After Anwar, PKR and Pakatan have failed Malaysian Voters

December 16, 2016

After Anwar, PKR and Pakatan have failed Malaysian Voters

by Cmdr (rtd) S. Thayaparan

“For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”– Thomas More, ‘Utopia’

PAS friends of mine have been writing to me and saying that I am being unfair to PAS. They claim that calling their party a religious cult and branding their style of politics as UMNO collusion is extremely partisan. Amanah is a DAP creation and while in Pakatan Rakyat, PAS was a team player until it was “bullied” and vilified by DAP after the passing of Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

While I dispute this narrative, I think it is pointless hammering on PAS for deciding to go their own way. Instead, I will hammer on PKR for maintaining this charade that there is value for Pakatan Harapan to continue working with PAS.

Image result for Anwar Ibrahim

Sorely missed by the Fractured Opposition

Mind you, this has nothing to do with PAS. For whatever reasons, they have chosen to recalibrate their politics and while I disagree with it, this is still a free country and political parties are free to choose whom they align with. However, the problem here is not PAS, it is PKR. When I questioned why Harapan was still working with PAS, I acknowledged two salient points:

1) “Harapan should have learnt this lesson a long time ago. PAS construes the alliance as weak. They were always a virulent anti-Anwar strain within PAS which looked at the coming together of the supposed liberal reformer and convicted ‘sodomist’ – to their minds one and the same – as anathema to their zealotry.”

2) “People talk about the UMNO DNA within PKR but they forget that the only reason why the opposition was able to get itself off life support after the brutal beating they took during the short-lived Abdullah Ahmad Badawi glory days was because of the support of PAS.”

Image result for Wan Azizah

Wan Azizah leads a fractious PKR

PKR’s Batu MP Tian Chua claim that there is nothing to be alarmed about PKR attending PAS’ mega rally points to the dysfunctionality of the opposition. There is enough evidence that the opposition only makes gains in elections when UMNO is weak and the opposition is united.

While I understand that PKR is in a difficult situation when it comes to PAS, the reality is that PAS is preying on the weakness of the opposition front and will happily turn the tables when the time is right for them, and most definitely, link up with UMNO.

Also attending that rally was Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan), which in my opinion is the political wing of the outsourced thugs of Umno. Take the “simple” issue of PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang’s “not hudud” amendment recently adopted by the Najib regime.

Image result for kadir sheikh fadzir

The Kedah Mamak and The Hadi–Strange Bedfellows

The public stand of Ikatan’s President Kadir Sheikh Fadzir (who was absent at the rally) on this issue was: “Justeru, semua pihak jangan cuba nak main ‘game upmanship’ (tunjuk siapa lebih hebat) dengan DAP, selain membuktikan siapa paling anti-Islam dan Melayu semata-mata untuk meraih populariti.

“PAS adalah parti besar dan antara yang menunjangi politik negara selain UMNO, justeru sudah tiba masanya PAS tunjukkan taring mereka.”

How does it look? We just had the MCA issuing a stern reprimand (or whatever that was) to the representative who “walked out” at the Perlis state assembly vote. And now we have PKR attending a rally that ultimately descended into a DAP and Amanah bashing rally.

In other words, PKR thinks there is nothing to be alarmed about when it attends a rally that supports policies that they are supposed to be against and attacks their political allies.

Image result for Mahathir and Pribumi Bersatu

Meanwhile, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s attempt to play bridge builder has achieved nothing beyond giving PAS the opportunity to vent at their former ally and recalcitrant children. Which of course is fair enough, since Amanah has declared open season on PAS and DAP has made its disdain publicly apparent.

Straight fights

Furthermore, we have to remember that when it comes to PAS, straight fights are not the top priority.  PAS Information Chief Nasrudin Hassan said, “A straight fight or multi-cornered fights (in the general election) can only be derived from the (correct) political attitude. It (straight fights) is not the main issue here.”

I have no idea what the “correct political attitude” is, but the PAS I remember was more interested in bringing down UMNO, rather than advocating the fine points of political theory or nursing hurt feelings on the political battlefield.

If the correct political attitude means working with UMNO when it comes to Muslim issues, then I would suggest that anyone working with UMNO on Muslim issues is anathema to the oppositional voices in this country, but sadly not anathema to Harapan, which has demonstrated that when it comes to Muslim issues, it is quick to fold under pressure. But I digress.

It is really no point in reminding PAS that it lost whenever it went at it alone against BN, because all indications point to the fact that, when it comes to UMNO, PAS does not need to win elections to pose a threat to UMNO. All they have to do is hamper the efforts of the Harapan and Bersatu and they would be more useful to Umno than any of the other BN members.

With this in mind, the electoral pact between Harapan and Bersatu means very little with PAS out of the picture, unless by some miracle – and at the moment I do not see how – the “other” electoral pact between Bersatu and PAS provides an opportunity for straight fights with the UMNO hegemon.

Ultimately, all these attempts at bridge building are pointless. What the opposition should be doing is concentrating on formulating policies and spreading the message of how a Harapan government differs from the present kelptocratic regime. What the opposition should be doing is building a foundation to work from, and not repeating the mistakes that led to its fracture.

This whole idea of straight fights with UMNO is merely a pipe dream now. The “compulsory” precondition of PAS will never be met, and it really does not matter how much time is given to disparate groups’ intent on preserving power instead of removing UMNO. The reality is that unless there is a tsunami in Sabah and Sarawak, there will be no change of government in the next elections.

It will be cold comfort if PAS does not do well in the coming general election but Harapan is in tatters.  Moreover, while opposition supporters think that the opposition has a chance of winning in the coming election, the reality is that the dream of changing government in this political terrain it is still a dream deferred.

8 thoughts on “After Anwar, PKR and Pakatan have failed Malaysian Voters

  1. In what world does the opposition owe people who have yet to elect them into office? Even to their supporters who have invested in them, failure is part and parcel of the gamble. Malaysian opposition supporters are just as over-entitled as those who support UMNO/BN to steal with them.Yes PKR and Pakatan has dissapointed their supporters. Well, LIFE is full of dissapointments. Duh…

    Many of these wishing for change critics, do not want to accept the fact, the decks of cards they have are crappy and its their crap, no one is offering them more, there may be no more and real life is that way.

    There is nothing unnatural about collapse forcing change. Ultimately those wishing for change have to accept it may take that. That is their lot in life. Sure, once should not just accept fate but surely, blaming everything on those who try and failed even for bad reason is OVER ENTITLED and not only does nothing but even make it worst.

    Fact is before us are tough issues of human society dysfunctionality and its very very messy, wasteful and unjust. But that is very very human and its society.
    Insightful comments, bigjoe99.–Din Merican

  2. I’ve always admired those English football fans who support, all their life, a 3rd Division Club. It’s easy to support those glamorous 1st Division Clubs like MU, Liverpool, Arsenal, etc.

    Is it something in the bull-doggedness of the British character that made them at one time the master of an Empire with a land mass a thousand times larger than their small island and ruling it from an ordinary townhouse on an ordinary street?

    Perhaps supporting the Opposition now is like supporting a 3rd Division Football Club; not enough money to buy new players with potential, only aged players transferred from other clubs because of differences with their former club’s managers, and still looking for a game-changing captain.

  3. “Well, LIFE is full of dissapointments. Duh…”

    I have no idea what the hell you are rambling on about. Perhaps if you actually READ the piece you would understand – or maybe not – that this piece was about the one-on-one election strategy which is now a pipe dream.

    Maybe you just read Mr. Merican’s headline and thought you could pontificate on the “entitled” opposition supporters. You want to know what really irks me about Oppo supporters ? They do not read beyond the headline. That’s why they normally get things so wrong.

    “……blaming everything on those who try and failed even for bad reason is OVER ENTITLED and not only does nothing but even make it worst”

    WRONG. The Oppo failing has nothing to do with them not getting elected. Not getting elected could happen for a variety of reasons. Gerrymandering, vote fraud, voter intimidation, not registering or not recognizing citizens, the list goes on.

    The Opposition failed because they are too cowardly or opportunistic to embrace new ideas. Their sin is not that they failed but t hey were afraid to fail for the right reasons. Oppo supporters are not entitled because they want a functional cohesive opposition.

    However oppo supporters are hypocritical because they do not hold the Opposition to the standards they demand of the UMNO Establishment.

    Of course when you have someone like the current klepto in -chief and his cadre of thieves, we can all agree to dispense with the niceties of principles but this does not mean we cannot acknowledge the failure of the opposition and the people who support them.

    Again this really has nothing to do with the Commander’s article but rather the self righteousness of bigjoe99.

    And the commander is right. PKR or anybody else in the Oppo will never get PAS to agree to one-to-one fights. With this in mind there is no need to pretend that PAS is part of the movement to oust the kelpto-in-chief.


  4. // Fact is before us are tough issues of human society dysfunctionality
    Amen. It is also true that Malaysia does include many cultures and traditions that have never been put together in such a small world! It is uniquely being challenged.

  5. I do not disagree that it’s hopeless to bring PAS into coalition and those in the opposition trying is wrong. What I disagree is the suggestion that it’s straightforward to just do otherwise. It is in fact courageous, very hard, in fact probably will fail too. Is it not over entitled to ask anyone, least of all politicians to do so? Is citizenry that entitled?

    If we are going to be demanding citizens or critics especially, it should be to suggest probable, not improbable.

  6. After eternity, not just after Anwar, PKR and the oppositions, they will still fail the Malaysian voters.

    They had betrayed the trusts of the people of their (people )needs and the issues that needed to be addressed. But instead, clamering for their leaders personal agendas in the name of saving Malaysia.

    Likewise, the ruling Umno Baru Leaders, doing the same or even more aggressively,in the name of saving the Malay race and Islam.

    The practice of model-dependent governance (Accountabilty, Competency, Integrity and Transparency ) to the people had sadly been deminished and largely replaced by politicking on recycled over and over again the 1MDB, a ‘heines’ scandal derived from the 2.5 b BMF Loan Loss and the Mother of all the countless scandals, involving massive money politics, abuse of power, corruption and cronysm- together that had led the country to this dire state of affairs.

    The totally ignored stagnated income growth over past 10 years is a great concern. Meantime, the people continue to suffer the consequences of the political and personal excesses of the Umno Baru leaders( and some of those from the oppositions).

    So, both had already failed the Rakyat.
    Change- But people must SEARCH for a Better Alternative !
    The ‘Bernie Sanders ‘ solution, that American voters had missed ?

  7. //The ‘Bernie Sanders ‘ solution, that American voters had missed ?
    Yes, American voters had missed it. Most of all, those who truly needed a ‘Bernie Sanders’ solution, i.e. the Hispanic and African Americans have totally been swindled by the DNC to know more about how Bernie could help them.

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