9 thoughts on “Screw the United Nations on Syria

  1. Diplomacy has failed in Syria because leaders like Obama, Putin, Xi, Hollande, May –UNSC P-5 and Merkel (Germany) are debating the situation in Syria. It is all talk while civillians ( the aged, the sick, children and women) are dying due to heavy bombing. Like the commentators, I am ashamed.

    Basheer al-Assad is being supported by Russia and Iran while rebel forces are armed by the United States and its allies with ISIS/ISIL taking advantage of the mess to add to the carnage. Hillary and Obama and their timid allies did nothing. Putin is naturally taking full advantage of the fact that the United States is scared to commit ground troops to return Russia to the Middle East. –Din Merican

  2. The crux of the matter took a turn when the U.S. Secretary of State in a moment offered an opening for the Russian to enter the Syrian Theater by offering them the opportunity to get rid of Chemical Weapons that were not there in Syria to give credence to the red line on the use of Chemical Weapons drawn on the sand by the U.S.The rest as they say was the history that we were forced to watch through the eyes of the U.S. MSM. No one wants to talk about why they were allowed to enter Syria.

  3. Screw the UN?…what, at Christmas time? Can’t we wait until after the New Year?
    Yes indeed, It is the best occasion to screw this time and money waiting relic of the Second World War. Reform the UNSC by starting removing the veto power of the P-5. Both Britain and France are now second class power. Merry Xmas to you, Isa Manteqi. You have a strange Pushtun or Afghan or maybe Pakistani sounding surname?
    –Din Merican

  4. The UN is useful only when it serves the hegemonic needs of the superpowers and formed for just such purposes for the winning sides of WWII to keep their spoils. It is not there to serve anything else. So don’t be naive to think it can intervene or allowed to intervene on any thing or situation just because people are dying.

    No American, Russian president will want to fight each other where their own people may die also. In the larger scheme of World hegemonic politics, what are a few thousand Syrian lives whose faces, while alive, are just two dimensional digital images on computer screens?

    Screwing the UN will get us nowhere because the whole World is fcuked up.

  5. The countries that make up the UN are a confused lot. What can the UN do? It’s a toothless body and can only issue resolutions. Who or which countries take heed of UN resolutions? You need firepower to ensure that UN resolutions are complied with.

    The US has in the past acted as the world policemen but instead have been condemned by the very countries that it sought to assist. Guess Trump is right in withdrawing from this role and let the countries resolve their own problems. The Russians on the hand toots its nose and just barge in.

  6. Din,
    We went through the same route before with Rwanda Genocide. Plus there is one genocide that is not recognised by Turks. The Armenian Massacre. Sorry to say, it’s kinda karma of what happening in Myammar

  7. I’ve learned since early 1980’s about the distortion of facts and misinformation by the Western media, of what Eva from the above videos called the corporate media.

    The United States and its NATO allies have always denied their direct involvement with the terrorist groups in Syria. But in the liberation of Aleppo, at least 14 US-led coalition military advisers have been captured by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in the city of Aleppo on December 16. You can read all about this on 21stcenturywire.com or on voltaire.net, which revealed the names and nationalities of those captured.

    The western media are not reporting on this news until they no longer can hide the truth. And until then I am sure they are going to spin calling those captured “volunteers” and not military men from the US nor NATO. More are expected to be captured and see what they have to say.

  8. The number of votes a western sponsored resolution and a resolution sponsored by the Third Wotld is fixed. Unfortunately the Third world is in the majority. So if you are looking for a UN resolution forget it. Given Rusian presence in Syria we may have to come to terms for a settlement based on what the Russians want.
    In then meantime the world has to brace itself for similar types and composition of factions in future conflicts.

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