Ushering 2017 with Sheila Majid,Malaysia’s Lady of Song

December 31, 2016

Welcome 2017 with Malaysia’s Lady of Song–Ms. Shiela Majid

2017 is just a few hours away. Dr Kamsiah and Din Merican present Malaysia’s Lady of Song, Ms Sheila Majid as the guest entertainer for your listening pleasure. We wish you all our friends all over the world a Great New Year from Kuala Lumpur and Phnom Penh. Thank you for your comments on the blog.–Dr. Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican

One thought on “Ushering 2017 with Sheila Majid,Malaysia’s Lady of Song

  1. My pleasant NEW YEAR Greetings to the ever green charming couple whom I always admire for your straightforward and open comments in your blog. Like most Malaysians, I too look forward for a change in 2017, especially the Government of the day for a better lease of life for our future generation. With the hardship the rakyat is already facing with all kinds of taxes + looting, the government is further screwing up the poor and the man-in-the street at their pleasure. Let this year be the last for this UMNO / BARISAN Rule for a better life thereafter.

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