Ms. Jo Kukathas–Monash University (Malaysia) Commencement Address

December 18, 2016

Ms. Jo Kukathas–Monash University (Malaysia) Commencement Address

In Malaysia, she is referred to reverently in the ranks of “theatre royalty”. She is the co-founder of Instant Cafe Theatre, a 26-year-old institution built on its uncanny political satire and biting comedy. The plays she has helped develop under her writing programme Firstworks have sent ripples through the community, including Alfian Sa’at’s Parah/Pariah (2011) and Shanon Shah’s Air Con (2009).

Jo Kukathas

Malaysian actress-director Jo Kukathas with her late father K. Das.

She is the daughter of my Journalist friend the Late Kukathas (K. Dass) who was  a diplomat, RTM Radio commentator, Far  Eastern Economic Review  correspondent and political analyst.

Listen to her message. What are you going to do with this world which collides with your own light, she asks. She learned life’s lessons from her father who advised her to be afraid but never fear to act.–Din Merican

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