Malaysia: Why Democratic Change Has Not Been Possible

December 16,2016

Malaysia: Why Democratic Change Has Not Been Possible

4 thoughts on “Malaysia: Why Democratic Change Has Not Been Possible

  1. We need to learn from the experience of other countries i.e. (1) that
    only a united opposition (often comprised of strange political bed fellows) can get rid of a kleptocratic regime.

    (2) A second alternative is a coup by the military because of disgust by the top brass with corruption resulting in sub-standard arms for the troops, promotion based on cronyism, and above all, selling out of the country and its national interests to foreign powers.

    (3) The third alternative is massive economic crisis such that the ordinary masses
    rise up and turn on the ruling regime.

    The first scenario is much, much better than the second and third alternatives, to say the least.

  2. Not a practical politician. A thinker but not a politician.

    The problem is very simple. Make PAS voters turn against Hadi’s PAS for working with Najib’s UMNO, a betrayal to them, a disaster in the making, a betrayal of Islam.

  3. Bigjoe, I am for scenario 1 mentioned by Dr Phua, and could see an even easier possibility of relative movement of positions within party also. It happened in Japan and Korea. They are both Asian nations.

    My only caveat is that I don’t know enough on how Islamic nations work.

    In the last respect, I just didn’t have enough knowledge. I know there are a lot of great Muslim thinkers and rulers. But, I just simply don’t know enough. Just hope @abnizar could enlighten us more.

  4. @katasayang , mine from me would be with some reservation, I had shudders in my system, when the KMM (Kementrian Multi Media ) blocked out , the thread by Zakir Naik … which I had few Comments indulging in the sciences postulated by Albert Einstein and Max Planck. Mine here would be more of being repetitive , and more which you expect might be less….. (am so used to condense & digest things that it might become obscure )

    At the outset, I have to say Zairil Khir Johari, has done an exhaustive and brilliant exposition on how the political landscape controlled by the majority has used and abused powers and manupulated it to their advantage, often with impunity….

    No, but all Scriptures talk of UNITY IN DIVERSITY….so too as to how an Islamic nation works in the messages through the Prophet . This physical universe is designated by Design to be in diversity, multiplicity , plurality and in duality , by Al;Mighty , the Maker and Creator of our physical universe. Noble Prophet , if you recollect , founder of twenty terrestrial empires & one spiritual empire , managed to unify all the seperate empires , in some miraculous ways , was Vouchsafed by Lord Al’Mighty in his mission. : Quote from the Wisdom series by Sir Al’Suhrawardy ” Islam was not a new religion, it was the Primordial religion from the beginning , from the time of Prophet Adam,….. ” Every child is is born with a disposition towards the natural religion ( Islam – submission to the Divine Will ) ….”

    So, if one is convinced to the Lord’s Omipotence & Omnipresence , Islam means ‘sujud ‘ or prostrate before Him…..( Worship , in acceptance…..) – Our own Fed. Constitution, provides for Unity in Diversity ….( Islam is the religion of the Federation, but people of other religion can exercise the worship of their own faith ) .

    Very shortly, besides the question of Spirituality, it is Incumbent on Muslims to conduct their lives in Scientific ways , brought largely by the West, because in this ‘ physical ‘ state of existence…..we are governed by the Law of matter – failing this, Muslims have become largely Impoverished , many in great or abject Poverty . So we observe this new phenomena or symptoms, of Muslims becoming Illegal migrants and refugees , for better life in the West. – not to speak of their desperation and disillusionment , by the culture of suicide bombers , blaming ‘ others ‘ for their own-created state of poverty & impoverishment….the sciences is the upliftment from our own state of poverty – period.

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