5 thoughts on “Have some Fun @Trump’s Expense

  1. My contribution 🙂

    Trumpty Dumpty wanted to build his Wall
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great (public opinion) fall
    All the Republicans’ horses/macai and all the Tea Party men
    Had a hard time trying to lift Trumpty up in the polls again

  2. Every late night show host having tremendous materials about Trump and his team. Trevor Noah, Daily Show, Jimmy Fallon of Tonight Show, Seth Meyers of Late Night Show and Jimmy Kimmell have the audience in stiches every night not forgetting Saturday Night Live with Alec Baldwin as Trump. Interesting entertainment.

  3. Good morning Mr Trump, your mission is to be a so called fake POTUS. We wish you and your team success but the American people will disavow any knowledge of you or your actions. You will self destruct in 6 months. Good luck Donnie!

  4. His constituents that gave him such a large margin in electoral college votes and him will say that he was prevented from executing his “phenomenal” plans.

    Honestly they may just work some of the time.
    So are we (and those who are objecting to Trump) blinded by our own values and political view points to come out against Trump?

    Only time will tell and hopefully without any need to use the nuclear launch code …

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