Happy New Year-2017

December 23, 2016

Happy New Year

Christmas is only two days away. Dr. Kamsiah and I wish Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends around the world. At the same time let us spare our prayers for the victims of war who are trying to survive.

2017 is likely to be a difficult and very troubled one. That said, we cannot allow our politicians a free hand to do what they please. We must now take charge our own future and have the courage to make our leaders accountable for their actions. Let us resolve to act in 2017.

To Fellow Malaysians, we have this to say–how much longer  can we tolerate this corrupt and incompetent  Najib regime? Don’t we, especially the sentimental and easy to pamper Malays,  realise that he and his cabals are running our country to the ground. It is time for us to use the ballot box to get rid of this political  cancer once and for all.  Together we can make a difference in 2017. Happy New Year.–Dr.  Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year-2017

  1. While some say that Muslims cannot wish Merry Christmas to non-Muslims, it is good to know that there are some Muslims who think this is okay. The latest case is that of the Mufti of FTs who said on his facebook page recently that it is permissible [harus] for Muslims to wish Christians Merry Christmas. [Star Metro Comment – 23.12.16]. It would be better if such an advice were to come from the National Authority as the advice of other State Muftis may have views different from that of the FT Mufti and this can result in confusion among the Muslims.

  2. Another year is going. Another one is coming. I don’t remember when I have stopped making New Year resolution.

    While many people in the United States are experiencing economic hardships, I find that I have very few financial concerns. Many of my friends are in the same position. The only sacrifice we were asked to make for our beloved country was to go shopping, buy American where there are nothing American to buy.

    With our nation’s influence and infrastructure crumbling by the hour, and yet those of us who have been so fortunate as to actually live the American dream, rather than merely dream it, have been spared every inconvenience. Now we are told that we will soon receive a large tax cut for all our troubles. What is the word for the feeling this provokes in me? Imagine being safely seated in lifeboat, while countless others drown, only to learn that another lifeboat has been secured to take your luggage to shore…

    Yes, we must encourage people to work to the best of their abilities and discourage free riders wherever we can, but it seems only decent at this moment to admit how much luck is required to succeed at anything in this life. Those who have been especially lucky—the smart, well-connected, and rich—should count their blessings, and then share some of these blessings with the rest of society.

    Some readers may point out that I am free to donate to the treasury. But such solitary sacrifice would be utterly ineffectual, and I am no more eager than anyone else is to fill the pork barrels of corrupt politicians. If someone could create a mechanism that bypasses the current dysfunction of government, earmarking the money for unambiguously worthy projects, I suspect that there are millions of people like myself who would not hesitate to invest in the future of America.

    I feel terribly depressed every time I came back from a soup kitchen for the homeless and the poor, and from the senior center that provides free meal to our helpless senior citizens during this festive season. One of these seniors might have given me a helping hand when I was a pauper student.

    Happy New Year for whom? I raise my wine glass to take a guilty sip.

  3. No need to make any resolutions as what may be needed is to adjust with new realities which may be based on accepted worldwide culture of MISMANAGEMENT FRAUD CORRUPTION CRONYSM BRIBERY KICKBACKS NEPOTISM
    Followed by weak enforcement and nominal penalties with VALUES BEING JUST SLOGANS and PROMISES FOR IMPROVEMENT JUST HOLLOW.

  4. 2017 is gonna be a wonderful, shocking and awesome year. No worries. Do and do and keep your hopes and optimism up – within bounds of propriety, okay?

    Take care folks and keep the chin up, but heads down. Being headless is not an option. Best wishes all round and who knows we might still have a Blessed Year.

    Here’s the saddest song for Season’s Greetings, in keeping to the mood and soup kitchens:


  5. Here’s to a Gloomy New Year dear Malaysians. As for me I cherish the wonderful 60’s and 70’s, the good times when we are Malaysians and not Malays, Chinese, Indians and other or Muslims and Kafirs.
    CLF, where can I buy the McFly DeLorean?

  6. McFly’s DeLorean museum piece now lah, buddy. Plutonium engine stolen by Putin. Tires returned to Goodyear Museum. McFly kena the shakies and walking around like a zombified Walking Dead.

    Never mind, i pinjam you my decrepit vintage 1980’s Manual Merc Stationwagon 123 TE, if can find a replacement driveshaft? The furthest it can go is to the neighborhood mamak stall where the regular roti canai has been downsized to 50 sen diameter.

    Bought the Merc after i saw that Robert Wagner driving it in the 70-80’s TV series Hart to Hart. Canggih then. Nowadays even the TV series are crap! Except HBO’s Game of Thrones about dragons and dungeons, ya?

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