited by Koreans, whether North or South. I mean it was done in a busy international airport bristling with CCTV and Malaysia is not Somalia.

    If Kim Jung Nam’s movements in Malaysia were so well known to his mastermind assasinators, to the extent of what flight he would be taking, then wouldn’t it be better to knock him off somewhere quieter or do a motorcycle drive-by shooting, like those in Penang recently?

    So unless the N. Koreans truly believe that our security agencies are so hopelessly inept that they were absolutely confident the two women would never ever be caught and thus escape liability altogether, then all the stories from both sides don’t add up.

    The part about whether he died of poisoning or heart attack, it is neither here nor there because even if fast-acting lethal poison was involved, the immediate cause of death could still be a fatal cardiac arrest, like people don’t die of cancer but organ failure caused by malignant cancerous tumors.

    • Kim’s propaganda apparatus is much more effective than MO1’s.
      How many people are willing to die for MO1, FLOM and the horizontally-challenged super yacht guy (as compared with the
      Kim guy)?

      1Malaysia regime should be very careful in its dealings with the
      Kim regime !

  2. If you insist Wayne. Your comments sound pedantic. Something is always ‘not-quite-right’ or else you’d be living in an alternate universe.

    The author of this piece qualified himself with this:
    “Conventional logic does not apply to an impressionable and tyrannical leader of an autocratic state.” in the second last line.

    Reading thru’ the comments on MK and FMT, i’ve come to the conclusion that most of these blokes are ignorami, puerile or conspiracy addicts on methamphetamine/LSD or like substance.

    It’s always best, as i’ve commented in a prior thread to use Occam’s Razor.

  3. A strange coincidence! The supposed Kim Jong Nam traveled with a quite bizarre identity. The assumed name he used in the passport was Kim Chol which is exactly the name of a North Korean high ranking official allegedly killed in 2012. Why did he use such a highly suspicious fake name?!


    The Malaysian government said he was poisoned by VX nerve agent. It is an extremely toxic organophosphate which can be administered through the skin that severely disrupts the body’s nervous system, even a tiny amount equal to a few grains of salt is capable of killing.

    As a qualified pharmaceutical scientist who is familiar with toxicology, I’m intrigued that these two alleged female assassins suffered no ill effect from exposure to VX nerve agent, how they could have walked away unscathed after handling such a powerful poison, even if, as Malaysian police say, the women were instructed to wash their hands right after the attack.

    Yes, there is an antidote that can be administered by injection. U.S. military medics personnel carried kits with them on the battlefield during war in case they were exposed to the chemical weapon. It is possible that both of the two women were given the antidote.

    If VX nerve agent was used, it could have contaminated not only the airport but any place else Kim had been, including medical facilities and the ambulance he was transported in. The VX nerve agent has the consistency that can take days or even weeks to evaporate. There should have been dozens of people who had developed at least mild symptoms resulting from gas poisoning. Where are they?

    If VX nerve agent was used, I’m appalled that it took the Malaysian government 11 days after the incidence to decontaminating the airport. Any one who passed through the airport in these 11 days could have been contaminated with the poison.

  4. I had lunch with my toxicologist friend from my research lab this afternoon, and he is just as perplexed and told me he has more questions than answers at this point about the Kim’s case. VX is the most toxic substance in existence, and requires only 10 milligrams (less than a drop) to be lethal. Merely touching the oily liquid is enough to kill you, unless immediately treated.

    We both agree why it takes two women to kill one man. Because VX can be administered as a binary chemical weapon, meaning one assailant could have handled Agent QL (O-[2-diisopropylaminoethyl] O′-ethyl methylphosphonite) while the other handled Agent NE (elemental sulfur), or possibly Agent NM (liquid dimethyl polysulfide). All agents are individually toxic (which would explain why one of the assailants was reported vomiting) but not virulently lethal unless combined. We suspect that each woman may have been carrying separate substances, which would have reacted on the victim’s face to produce the nerve agent.

    We believe both assailants could have taken atropine shots, which inhibits the effects of the nerve agent. However, a single shot would not have been enough to treat its effects, which require atropine to be administered over a period of hours. Given that neither suspect was immediately arrested, there is a possibility that they took atropine shots before being apprehended by police.

    We both are curious why Malaysian police did not find it necessary to immediately shut down the airport concourse to decontaminate the area besides incompetency. It’s fortunate as no one else was affected. The only reason we can come up with for why VX, if it was used, may not have posed lethality to anyone besides Kim Jong Nam, the active agents may not have been fresh. All individual portions of VX can degrade rapidly in storage, and had old batches been used, it wouldn’t have the same potency as something new.

    That’s only our professional speculation.

  5. One more thing. If the VX nerve agent was, in fact, used to killed Kim Jong Nam, Malaysian police should not unilaterally declared that the deceased died of VX nerve agent. In accordance with the provisions of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Malaysia cannot unilaterally verify and conclude the result that the poison is VX. The results of chemical weapons analysis need at least two or more professional laboratories to analyze and get the same results to be considered the final conclusion. Malaysia should inform OPCW and send the relevant samples to the laboratory designated by OPCW for analysis.

    So much about the professionalism of Malaysian police.

  6. Lamoy, the samples have been sent to Singapore and Oz labs for confirmation. Notice the one week or more gap?

    As to the handling – who knows what transpired? It could have been used as a binary toxin which required 2 operators or as you said atropine/PAM was injected prior to the event. A more likely scenario is that these 2 ladies had applied liquid silicon gloves and told to wash off with copious amounts of water and bleach immediately. Both of them would have had their erythrocyte cholinesterase and serum EMPA tested by the authorities.

    Since the vapor pressure of VX is pretty low and the amount actually used minuscule (less than 50 mg), widespread contamination was unlikely. All medical staff at the emergency clinic and ambulance wore Nitrile or latex gloves. This was not a aerosolized delivery system, as in WMD.

    The other documented case of death by VX direct poisoning was in Osaka (1994) by the Aum Shinrikyo cult. No widespread there contamination too.

    The N.Koreans are no idiots, if they can stand up to all these years of crippling sanctions and still develop nuclear weapons and rocketry.

    • CLF:
      I didn’t know samples were sent to S’pore and Oz lab for confirmation. My bad, bro. I got my information by reading pieces here and there by non-specialized reporters.

      The five most deadly chemical weapons of war are: (1) VX, (2) Sarin, (3) Mustard gas, (4) Phosgene and (5) Chlorine; very much in that order, with VX the most toxic.

      In 1994, Aum Shinrikyo cult used Sarin gas in Osaka, not VX. Please take note that the Japanese government immediately sent troops to clean up and decontaminate the train station.

      VX is not hard to detect. Malaysian government should have done likewise immediately to send troops in to decontaminate the airport for precaution sake. Is it because of incompetence or that life is cheaper in Malaysia than Japan?

      Crisis management under the Najib administration is simply terrible. Based on what I saw on TV news here, comparing to the MH370 Incidence, I must say there is a slight improvement this time when they deal with the public and media.

  7. I read that Abdul Samah Mat, the police chief for Selangor state, warned to issue an arrest warrant for a North Korean diplomat, Hyon Kwong-song, wanted for questioning over the murder of Kim Jong-nam, if he doesn’t voluntarily cooperate with the police. Samah said if the person concerned did not cooperate the police would issue a notice under Malaysian law, “compelling” them to appear before the investigation team.

    Can the Malaysian police do that? I thought diplomatic officers have full immunity. That means they can commit just about any crime and still be immune from prosecution under the host country’s laws, although they can still be expelled. They can’t be arrested or forced to testify in court.

    I may be wrong. Bro Din was once with the Foreign Service. Correct me if I were wrong.

  8. LaMoy, see this:
    “In December 1994 and January 1995, Masami Tsuchiya of Aum Shinrikyo synthesized 100 to 200 grams (3.5 to 7.1 oz) of VX which was used to attack three persons. Two persons were injured and one 28-year-old man died, who was the first victim of VX ever documented in the world at that time. The VX victim, whom Shoko Asahara had suspected as a spy, was attacked at 7:00 am on December 12, 1994 on the street in Osaka by Tomomitsu Niimi and another AUM member, who sprinkled the nerve agent on his neck. He chased them for about 100 yards (90 metres) before collapsing, dying 10 days later without ever coming out of a deep coma. Doctors in the hospital suspected at the time he had been poisoned with an organophosphate pesticide, but the cause of death was pinned down only after cult members arrested for the subway attack confessed to the killing. Metabolites of VX such as ethyl methylphosphonate, methylphosphonic acid and diisopropyl-2-(methylthio)ethylamine were later found in samples of the victim’s blood seven months after his murder.[19] Unlike the cases for sarin gas (the Matsumoto incident and the attack on the Tokyo subway), VX was not used for mass murder.” Wiki

    I’ve treated organophosphate poisonings – notably malathion/ which seems to be a favorite suicide agent, along with paraquat (herbicide) in my time, but certainly not at the level of VX/Sarin/Tabun. Yup, the stuff of nightmares.. Dimethylmercury is terrible too. But BTX and TTX remain supreme in their LD50.

  9. Thanks Dr Phua for the vid.
    Here’s something more entertaining and much less gruesome, for my buddies here:

    Er.., why do Koreans in general have stumpy legs?

  10. Hmm..when events involved world arena there’s always something fishy in the background. read the news folks. The US under trump is screaming war against The North Korea. With the issue of dispute against the japanese over shores now the drum has been beaten even louder to act. War is money, remember that. The US has its own war industrial complex that needs constant demand over its supply of weaponry. War must go on for the empire to live on. Now it’s North korea turn to be a sacrificial lamb. Malaysia is just another tool for them. I bet this is the work of CIA.

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