The Inaugural Address of The 45th President of The United States of America

January 21, 2017

President Donald John Trump Speaks to Americans and and Peoples of the World–The Inaugural Address–January 20, 2017

It is going to be America First from this day forth.–President Donald John Trump.

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27 thoughts on “The Inaugural Address of The 45th President of The United States of America

  1. Shortly after Trump was sworn in as the nation’s 45th president, high school students throughout the Bay Area walked out of their classes to exercise their rights to express themselves. About 4,000 people, many coming from as far as Sacramento and Turlock, braved the bitter wind and rain with many dressed in purple ponchos lined arm-in-arm across the brightly colored Golden Gate Bridge that is arguably California’s most recognizable symbol. The color purple was chosen as a symbol protesting bullying, said demonstration organizer Lisa Sato, something the brash new president’s critics have often accused him of. The Golden Gate Bridge is chosen because it is an iconic symbol for San Francisco and it’s really a symbol of unity in contrast to Trump’s wanting to build walls to divide, said Sheila Chung of San Francisco.

    I came out here with my wife today to be in support of our community and show unity and to send a message to Donald Trump and his cabinet that we will resist any racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic policies that come our way, and that we want to build bridges and not walls among the people. I met Zane Grimm, a white 91-year-old World War II veteran, who stood out in the rain with his family. He said he’s lived through many presidencies and this is the first time he’s ever demonstrated. “I never demonstrated before but I felt it was necessary for me to come out,” Grimm said.

  2. Good grief! And i stayed up to watch this absolutely awful, tepid and uninspiring inaugural address! Waste of time.. Repeating his anti-establishment parochial rhetoric, without any sense of the Office he was about to enter and as the Leader of the ‘Free’ World.

    Surely the Americans don’t deserve such a Nyetski Prez?! Heck, he ain’t even Neanderthal – more like a ageing, raging, rabid, monomaniac parrot of his own insecurities! He’s not only ignorant but also condescending to his moronic voter base.

    The Fact Checker on W.P was hilarious and the free-press basically lampooned him mercilessly. But then America is America, named after a Spanish voyager who somehow got lost.

    With all the Scripture readings and benedictions by all those bishops, rabbi and pastors – i, as an atypical (some say, antinomian) Christian, felt that this Graceless bloke is the epitome of an Anti-Christ.

    Whatever it is, we are all in for a roller-coaster ride.. or izzit steam-roller?

    • CLF,

      Give Trump a break. He may not be our choice. The Americans have chosen him for reasons that are reflected in his Inaugural Address. I believe the job will change him. –Din Merican

  3. A stunning speech by the new President…short and to the point…good luck to him.

    But it was not without a couple of blind spots… nobody STOLE American jobs…they were handed on a platter to willing outsiders…so Mr. President go after those who were responsible…if you are serious.

    Second blind spot…the so-called Islamic terrorism is an effect not the cause…so Mr. President if you plan to wipe it out go after those who have caused it…

    • Blind spot we are in. This is my poor attempt to Google “root cause of Islamic terrorism”

      Which is it?
      Or the solution is simply this?
      Hamza yusof is a white boy.

      We the pendatang need to do more than just bantah, when it comes to living with Muslims. The same is true of the opposite.

      Engage ourselves to understand why we do not like each other. Engage each other how we could improve.

      Who are those who caused Islamic terrorism?

    • Isa,

      You are reasonable and realistic. The Americans have chosen him and not slick and smart politician Hillary Clinton. Now that Trump is 45th POTUS, let him get on with the job. He has challenged the Washington establishment and vested interests with his populism and non-ideological politics, and we must see whether he can change Washington or Washington will change him. He has 100 days to give American voters an idea what he hopes to accomplish and 4 years to fulfill his campaign promises. In politics 4 years can be long.

      Obama came into office with a change agenda and ended up being an elitist and an establishment person. What happened to his Audacity of Hope? My friend John Malott can perhaps explain the politics of Washington DC better than I can. That said, I think, Obama gets an A+ from me on his Foreign Policy, thanks to Joe Biden and John Kerry. –Din Merican

  4. He may sound cranky but he seems to have a measure of the problems – the establishment figures, politicians, elites and the corporate collaborators have amassed a big chunk of everything for themselves leaving very little for the ordinary people. Now he is going to go after their scalps and put matters right. This is his action plan. How far he will succeed is something we have to wait and see. Good luck Mr. President!

    • Not necessary true. My 2 sons moved out even before graduation and have been on their own and even provide pittance for their elderly parents. Often times the young people have greater expectations and not being frugal when setting out on their own.

  5. I’ve written above about my participation in the demonstration at Golden Gate Bridge. Watching the evening news, I learned about the demonstrations in other parts of San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Despite the dismal weather, spirits were high. What surprised me most is there were thousands of young students, soaking wet in the rain, joining the demonstrations.

    “It’s a little crazy, but it’s good for America,” said 11-year-old Sofia Collins. She is a sixth-grader at Francisco Middle School where, she told the TV news reporter, kids recently told friends of hers to go back to Mexico. “I thought it probably happened because of Trump and the energy he’s sending out,” Sofia said. “That’s why we need this. We can’t just sit around and do nothing.”

    “We’re the generation that can end racism and sexism,” said 14-year-old Trinity Wallace, eighth grader of Park Day School. “But we have to cooperate and be kind to each other in order to stop Donald Trump.”

    In East Oakland, a poverty stricken district of Oakland City, about 400 students at Bridges Academy elementary school marched 12 blocks down International Boulevard as Trump was telling the nation that “mothers and children [are] trapped in poverty in our inner cities [and our] education system…leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge.” Third-grade teacher Mia Kleven said Trump’s words didn’t ring true.
    “We have a really beautiful, vibrant community in Oakland,” she said. “Students are proud. Students are overcoming challenges with grace.”

    Sitting in front of my TV watching these kids exercising their rights to express themselves, I ponder…. There is hope for America. The negative force of Trump has unleashed the positive force of America against him and his cohorts.

    Women’s March scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon in San Francisco will be a big one — one of several taking place across the region and the nation. The main Women’s March will be in Washington, D.C., and is expected to attract more than 200,000 people. My wife will be there but I cannot join, for I have a community meeting at San Francisco Chinatown preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

  6. Trump is still stuck in first gear. At the Inaugurall Address as POTUS Trump should have extended an olive branch to the dissenters and make commitments to address their concerns. Instead he continues to rant and rave like he is still campaigning for the election. He is still acting like the spoilt child, big bully and very vindictive to anyone who disagrees with him.

    Reports says he wanted to have the military display and parade tanks and ICBM during the Inaugural Parade much like N Korea, China and Russia. What’s more scarier is that Trump will receive secrets and info on world leaders including their discretionary and weaknesses. What will he do with these secrets?

  7. A sad day for democracy. Americans will not accept the hatred and bigotry that Trump wields. He is not the Emperor of the World as he’d like to imagine he is. He is an old, narcissistic windbag out to enrich his family at the expense of working class people. If Trump wishes to eliminate the cause of terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, he should begin by eliminating imperialist American foreign policies. The Unites States does not rule the world nor does it own all of the natural resources on the planet. Donald Trump does not represent the will of the People of the United States by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. Thanks LaMoy for the write ups.

    I really think some people are deluded about Trump as some were about Obama.

    Do I think some of what Trump says fits into my Weltanschauung, sure but EVERYTHING he has said and done points to a bigoted , corrupt con artist who will shift the balance of power to new hegemons…….maybe that is not a bad thing.

    I understood the fervor surrounding Obama but the malice behind Trump and the blindness of the seemingly rational folks who support him………

    Christ ! brother, its enough to turn an atheist like me ………..Catholic.

  9. Populist politicians and policies often end up as failures. Sukarno and Mugabe are good examples. But can’t Trump be different? He was different at the campaign front riling against establishment and special interest groups and promising to bring jobs and capital back to America from abroad and he won.

    He needs a lead time to progressively implement his action plans. He has to fix ailing domestic issues first as he has promised before going hands-on on rebooting foreign policy. Only when he succeeds in the first can he succeed in the second. If he fails – which I think he wont – a second term for him will be doomed.

    So folks, hold your tongue and give him the space and time to prove his mettle. As for groups now protesting here and there against him could be voluntary or organised but this is to be expected in a democracy.

  10. Before the election, I made the following observation and prediction on Trump presidency on the world, and I still think there is good chance the prediction will come true:

    Trump’s presidency will influence the world (beside to USA) in this direction:

    1) Nations, taking the cue of Trump’s nationalism, will be acting for the good of their respective nations. Globalism will be considered good only for selected areas of world affair. Supra-national organizations such as UN and OIC will take a back seat. This will stabilize the world.

    2) Cultures that are antithetical to modern world norms (which is of image of western civilization) will be confronted, not cuddled. Beheading video will be stopped very soon. Caliphate will become a dirty word.

    3) Fundamental American values such as freedom of expression will be promoted again. We will no longer be seeing Clinton attending OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) supporting UN resolution 16/18 which undermines freedom of expression under the guise of Islamic blasphemy law.

    4) As Europe goes down and US goes up, the world will again re-affirm their belief in self-government, and will again reject good-looking socialism, a time-proven failed system of government.

    The above are good enough for the world while they start to learn straight-talking of Trump.

  11. I was informed that there were some 300,000 people at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. They were joined by crowds in cities across the country: In Chicago, the size of a rally so quickly outgrew early estimates that the march that was to follow was canceled for safety. In Manhattan, Fifth Avenue became a river of pink hats, while in downtown Los Angeles, even before the gathering crowd stretched itself out to march, it was more than a quarter mile deep on several streets.

    I was worried for my wife being out at the Women’s March in San Francisco by herself. Any provocation from Trump’s supporters could turn the peaceful demonstration ugly. So I adjourned the community meeting early to join her. Not that I expected anything to happen, but I’ve promised her late father to protect her with my life.

    I estimated about 40,000 people at the rally, which was held at 3 p.m. at Civic Center Plaza. I saw many children around, especially young girls. After the rally, people headed down Market Street to Justin Herman Plaza near the Ferry Building, where a candlelight march will begin at 6 p.m. My wife wanted to join the candlelight march but I talked her out of it by enticing to buy her favorite lobster and steak dinner. I am very worried about her health standing long hours in the rain and the cold. In the last couple of weeks it has been raining cats and dogs in the Bay Area. And extremely cold.

    At the rally I met Charlotte, a pretty teenage girl from Cupertino, said she came up from the South Bay to participate “for my sister and my mother and myself.” “It’s important to do this march now because I’m going to be 17 in two days and Trump is going to be the president when I am just becoming an adult,” she said. “I think the older generation still has a voice and should use that voice, but it’s also important for my generation to join in and speak up about what they think is right.”
    Also standing next to me was Kathleen, an older woman from the East Bay, said, “She’s absolutely right, someone needs to pick up the baton and finish the race.”

    I find the hundreds of hand-made signs they brought to the rally very creative – emblazoned with passionate messages of hope, rage and support for a myriad causes: feminism, climate change, healthcare, diversity and LGBTQ rights, to name only a few.

    Here are some signs which read: “My Back, My Neck, My Pussy Will Grab Back,” “If Men got pregnant, there would be abortion clinics on every corner, just like Starbucks”, “A Girl’s Place Is In The RESISTANCE”, “Make America Think Again”, “My Pussy Will Scratch If You Grab It”, “Hate And Fear Do Not Make America Great”, “Build Bridges Not Walls”, “Make Racists Afraid Again”, “One Day… A Woman Will Be PRESIDENT”, “Resistance Is Fertile”, “Straight Outta Vagina”, “There Can Be No Human Rights Without Women’s Rights”, “Don’t Forget We’re The Boss, He’s The Temp”, “Make America Kind Again”….

  12. “I really think some people are deluded about Trump as some were about Obama.” Conrad.

    Yup. During Obama’s inauguration (1&2), loud farts were made by fundamentalist Christian freaks that he was the anti-Christ. He wasn’t. He is no demagogue but was stymied by both Houses. That he never lived up to his full potential – and his 2 terms will be researched, argued and dissected by the egg-heads for decades to come. Pax Americana was not supposed to look like this!

    Trump otoh, is a predatory demagogue who has no inkling that Governance is not remotely akin to Corporate raiding and dismantling. His words were that of a perpetual campaigner who loves to hear his own voice. Deals are not Ideals. His foreign and trade relations will be a nightmare to negotiate; and his Fortress America is an exercise in futility. All his quotes were borrowed from his illustrious predecessors and means little, but as soundbites. His IQ is just middling, and perhaps even lower than lil’ Bush and his EQ is that of Narcissism and unresolved Oedipal urges. Instead of a tea part, perhaps we can expect champagne..

    Conrad the Catholic? As long as it means ‘Universal’, which i think you are – and not Roman Catholic, you’ll be fine..

  13. Well, the man is officially in the White House. Agree with Isa that it was a great speech. Short and powerful! He has thrown down the gauntlet to the ‘incumbent’ establishment.
    However, the jury is still out on whether he will keep or break his promises or whether he will carry on his role like a lion or a whimpering pussy like Obama who proved to be all talk but little action. Obama started off all hot and furious about bringing hope and change, didn’t he?
    Nonthelsess, the political journey that lies ahead for the 45th POTUS will be a tough and challenging one. His detractors are already putting his resolve to the test. All the Soros sponsored, misguided snowflakes who are still having a hard time overcoming their grief over the loss of Hillary in a legitimate and democratic election, are taking to the streets. Their obvious excuse was to protest against sexist, racism, …… but of course, the irrepressibly hidden agenda was to destabilise a democratically elected government.
    The irony is not lost, that the rambunctious chooks are coming home to roost, considering what Uncle Sam had been doing all these years, destabilising non compliant foreign governments, to see the same scenario now unfolding in his own backyard.

  14. My view is that Trump’s administration will be pro-rich,
    erratic in foreign policy, and repressive at home.
    His verbal attacks on the US mainstream press will continue.

    Some of his cabinet members will also be very powerful and will implement
    radical or extremist policies.

  15. Exactly CLF.

    I know there’s this game where we have to say give the new POTUS a chance but fuck that. The same scumbags who harassed Obama now support this cretin.

    The world is not a Michael Bay film and these chicken hawk supporters of this loser will be left holding their tiny wieners in their hands and wondering where it all went wrong, when this corrupt. misogynist and bigoted charlatan leaves them on the battlefield while he retreats to his boardroom making self interest deals with Big Everything.

    The only thing that I’m happy about is the pushback these losers will receive from every group that doesn’t subscribe to the white death cult seeking base that hoodwinked normally rational people to their cause.

    As a friend who voted Trump, said, “Oh fuck, what have I done” – Like I know, right ?

  16. Give the man a chance, friends…after six months to a year…who knows… all your misgivings may turn out to be true…

  17. So now the doggie (canis lupus flamiaris) has realised. Does it thinks that it’s too late. Hahahaha! Pax America is dead! Welcome, Pax Sinica! Kapish!

    Remind me of the show I watches………Where the buffalo roam…….

    How the candidate by saying……….F the doomed!

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