Wrong Perception– Najib’s Escape from Reality

January 7, 2016

Wrong Perception-Najib’s  Escape from Reality

by TK Chua @www.freemalaysiatoday.com

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With this Mamak in charge of our Treasury who needs a bigger apple polisher
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Malaysia’s Blue Ocean Strategist and Chief of the Ampuists–Hamsa Ali

I read that our economy is being affected by “noise” fed by the alternative media. As a result, the wrong perception that is created is weighing down our economy at present.

The word “noise”, in one of its most basic definitions means “unexplained or unexpected information that is not useful or that can be ignored”. The word “perception” means “a belief or opinion held by many people based on how things seem” (Cambridge dictionary).

I believe this is how the treasury secretary-general looks at the “state” of the Malaysian economy today – it is the “noise” which gives rise to a wrong perception that is not based on reality. The economy is doing fine, but persistent noise gives the impression that the economy is doing badly. To turnaround this situation, we have to get rid of the noise so perceptions can change.

Image result for najib razak--malaysia's no 1. rogueWill Najib Razak con Donald Trump as he did with Barack Obama?

To begin, we have to look at what this so-called noise is made up of. I leave it to you to decide whether the following is “noise” or “verifiable information”.

  1. 1MDB and its plethora of problems;
  2. The court cases in the US and Singapore and investigations in other jurisdictions;
  3. The escalation in the cost of living that far outstrips the GST rate;
  4. The falling value of the ringgit that far surpasses those of other regional currencies;
  5. The continued fiscal deficit and the added burden of public debts. Just what is the percentage of debt servicing to operating expenditure now?
  6. Questionable and burdensome public infrastructure investment programmes;
  7. The problems in Felda, FGV and other GLCs;
  8. Unemployment of graduates and their inability to service study loans;
  9. Serious differences over policies on race, religion, education and economic management;
  10. Political parties hardly being able to compromise on any issue.

If the above is considered verifiable information, how do we expect people to perceive differently or wrongly?

There is a saying: “Perception is reality”. What we perceive is based on what we experience or observe. Occasionally we may draw wrong inferences from our experience or observation but it is difficult to fathom we are wrong all the time. More often than not, experience and observation are our best teachers.

In Malaysia, we tend to blame everything on wrong perceptions. We blame noise that gives rise to the wrong perceptions as if perceptions are something that can be orchestrated, managed or manipulated.

Here is my question to the authorities: If a few netizens can create a “wrong” perception, why can’t the authorities create the “right” perception? I am sure the government has more resources at its disposal to dispel any wrong perception and to put in place the right perception.

Image result for Hamza Ali with Rosmah Mansor

Malaysia’s Big Spender

We cannot run away from the truth, can we? We may choose to manipulate the present situation, but truth shall prevail. Why argue about the pump price of petrol being more than one pound per litre in the UK when the people there are earning in pounds the way we are earning in ringgit? It is a choice of whether we want to talk like an economist or a layperson at the coffee shop.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.


6 thoughts on “Wrong Perception– Najib’s Escape from Reality

  1. Najib argued that 4.5% growth is the envy of most developing countries yet he, as finance minister, he should know the MYR could still depreciate more than that. If wrong perception or perspective given by govt itself is not even the worst problem. The worst problem is they believe their own lies.

  2. Addition to the noise is the opaque terms in PM administration’s dealing with China, giving the impression Malaysia would no longer make any existing claims on SCS, as it will be all under China’s nine dash line jurisdiction.

    Is Petronas currently extracting gas and oil illegally in SCS?

  3. TK Chua and the philanthropist KY Koon are the most respected and widely read political-social commentators who actually feel the pulse of the educated middle and upper middle class Malusian urbanites.

    However, their ‘perception bias’ is not shared with the poor rural polity and disenfranchised – especially the folks who can barely read, much less think critically or have access to the alternative media. This is where the problems of ‘perception’ lie. The Media is the Message. No point Preaching to the Converted, but as a rejoinder to the inane/puerile statements by the Establishment Duds.

    What is obvious from this piece, is that the Goons have no answers to any of the questions posed by these authors. Lost the Plot, it seems. Unlike the 2 Mamak Bodekia above, who sputter in incomprehensible denial and bandy out false projections, the other KSU’s and Ketua Bahagian are either muzzled or personally mired in their own End-Times corruption.

    PMO’s units tasked to give a positive spin or re-Brand UMNOb and their chief embezzler are stymied by the persistent stream of bad news, lack of leadership and pariah thuggish antics from their outsourced sycophants. Failed propaganda, is a sure sign of a confused regime.

    Perception of risks are subjective – where psychology (cognitive and heuristic), anthropology/sociology (cultural) collide and thus are inherently interdisciplinary. They just don’t have the expertise. One can’t just keep on chucking out spurious numbers, which these blokes are trying to do. Even the most august ‘Branding’ expert like TS Lim KW of blustering education fame gave up within a month of irreconcilable ‘spinning’ – cuz the “Truth Was Out There”.

    I wonder what the Oppo Mandarins and hacks are up to? Buying second hand Merc Limos?

  4. Political, ruling, opposition and institutional leaders alike–
    including news and soccia media:
    Creating fraudulent perceptions are bad.
    Propagating and recycling them are harmful, dangerous and regressive.

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