3 thoughts on “Book Review: A World in Disarray–Richard Haass

  1. We have to deal with a New World Order 2.0. It is driven by globalization and fast paced technological change. The nation state remains important in this world order, but we must ensure that the nation state acts responsibly within its borders and not export its problems across borders, and does not interfere in the internal affairs of another state, says Haass. There is no such a thing as the international community, he adds. He talks at some length about Putin and Russia.–Din Merican

  2. Gobalization is an elites class’ scam. On paper it looks rosy, but in reality it comes with great cost to ordinary citizens’ lives who do not benefit because they don’t have the power or influence to dictate events. It is a great experiment, dreamt up by smart-ass Wall Street’s operators and the pie-in-the-sky intellectuals in cahoots with politicians to ride roughshod over the weak and to profit handsomely from the outcome. At a time when the “superior” developed nations could not compete fairly with less developed nations in traditional ways, it was hoped that with globalization, developed nations would swamped less sophisticated nations with their “new ways of doing things”, and that these less “sophisticated” nations would not respond with agility. But to their chagrin and consternation, these less “sophisticated” nations not only turned the table to their advantage but also performed better economically. A big backlash came when the citizens of these “superior” nations stuck back and send their political and business elites packing. This is a lesson to the elites not to dream up fanciful and short-cut measures to bolster their positions to the detriment of ordinary citizens’ lives.

  3. Haass is a silver-tounged war monger and a highly paid Consultant. He may say one should not interfere in the internal affairs of another state and do something else at the next breath. It was reported that he and his kind pushed Bush administration to go into Kuwait when Sadaam invaded it and later to attack Iraq itself.

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