Donald Trump, Judiciary and The Rule of Law

February 9, 2017

The most reassuring sound in these rancorous early days of the Trump administration was the legal debate, at times arcane, over the president’s travel ban during live-streamed oral arguments in a federal appeals court on Tuesday.

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The President continues to demean his office in 140-character increments, firing off nasty and reflexive broadsides at anyone who doesn’t agree completely with him.–NY Times Editorial Board

No gratuitous insults, no personal threats or childish tantrum — only judges and lawyers debating complex legal issues with respect and restraint. It was the sound of grown-ups taking responsibility for governing the country, and for people’s lives.

Contrast that with the unfiltered outbursts Americans have endured from President Trump in the chaotic days since he signed his slapdash order suspending entry for people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, and all refugees.

Mr. Trump’s attacks on judges who questioned his order were too much even for his nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch of the federal appeals court in Denver. Judge Gorsuch called the comments “demoralizing” and “disheartening,” according to a senator with whom he met on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Mr. Trump — who has a toddler’s aversion to the word “no” — berated a federal judge who temporarily blocked the order last week, calling him a “so-called” judge on Twitter. He then warned that the judge, and the entire court system, could be responsible for any future terrorist attacks that might occur.

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21 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Judiciary and The Rule of Law

  1. The minority of Americans,in the red states had it their way.They helped voted into the white house a “shameless circus clown”.Now,this clown is going to shame the US of A,a champion of the free world,into a third world country.A country with a president,with the mentality of a third world country clown.

  2. Quote:- “He then warned that the judge, and the entire court system, could be responsible for any future terrorist attacks that might occur”

    Ahhhh…… yes, perhaps here is where Najib can pass a copy of Malaysia’s “National Security Council (NSC) Act” to Trump’s advisers, like the White House Chief of Staff, or as a stop-gap measure lend Trump the services of Red Shirt Jamal Ikan Bakar for a couple of days for his “Silat” Group to do some “cultural” performances in front of the court house?

    Or Trump could study the “unofficial” account of the Japanese WW2 “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor which immediately brought the US into the War?

  3. What can you expect from a President who has a vocabulary of a sixth grader and who can’t write anything beyond 140 characters. Favorite words are “sad, bad, poor, and failure” He clearly reflects the people that advised him and voted for him.
    America deserves Trump.If you want to end this mess, Congress must find impeach him after his 100 days are over. Mike Pence will make a better President, I think.–Din Merican

    • Trump had used the Republican Party to get himself elected as POTUS. Blame it on the Republicans for allowing Trump to hijack the Republican platform and now the Republicans find themselves helpless to check POTUS without jeapordizing their own position.

      The Trump administration has just lost their case for banning Muslims from 7 countries, and Trump had said that the judges will bear the blame for any security issues arising. My fear is that Trump may try a “false flag” type of action since he is so vindictive to those that do not free with him.

    • My dear friends Din & Semper fi:

      This country is facing the worse crisis of it’s life. Worse than wars, because we already know we can handle that. Worse than the feeling of 9/11 and the new threat of terror, still we’re handling that. It’s having the identity of your country taken away. That’s never happened before.

      Republican leaders have allowed Donald Trump to purposefully fill government positions with people who were seemingly picked to outrage. Incompetent people. Corrupt people. Trump himself has acted in a bordering on insane way, issuing executive orders that have endangered the country and our troops. He has mocked the United States, criticized it, diminishing our standing in the world while elevating himself in the eyes of our enemies. And the party in power has done absolutely nothing to stop him or even assure a frightened nation.

      Many people don’t think Trump will last long. There’s shock going on about him. He really is the worse crisis to happen to this country because we don’t know how to handle him. Some believe we have a good starting blueprint: 1776 US Declaration of Independence, its drafters wrote that if the government “becomes destructive of unalienable Rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness it is the Right of the People, it is their duty to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.” But I am pessimistic anything will come soon with the 25th Amendment options.

      While Trump’s cabinet, VP, etc. will likely not do anything, however, the Congressional members on all parties are certainly getting angst and frustration with Trump. The Republican members in Congress are obviously conflicted to significant degree but hesitant to act on motions like 25th Amendment options or the option to impeach.

      There are obvious political reasons but also some judicial reasons that must be met before Impeachment can be carried out or even the 25th Amendment which is unlikely because it is unlikely they can argue intelligibly about deeming Trump as incapable of discharging the duties of the Office of the President on psychological reasons in a level that would pass the litmus test under any judicial scrutiny. In addition, there is the question whether or not the framers of the 25th Amendment intent would include psychological disability when the framers of the 25th Amendment were largely considering medical reasons and circumstances such as if the President of captured (think a scenario such as in the movie of Airforce One or a similar case). The limited extent in psychological basis would consider circumstances where the President is in duress and would be in a conflict of interest situation and in a compromised situation that may pose a clear and present danger if not removed or temporarily removed from the position of the President. There is very limited realm of psychology that was considered in the intent of the 25th Amendment. Diagnosis pathological psychosis, narcissism or any kind of psychological ailment is largely beyond that of the people elected into office, the VP, or the Presidential cabinet.

      In turn, it is unlikely Trump would be removed under the 25th Amendment. If he is removed before the normal end of his term in office, it would be by impeachment other than 25th Amendment, when and if the Democrats recapture the Congress in late 2018, or by an assassination. Those two are more likely. The other circumstance is him resigning but not likely anytime soon but may. Who knows…

      Trump is no good for America that nurtured me. It pains me to see a nation that I admire in a state of crisis.I hope the Senate can find grounds to impeach him. Mike Pence will make a better President. Americans must insist that Trump discloses his tax returns and his business dealings. He is actually a spoiled child of American politics. –Din Merican

  4. I think President Trump has done a superb job in supporting and defending the constitution when he reads out the section of the constitution supporting the power of president with respect to immigrants:

    2-to-1 Americans support Trump’s position with respect to moratorium to certain foreigners for the purpose of national security. I think that this episode of judicial wrangling will make more Americans aware of their national imperatives.

  5. The problem with Trump’s chaos is that he really only has one decent but still tough plan to succeed. That is to cut a deal with Putin so he can fund a infrastructure plan. Instead he uses up his political capital on tea bagger – Steve Bannon agenda. From a weak position, he is going in to talk to Putin, going into shark territory with blood on him. How freaking dumb is that?

  6. This unbridled loon is a danger to the Constitution and the country in particular, and the whole world in general.

    Seriously, this situation is alarming. Never before has a sitting president threatened the judiciary like this and never before has a sitting president displayed a behavior along the lines of “childish tantrums.” Some people compared Trump to Jackson. But the biggest weapon Jackson had was a cannon and Trump got access to the buttons of the nuclear bombs and nobody can stop him.

    Those who think this is all about Ayn Rand type visions of what’s what — she (and her characters) would have found it hysterically funny and stupid to claim that putting people in charge of things that they’ve got no experience with whatsoever (e.g. say, a State Secretary who had no experience in politics and an Education Secretary who had never been inside a public school…) was a good idea.

    Hunter S. Thompson said: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” We’re way beyond that. This is “hamfisted bumblef**kery!” Pardon my language.

    After three weeks of the Trump Administration, my only hope is that we can “Make America Okay Again.” Donald Trump is moving the country towards chaos and destruction.

    Jesus wept.

    • Your worries are not over. The US Appeals court decision to suspend the travel ban was politically motivated.
      What do you think will be the outcome if it ends up in the SCOTUS? At present, the Chief Justice and 4 of the Associate Justices, including the late Antonin Scalia’s replacement, are Republican(Conservative) appointees with the remaining 4 Associate Justices being Democratic (Liberal) appointees. The good news is that Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s nominee is not spineless when he criticised Trump over his tweets on the Judiciary.
      Also, come 2018, 2 of the Liberals, Ginsberg and Breyer are expected to retire. If Trump is able to appoint two additional conservative justices before a possible though unlikely, senatorial flip in 2018, Republicans (conservatives) will fully control all three branches of American government. Now, that is one truly scary development.

    • ocho onda:
      I hope you have a large supply of popcorn and soda. Lean back and watch this long show. Just hope too much popcorn and soda won’t give you an upset stomach.

      I anticipate this will go to the SCOTUS. There have been many instances of appointees ruling on cases that the appointers did not see coming, i.e., they take positions that are contrary to their perceived label of “liberal” or “conservative”. No one knows what the outcome will be. Judge Hobart who ruled against Trump’s executive order on travelling ban is a George W. Bush’s appointee. He’s supposed to be “conservative.”

      I never believe in all these political labels. Judges are human beings and human beings are very complex and complicated. Many friends called me “conservative” for my long 45 years membership with the Republican. I’m pretty conservative when come to fiscal matters. But my friends also know of my long standing in fighting for social justices. Conscience has always been my compass. My parents had taught me this since I was a very young kid: When your head fails you, ask your heart; always follow your heart.

      I give benefit of the doubt to all the highly learned judges, that conscience is their compass.

      Enjoy your popcorn and soda. Hope your screen is in technicolor, not just black and white.

  7. Quote:- “Jesus wept”

    Funny, Trump compared / identified himself with, as, Jesus when he said he was a carpenter to his father / Father.

    BTW, Jesus was a rebel according to the Jews and Romans who were the occupying forces in Biblical Jerusalem.

    Looking at how everyone that matters and those that don’t, except the Republican Party, is crucifying Trump, he perhaps does feel like he is Jesus incarnate?

    Meanwhile the Presidential reality show called “What if you are the POTUS” is getting top ratings which is what really matters.

  8. The judges are making American very, very, very unsafe. Those judges are really, really not smart people. I have heard from hundreds of people that the 9th circuit is very, totally, liberal. Believe me, the media is controlling the judges. Trust me, the fact that I lost is also fake news. This is youuuuuuge.

  9. Just go back a bit. Every President has had some kind of disagreement with the courts. The rule is all play by the rules and not with them. Do not worry the US knows how to slove its problems without guidence from outside.

    PS now even Cambodia needs guidence with the state threatening to dissolve political parties which have leaders who have been found on the wrong side of the law.

  10. Trump presidency is the best chance for Americans to turn around and be true to its root after decades of socialistic influence from Europe and the rest of old world. Stock market reaches another record high in all 3 major indexes yesterday. Rasmussen poll shows a 10 point jump of Americans thinking they are in the right track, reaching a 12-year record high for the right/wrong track poll. In other words, all objective measure that truly matters shows an optimistic trend, despite hysterical howl of the American left.

    Many have suffered Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). They cannot pull themselves out of the disappointment on Nov 8. Others “enjoy” the suffering being at the “right” side history as noted by this excellent observation:

    “Trump Trauma is a disease with a known cause but no known cure. But Trump Traumatics don’t want treatment. The condition makes those in its grip feel terribly good about themselves, on the right side of things, above all filled with virtue,” which is quoted from

    For Malaysians, who live half the globe away from unfamiliar place called United State of America, the question is to believe the noises of American politics or the underlying truer currents shaping the American politics.

    • “Trump Trauma is a disease with a known cause but no known cure. But Trump Traumatics don’t want treatment. The condition makes those in its grip feel terribly good about themselves, on the right side of things, above all filled with virtue,”

      Gpod one but I suspect a darker cause for the malady. They remind me of professional street beggars with open sores who intentionally peel off each new scab to keep the sores open, unsightly, and unhealed so long as they can continue to serve the purpose, which is to milk on the sympathies of the public.

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