Remembering Singapore’s First Lady of Song–Kartina Dahari

January 22, 2017

Remembering Singapore’s Kartina Dahari

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Dr Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican have pleasure in presenting Singapore’s First Lady of Song, the late Kartina Dahari for this weekend. She has a beautiful voice befitting the kerongchong medium and will be missed by her many fans including Din Merican. –Dr. Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican

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Kartina Dahari (12 November 1941 – 30 April 2014) was a Singaporean Malay singer and entertainer who was a fixture on television and radio from the 1950s to the 1980s. Dahari, who was nicknamed “Queen of Keroncong,” a type of Malay folk music popular at the time, was best known for her hit single, “Sayang Di Sayang” (“Lover is Loved”), which was composed by Zubir Said.[1] She was the first Malay language singer to record English language songs, releasing four EPs, two LPs and four singles in that language.[1]

Dahari was born to a family of Malay and Javanese origin.[2]In 2009, Dahari was awarded a Golden Award (Perdana Emas), which was presented to her by former President of Singapore S. R. Nathan. She was also the recipient of the Artistic Excellence Award, which was bestowed on her in 2010 by The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore.

Her last public appearance took place at the Esplanade, Singapore in 2013 when she went on stage to express her appreciation for the support shown by the organizers and her fans, at the close of her tribute concert performed by her peers.[1] In March 2015 Dahari became the first singer/entertainer to be inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.[3]


11 thoughts on “Remembering Singapore’s First Lady of Song–Kartina Dahari

  1. The inimitable Kartina in that genre of Malay songs made so memorable by Zubir Said’s “Sayang di Sayang”, among others, and certainly not least by her rendition of “Gambang Semarang”.

    Both enriched our lives while they were alive, and still do, thanks to the genius of the internet from the West – who says East cannot meet West joyously?

  2. Mr. Dino
    My admiration for Kartina grew rather late i.e when i was in my 40s which is about 25 years ago. Since then i never tire of listening to her songs especially her rendition of keroncong songs.
    May Allah bless her soul. Amin.

    As I listen to her, I cannot believe that she is gone. What a voice and talent. Al Fatihah.-Din Merican

  3. Dato Din, tetap manis dan merdu suara emas Kartina, dan satu lagi evergreen.

    “Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi” just to enjoy listening to a voice that always never fails to entertain.

    May her soul rest in eternal bliss.

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