My 2017 Wish–Din Merican

January 1, 2017

My 2017 WishGet Rid of Corrupt Najib Razak and all the Rubbish associated with him

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 My Friends and I in Phnom Penh–We feel we can make the world a better and safer place through Education for All

It is only natural for all Malaysians to wish our country well. The reason is simple. We are Malaysia as Malaysia is not wood, brick and mortar. So, we can share the views expressed in the G25 Statement for the New Year. But my friends in G-25 who were once influential public servants are too polite as they have been all their lives. I will be blunt and direct.It is my style since politeness got me nowhere.

I want Najib  Razak removed as Prime Minister of Malaysia and he and all his Minsters and supporters thoroughly investigated, charged and punished for corruption and abuses of power. That means locking him up for life as the Guest of His Majesty The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.  I like the incumbent Attorney-General (Apandi Ali) , Inspector-General of Police(Khalid Abu Bakar), the Chief Secretary to the Government ( Ali Hamsa), Secretary -General  to the Ministry of Finance (Irwan Siregar) and Bank Negara Governor (Muhammad Ibrahim)  sacked for dereliction of duty and sheer incompetence. These so-called Blue Ocean professionals are a disgrace so are our Judges who have failed to administer justice.  Because of poor leadership and horrible followership,  Malaysia has become a degenerate and soon to be a bankrupt nation.

Getting rid of Najib and everything associated with his toxicity is what we should do in 2017. That is my  New Year wish. I challenge all Malaysians to just do it, if and when Najib decides (and if he dares) to have GE-14 –Din Merican

G25 warns that a weak economy that is unable to generate sufficient income and employment opportunities will be dangerous to society.


By G25 Secretariat

We are entering 2017 and the one wish that ranks higher than anything else in our hearts and souls for the New Year is that Malaysia will remain a peaceful country with all races living in harmony and respecting our diversity in culture and religion, confident that the rule of law will prevail to protect the rights of all citizens, in accordance with the guarantees under the Federal Constitution.

We hope that 2017 will bring more cheerful news about economic recovery to lift the people’s mood and give them a good feeling about the future. With the various restructuring and transformation programmes which have been introduced in the government, as well as in the corporate and financial sectors, the economy is on a strong footing for recovery as and when the global uncertainties fade away to revive business confidence around the world.

Image result for tan sri mohd sheriff mohd kassim

Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim–Ex Secretary-General, Ministry of Finance and former Managing Director, Khazanah Malaysia Berhad now G25 member.

Malaysia is well aware why a strong economy is important. A weak economy that is not able to generate sufficient income and employment opportunities is dangerous to our society. It will attract the hate politics that use race and religion to destabilise the country, leading to extremists exploiting the situation for their own agenda. That is how one country after another in the Muslim world became failed states. The root cause is their failures to implement the right policies to generate growth, provide for the basic needs of their people and promote tolerance for religious and cultural diversity. Frustrated by the uncaring attitudes of their governments, which prefer to spend more time on religious politicking than on the economy, their educated youth turn to extremism to express their anger. This must not be allowed to happen in our country.

Our founding fathers created the constitution, introduced the Rukunegara and implemented the New Economic Policy to ensure Malaysia achieve rapid economic growth as this is fundamental for social progress and national unity. In every five-year development plan document, since the introduction of the NEP in 1971, there is a very strong emphasis on the link between economic growth and national unity. Thanks to our capable leaders, the country has developed so fast that we have graduated from a low-income country to becoming a high income country soon, a remarkable achievement by any standards. Economic development has brought stability to the country. Although much remains to be done in achieving the aspirations in the Rukunegara, we can be proud that we have built the economic foundation to strengthen our prospects for achieving national unity.

Image result for Kamil Jaafar

G25’s Tan Sri Ahmad Kamil Jaafar–Ex-Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra).

The challenge for the country is to sustain the economic progress that has been achieved and make it more inclusive so as to win public confidence and support for the government’s development efforts. Inclusivity means recognising the rights of the lower-income groups for a bigger share of the national wealth and providing economic justice for all races. It also means tolerance for an open society with rights and freedoms for citizens to voice their disagreements with the government and to hold it accountable for its actions.

The government has adopted inclusive development strategies in its economic planning and in the annual budget. It is spending huge amounts of money and borrowing heavily to finance its development programmes for growth and equitable distribution among all segments of society. In doing so, it should be transparent in the management of the country’s finances so as not to repeat the recent scandals that have rocked business sentiments in the country and damaged its reputation as a well-governed country. In this regard, it is essential that Parliament, the judiciary and the institutions of law and order be empowered to provide the checks and balance in ensuring that good governance is restored at all levels of government and that those found guilty of corruption and unethical behaviour be brought to justice without fear or favour.

Image result for tan sri mohd sheriff mohd kassimDato’Anwar Fazal–Penang’s Famous and admired Civil Society Activist cum Environmentalist and G25 Member.

The government should move with the times to embrace civil society and a free media as partners in development. This will put our country as the best model in the Muslim world for making constitutional democracy meaningful to the people, transcending over race, culture and religion to create a united nation. With all races sharing a common destiny of economy development and social justice under a vibrant democracy, Malaysia can look forward to a bright future.

With these words, we wish all Malaysians a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

G25 is a movement of eminent Malay moderates.

12 thoughts on “My 2017 Wish–Din Merican

  1. My hope to have the ability to learn with the new realities around the world in almost all countries be they developd developing or under developed where greed for power and wealth is the common culture among leaders of countries corporatrions religions professions others who are Trustees of others funds but may be without values such as honesty integrity ethics and msy be suspected of being involved in MISMANAGEMENT FRAUD CORRUPTION COLLUSION CRONYISM BRIBERY KICKBACKS NEPOTISM.
    Sadly most think that even the Akmighty is with them when they visit holy places regularly and even ‘bribe’ the Almighty with bigger and luxurious places of worship and thus reserve a place in heaven as they are already enjoying heaven like lifestyle at the expense of others.
    Hope the Almoghty will act soon to bring them to justice.

  2. My New Year wish… please God keep outsiders out of Asia and the ASEAN region…we are a peaceful part of the world and can solve our own problems if left to ourselves…

  3. I have news for G25, hate politics is already here like it or not. Hadi’s PAS blaming DAP what is essentially a problem with their own ideas and politics. They also threatened to derail heartbreaking issues of conversion for their own agenda. And we have not gotten into Hadi’s bill which cannot be justified with intention of result but politics that demand blind faith that is hate politics.

    Najib is already a goner if not for Hadi’s PAS. Wishing Najib &Co get their dues, then first Hadi’s PAS must get their first.

      What is there to celebrate?
      Repeat of Iraq and other Mid Eaat countries which have been economically destroyed and millions of their residents made homeless and had to leave their homelands to become migrants not welcome anywhere with hundreds of thousands dead.
      Sadly those whocfled are not wanted in their own religion countries and they also do not want to go there. They are running to countries where they do not want to assimilate and still want to stick to their own life styles which are not acceptable in their host countries.

  4. A very well said, hate politics sowed by the religion fanatics. Was a greatly Christmas for Aleppo, returning Aleppo to Asad was A victory to secularism…

  5. The country is in a dire state of affairs due largely to MACCP which was allowed to be entrenched during TDM’ reign.

    TDM had led in the removal of 4 DPMs and 1 PM, all he appointed, without quality successors.
    Najib is the 2 nd PM ,TDM had “appointed”
    Now he wants to remove Najib.

    The problem is , the people are not leading to remove the MACCP (in which Najib and most Umno leaders ,past and present,are players).
    It is Mahathir again. But, mainly to remove Najib, not MACCP.

    So, what are the chances of a better Malaysia, without first finding quality successor(s), rven Najib is removed?

  6. @Kllau, fully agreed, if the two PMs. act in Arbitrary manner, single handedly ‘sack’ a few as happened in Kedah, then appoint the Few he likes……so he’s bound to choose and appoint the Dumb-fellows as his lackeys , BEHAVING like the whole nation belongs to him….. ? –

    Is that the way to run and manage the Government, any Government ? (Real dumb ! ! )

    • Is that the way to run and manage the Government, any Government ? (Real dumb ! ! )

      Why not as they may have been doing this successfully for decades.

  7. I thought that doggie…..sorry CL Flamiaris would prefer this song instead……Ah but then America I once knew is DEAD…….

    For goodness sake, listen to the lyrics

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