Dean Keo Chhea addresses University Of Cambodia Alumni on Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations

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University Of Cambodia  SECOND ALUMNI  REUNION– December 24, 2016

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Dean Keo Chhea (pic right) who assumed Deanship of Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations on December 1, 2016 was a diplomat and served for  more than decade with The ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia. A graduate of Monash University in Economics and International Trade and served as a high ranking Cambodian diplomat to India and Brunei, he brings his wealth of diplomatic experience to bear on his current post at The Techo Sen School. It is my pleasure to be working with the affable, intelligent and very experienced Dean Chhea.–Din Merican

Dean Keo Chhea addresses University of Cambodia Alumni on Techo Sen School of Government and  International Relations on December 24, 2016 at the Second UC Alumni Reunion.

Excellency President,

 VPs, Deans and Directors,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fellow Alumni,

 Good Afternoon.

The Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations (TSS) was established in 2014 as integral part of the University of Cambodia with an aim to train and develop our young leaders and researchers, preparing themselves to be marketable for government institutions, multinational corporations, regional and international organizations, and civil society institutions.

During the dark era of 1975 – 1979, Cambodia plunged into the abyss of the despicable crime of genocide by the Khmer Rouge regime, millions of people were killed, currency and markets were destroyed, schools and educational systems, especially our intellectuals were completely exterminated.

After the collapse of the KR regime, the  subsequent Cambodian governments have spent tremendous efforts in restoring and reforming the education system in Cambodia. We can see lots of improvements in this field with numerous young intellectuals and smart people entering the job market to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding economy. Nevertheless, our human resources need further improvement and refinement, and that is why, we from the private sector also need to contribute to reinforce the Royal Government’s effort in building up our future human resources.

Cambodia needs its own intellectuals to do research and analysis. It is about time that we stop relying totally on outsiders to analyze our own issues and development. It is time we do it ourselves, and that is what our Tech Sen School is doing just that. Let us begin doing things in the Cambodian way and in the progress that contributes to our society, our community, ASEAN and the world.

It is a great pride for us that Cambodia, which has just emerged from ashes and is less dependent  today on foreign aids and assistance, has for the past two decades, re-positioned ourselves strategically within ASEAN and within international community, including the UN. From receiving UN aid and assistance, we are now contributing to UN peace keeping and demining efforts in many crisis areas such as Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Mali, Central African Republic, Cyprus, Lebanon and Syria.

Our economy also enjoy steady growth of 7 plus percent till 2020, according to the ADB index. Politically, we are also able to manage to contain the influence of two major powers, United States and China contributing to peace and stability in the region, and enable the stable economic growth in Southeast Asia.

 Excellency President,

Fellow Alumni,

The TSS with your help and guidance, President, is designing its programs to equip its students with self-awareness, let them know who they are, where they come from, and where they should go. TSS will also guide them to wisely use information and analyze it, balance foreign policies, brainstorming through our own think tank and make political and economic recommendations for our government as well as for private sectors. We seek to train young leaders in every field and make them competitive and productive for the skilled labor markets, both domestically and internationally.

To date, we have 22 staff, which includes 19 teaching staff and 2 admin staff, among which there are 15 PhD holders and 19 Master holders.

TSS holds 6 subjects for Master program, 6 subjects for PhD program, 4 subjects for other programs and 3 subjects for Think Tank.TSS currently has 186 students, among which 78 students are from the first intake and 108 students from the 2nd intake.

In the way forward, TSS is working to expand its programs for both Masters and PhD to cover political science, economics, international law, defense, security and strategic studies. TSS also plans to increase the number of teaching staff and its student intakes to reach triple of what we have by the end of 2017. We are establishing our own think tank to work on current contemporary political and economic issues and publish articles and make recommendations for both public and private sectors. Apart from this, we are also designing short courses for govern officials, private entrepreneurs, foreign companies, and non-governmental organizations, to meet their needs.

We are also working to establish formal linkages with centres, institutions, and think tanks of similar goals and interests in the region as well as in Europe and America, and work toward joint activities, courses in the near future, aiming at raising image of Cambodia and of course our UC to the highest level in the international arena. We also actively contribute to the hygiene, cleanliness and greenery of our University.

Fellow Alumni and students, education is a life long journey and there is a home here for you to do just that, so let join the TSS, for together we can make Cambodia proud, prosper and respected by the world outside!

Thank you.

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