UMNO Rule for 5 more Years?

December 18, 2016

COMMENT: UMNO Rule for 5 more Years?

by Narhaniel

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Five more years under greedy Rosmah Mansor?–God Help Malaysia

Are we truly prepared for five more years under UMNO? Should DAP and PKR be thrown out together with PAS?

In the aftermath of the US elections, I came across one article by Kurt Eichenwald that I can probably best describe as… memorable?

It opens as such:

“On Friday, I almost assaulted a fan of my work. I was in the Philadelphia International Airport, and a man who recognised me from one of my appearances on a television news show approached. He thanked me for the investigative reporting I had done about Donald Trump before the election, expressed his outrage that the Republican nominee had won and then told me quite gruffly, “Get back to work.” Something about his arrogance struck me, so I asked, “Who did you vote for?”

He replied, “Well, Stein, but – ” I interrupted him and said, “You’re lucky it’s illegal for me to punch you in the face.” Then, after telling him to have sex with himself – but with a much cruder term – I turned and walked away.

A certain kind of liberal makes me sick. These people traffic in false equivalencies, always pretending that both nominees are the same, justifying their apathy and not voting or preening about their narcissistic purity as they cast their ballot for a person they know cannot win.

I have no problem with anyone who voted for Trump, because they wanted a Trump presidency. I have an enormous problem with anyone who voted for Trump or Stein or Johnson – or who didn’t vote at all – and who now expresses horror about the outcome of this election. If you don’t like the consequences of your own actions, shut the hell up.”

Drinking poison to quench thirst?

Let me insist at the outset that I do not quite share Eichenwald’s self-righteous anger, nor would I generally condone employing the approach he did (then again though, I’m not the one who just got Donald Trump as his president. Poor guy.).

The points he raises though, certainly bear some reflecting on. I was reminded of this article when I read one of the comments about PAS in Malaysiakini’s Your say, which suggested that allying with PAS was akin to drinking poison to quench one’s thirst. My compliments on a vivid and highly effective metaphor.

I truly do respect all political opinions. I daresay the commentator, one self-styled ‘Existential Turd’, could even be correct for all we know. Perhaps allying with PAS will indeed only solve short-term problems while creating bigger long-term ones.

I think that if we are objective about all available evidence, we must certainly concede that possibility.In the same breath, and judging from the same pool of evidence,

I do also believe however that we must also concede the possibility that the opposite is true – perhaps rejecting PAS is what will solve short-term problems, while creating long-term ones. It’s not necessarily easy as yet to say for sure which is which.

The problem with not voting Hillary Clinton

Eichenwald spends the rest of his article ranting about liberals who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton because she did not live up to their high ‘standards’. What he simply couldn’t stand was people complaining that Trump won, despite having themselves failed to vote for the one candidate who had a chance of beating him.

I’m not here to add to his rant; and given all the misleading information that was in the media in the lead-up to the election, perhaps some Americans can be forgiven for thinking that they did not need to vote for Clinton in order to prevent a Trump presidency.

I do concur somewhat though, with Eichenwald’s sentiment that those who did not vote for Clinton are perhaps not the best qualified to be expressing outrage regarding Trump’s victory. I think it’s fair to expect such people to instead take some responsibility themselves for the outcome, rather than rage at others.

Battles vs the war

The obvious parallel here is that those who eschew any sort of cooperation with PAS should be prepared to face the consequences of another Barisan Nasional victory in the next general elections.

Of course, there are some who insist that the opposition can win the next general elections despite three corner fights with PAS. I don’t think I’m exaggerating excessively though when I express my doubt that any serious, objective political analyst sees that as a likely scenario.

Let me preface the following by stating my beliefs strongly: I think it is a perfectly valid and defensible position to believe that it is worth sacrificing battles in order to win a war, however many general elections down the road of the distant future.

If PAS truly is as bad and hopeless as some people think, then yes, it could make sense to three corner everything, lose the next general elections and hope for better sometime in the years or decades to come.

I’m not saying that this is what I believe, but I am saying it is in theory a defensible position.

Taking responsibility for more Najib, more UMNO, more BN

What I am also saying is that if this is your belief and the road that you choose, then you must be prepared to accept the consequences of continuing to live at least another five or so more years under Najib Abdul Razak, UMNO and BN.

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This means, that you will bear some responsibility for the continued alleged rape and pillage of our country’s resources, continuing human rights abuses, the lack of judicial reform, ongoing repression of the media, the ongoing sale of our country to China, and so on.

If you believe it is all worth it, you are a hundred percent within your God-given rights to your belief; but the responsibility still applies, and no one will know whether it was all justified until some distant day in the future.

Again, despite all the implications one might read into these arguments, I believe there is simply not enough clear evidence (to an outsider like me at least) to provide a simple answer to the question as to whether PAS should be given a meaningful role in the opposition (it is perhaps worth noting that the ‘meaningful role’ PAS has declared it’s looking for amounts to a maximum of 70 out of 222 seats in Parliament).

I do feel however, that for most of the people vocally opposing any more association with PAS whatsoever, there is perhaps an iota of bias – something of a dislike, perhaps, of the ‘type’ of people in PAS, and the ‘type’ of people that they represent (almost exclusively for now, given the evident nascency of Amanah and Bersatu).

Those ‘type’ of people however, are much larger and politically significant than most of us urbanites care to understand; and they are 100 percent as much Malaysian as the rest of us.

If PAS should be abandoned, so should PKR and DAP

Many commentators brought up the issue of trust, and how PAS essentially deserves none of it. I suppose that is one of many interpretations, and about as fair as any of the others. My own interpretation however, is that if PAS deserves distrust, then so does any existing opposition party.

I could be wrong of course, but my reading is that PAS has not betrayed its advertised principles any more than PKR or DAP has. I’m sure that will be a controversial statement, and maybe saying so makes me sound like exactly the type of liberal that Eichenwald was ranting against.

I’m also quite confident that a sizeable number of the usual suspects will rage at such an equivalency; the arguments of those who defend DAP or PKR (or PAS) no matter what however, will probably be taken rather less seriously. In any case, debating this claim at length would require the space of one or more additional articles.

If you want to abandon one of the former Pakatan Rakyat parties on principle, abandon them all. Abandon all of the old generation. Build something new, something untainted, something truly grounded in real values. I guarantee you there are enough principled, compassionate and able Malaysians to make it happen.

10 thoughts on “UMNO Rule for 5 more Years?

  1. I disagree PAS has not betrayed it’s advertised principal. It advertises as an Islamic party that stands for truth and democracy when in Pakatan, agreed to consensus under Nik Aziz, but as soon as he died, they lied and slander and clearly argue democracy only when convenient for them. Just because they never agreed to drop Hudud, does not mean they did not broke their promise or principles.

    It’s true saying never to PAS is wrong but that is different than saying it’s very improbable or even hopeless. PAS is doing what it’s doing because they are dysfunctional and most probably corrupted somewhere. Mahathir says Dedak and Keliru. It’s no reason to be cruel to them, but it’s necessary to be resolute and very very strong.

  2. The goal here is to get rid of the Kleptomaniac Jibby and if possible BN at the same time. Its harder to dislodge BN in a GE with their vast resources including government assets and funds that will be used to win the election. However it might be easier to stop Jibby from winning in his Pekan constituency which will kill 2 birds with one stone. Stop Jibby from becoming the PM and continue his thieving ways and getting rid of a klepto. How? I dont know but I am sure the Oppo have smart people that can plan such a move. Jibby once won Pekan by a few hundred votes.

    PAS is a different story. They have not changed their ideology nor vow to establish an Islamic State. If the Oppo wants to work with PAS, the other parties must realise that the cooperation is short term (to win the election) and thereafter PAS will continue to lobby for their version of Islamic State. Nothing wrong with being an Islamic States if the rights of the non Muslims are ensured, but in many cases in Kelantan non Muslims have to tow the lines of PAS like it or not, all for the sake of ensuring that the Muslims are not swayed by the Non Muslims and their lifestyle. This is the grey area and PAS has been unaccommodating even though it does not affect the Muslims. Its PAS way or No Way. Too many examples especially in Selangor where concerts are cancelled and Valentines Day are associated with the Christian faith (excuse me) its really a commercial venture to promote love .

    PAS was once a partner with UMNO/BN to form the federal government. Several PAS leaders were made Ministers and Parliamentary Secretary. One current PAS leader was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of International Trade, so he should have plenty to talk about why PAS joined and left the BN.

  3. @Nat : I am really glad to read this piece of yours!

    // Build something new, something untainted, something truly grounded in real values. I guarantee you there are enough principled, compassionate and able Malaysians to make it happen.

    Most of all, Malaysia should be proud that you are a Malaysian and not an American like so many of us who didn’t return. Be brave, and push on to be this generation leader. May the force be with you.

  4. Islamic puritanism as much as any other faith puritanism is only a lofty concept hardly achievable in full measure in one’s life time. If it does at all, its reach may touch the enfeebled, those perhaps in the 70 year old range group and above and others who may be on death bed. Then again the trigger for change does not emanate from religion per se but through natural dissipation and loss of vigour and strength old age brings in its trail.

    I was recently watching a late night live English League football match between two top teams in a Singapore coffee-shop. There were some 10 Malays – 3 teen-age girls, 4 teen-age boys and 3 middle-age men. They were all happily smoking and drinking beer from 5-6 Heineken bottles and followed up with more orders – smoking like chimney and drinking like fish. In between there was a lot of chatter among them and sharing of messages and video clips from their hand phones to each other, followed up with bursts of laughter. Malays enjoying their drinks is a common scene in Singapore. But piety does not seem to suffer nevertheless. Crowds still throng the mosques every Friday with extended lines of cars parked illegally all around the vicinity of mosques.

    But what does this matter? If the same group were to cross over to the causeway, the girls will probably be in tudung and all taking soft or hot drinks. Different behaviour in different contexts. The reason: there being no moral policing in the Republic and plenty across.

    Mandatory requirements carrying punishments that too inequitably undermines the purity of Islam. Enforcers of Islamic behaviour go for the kuching kuraps, leaving the VIP crocodiles alone like the defaulting Kings, Ameers, Sheiks, Sultans, Presidents, PMs, Ministers and the likes. Strict appllication of hudud laws will see many of them publicly whipped and their hands chopped. If punishment is patently selective what use is Islamic preaching and hudud laws?

    Good behaviour and conduct should spring from self and one’s piety. Anything mandated from extraneous sources is nothing more than an order – to comply or dismiss as situation permits.

  5. 1. Not easy to beat Jibby in Pekan constituency.

    There are lots of factories with jobs there.
    He has genuine support amongst the people of Pekan.
    Also, after his near loss many years ago, armed forces camps
    have been established there.

    2. In fact, except for Kuantan area (because of Lynas and bauxite mining)and a few other scattered places such as Temerloh-Mentakab which has historically had a left-wing orientation, Pahang is an UMNO Baru-BN
    stronghold, I regret to say as a native Kuantan/Pahang boy.

    3. Many of the disgraceful MCA leaders are from Pahang.

  6. Another five years of Fat Mama calling the shots is not for me. Guys, the prospect of klepto and his Berkin-crazy wife staying on will drive us nuts. Enough is enough.
    Grouch as much as you wish. They are going to be around for sometime and are likely to outlast Mahathir. They want to make Anwar the Prime Minister if the Harapan wins GE 14; Pakatan H is an unstable coalition; furthermore, that is like counting chickens they are hatched. Wishful thinking, Tok Cik. –Din Merican

  7. The way the Sedition Act, SOSMA are being enforced selectively against selected targets will tell you that any Hudud law will likewise be selectively enforced.

    If I am a Muslim, I’ll rather have a kleptocratic UMNO / BN government. At least I know that only money is at stake.

    Don’t ever allow PAS to have any kind of Federal power. Any Muslim, a good or bad one, can still be a Muslim without PAS. Why allow PAS, (presently led by half-educated megalomaniacs), to play God over you?

    For the Opposition to make use of PAS just to win Federal power first and then try and “control” it will be the stupidest thing to do and disastrous for the country. From what I can see of the Selangor state government debacle, no way Amanah, PKR, Bersatu, least of all DAP, could control PAS; only UMNO can.

  8. We have to “stomach” another 5 years or even more because “malaysia boleh” Why? The E Commission has not changed, the delineation objections came on stream but was of no practical use. Voting abuse will continue mainly the postal votes and armed forces and police voting counts. The chief reason however is the infighting among the “opposition coalition” Asians in general and Malaysians in particular, are not able to unite in-spite of having a common enemy. The infighting can take place when you are in PJ (not PJ!!)
    So I, the pendatang cant go back to my “mother land” because my motherland is Malaysia although I keep being reminded that Malaysia is not home. I will be here till my last breath to get the “candles that have been taken away from me” returned.
    ( paraphrasing Ms.Dass in her convocation speech at the Monash University)

  9. I hear you Phua Kai Lit, it’s just letting my imagination run wild and dream on. However anything can happen in politics. Trump election for example.

  10. KleptoKing and sycophants will not survive the collapse of FGV – whose shares are now only worth 1/3 it’s initial listing value. 1MDB is too hard to understand and MARA-LTAT-KWAP-LTH etc SNAFUs are just well.., snafus for the kampung folk.

    Who cares about A**** when the stomach is empty, when whatever personal excretion/wastes are to be used as fertilizer for non-existent seedlings? Or when the tanah pusaka which was used as collateral for bonds risks been handed over to the mercenary Jewish cartels and Chinapek SOEs? Maybe they an blame it on inclement whether and other natural phenomena.

    Any questions, kindly refer to Felda Adventures in Whoredom.. Now you know why Kleptos are finding it so hard to make a decision as to when GE-14 is to be held, if at all?

    PASUMNOb is a joke of epic mediocrity and entitlement hubris.
    Btw, i don’t do Convocations. Especially in Oz Varsities that suck up to Kleptomaniacs. My kids graduated from more mundane Group of 8 that don’t have ‘Branches’ in Malusia.

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