10 thoughts on “Trump’s Foreign Policy, Inept, Radical or both

  1. In just two weeks, Donald J. Trump has already proven he is the worst President in the history of the United States. Didn’t take him long. I would say it was “Sad!” but it’s not. It’s tragic.

    I believe it is mostly a product of Trump’s own defective personality: a toxic combination of brashness, narcissism, sensitivity to the smallest slight, and utter disregard for truth or consequences.

    I also believe Trump and his inner circle really do have a grand strategy; it’s just at odds with reality, internally contradictory, and destined to fail big, real big.

    And lastly I believe Trump and Bannon are driven by the paranoid Breitbart worldview. They see the global economy in strictly zero-sum terms and they believe the white, Judeo-Christian West is now under siege from an implacable and powerful tide of Muslims and color-skinned people.

    Instead of recognizing America’s remarkable strengths and security and many unique virtues, Trump and Bannon believe they have to destroy our current democracy in order to save it. What these Jacobin-like morons don’t realize is that destroying institutions is easier than building them.

    If their assault on our core political traditions and institutions is successful, the United States will cease to be a meaningful democracy.

    • LaMoy,

      Thanks for your insight on Trump and Bannon who I regard as the axis of evil. I am a friend of America, having lived in DC where I received an excellent education, but the America led by Trump is a big disappointment. They remind me of the Nixon-Kissinger partnership. Correct if my analogy is inappropriate. Cheers, Din Merican

  2. Brother Din:
    You and I have one thing in common: We both love the United States and Malaysia. You who went back after study left a large part of yourself in the States. I who stayed back in the States never forgot Malaysia.

    Trump is often compared with Richard Nixon, and with good reason. Like Trump, whom intelligence officials presented with a dossier of embarrassing information about himself, Nixon had real and imagined gripes with the nation’s intelligence community. This distrust of the intelligence community invites a valid comparison between them.

    The fate which Nixon could have avoided, was triggered by a fateful reorganization of the National Security Council (NSC) and a disregard for intelligence. Trump, with his order of restructuring the NSC, is following the same path.

    Not only is CIA Director Mike Pompeo not included in Trump’s NSC, the Director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs are not full members of the NSC. Instead, the White House’s chief strategist, white nationalist Steve Bannon, outranks all three in the NSC and its powerful Principals Committee.

    Nixon’s plan would have left the CIA director, then Richard Helms, out of the NSC completely. It took Melvin Laird, the Defense secretary and a canny former House member, to talk Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s national security adviser, to persuade Nixon to include Helms in the NSC. Nixon, however, had one condition: Helms could brief the council at the top of its meetings but then would have to leave. That condition was deemed too counterproductive and humiliating, and Nixon soon let Helms brief and stay in the meetings.

    Nixon’s fate should provide a valuable lesson to Trump. Nixon’s order of restructuring the NSC created multiple political and policy disputes. It spurred a series of leaks to the press that led Nixon to spy on his own staff and journalists. Eventually the top officers of the military set up a spy ring inside the White House to learn what Nixon was hiding from them. Nixon was covering up all these skeletons when the Watergate break-in occurred on June 17, 1972, and started an even larger cover-up that eventually forced him to resign two years later.

    But I believe it is not fair to compare Kissinger with Bannon, whose previous job was running a website that featured bigoted, xenophobic and misogynistic headlines and drew an alt-right readership prone to falling for conspiracy theories. Bannon is behind most of Trump’s controversial moves, including the inclusion of Green Card holders in the restrictions for visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Bannon is a bigoted white supremacist who hates Muslims and all color-people and Kissinger is not. Kissinger is much better educated and has much more class.

    I never left America because of the excellent education I got. I learned what it is to be a free man with big heart. The friends I made in DC were generous with their time and help for a scholarship student who received USD 300 (rate then USD1=RM3.3) per month to cover his rent and living expenses.

    I saw America agonize over the Vietnam War and on every Sunday I spent my time at the Arlington National Cemetery witnessing the burial of American marines killed in Vietnam since I lived nearby, not far from The Watergate Apartments.

    I never understood why America had to sacrifice 54,000 young Americans and spend billions to support a corrupt Thieu-led South Vietnamese regime against the Vietnamese people.Your Vietnamese date was right to ask you the question you could not answer. –Din Merican

    • Yes, Din:
      George Washington University is a very reputed university. My uncle (my father’s younger brother) graduated from there in Civil Engineering. You might have heard of him in the Who’s Who in George Washington U. His name was Ernest Moy. He designed the Interstate 80 Freeway from California to New York.

      By the way, I found my Vietnamese date. She made her way to Malaysia in a boat as refugee and ended up in Houston, Texas, where she operated a small Vietnamese noodle shop to put all her children through college.

  3. President Trump has kept his following promises made in the campaign with respect to foreign policies:

    Suspended some immigration based on national security need
    Increased border protection
    Begun implementing the “wall”
    Stopped TPP and seek out better deals

    Now people who oppose and had ridiculed him are caught unprepared: he actually meant it.

  4. All the talking heads are rooting for the travel restrictions to be lifted on humanitarian grounds. The light at the end of the tunnel appears to be a Mexican version Pakistan. Those with vested interest on the migration issue should allow the U.S. to decide because they are the citizens who have to live with it.

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